‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending – Why Jakub Wanted ‘De Vermis Mysteriis’?


In Chapelwaite Episode 4, the residents of Jerusalem’s Lot, “the promised,” visited Boones’ Manor and requested Charles to visit Jakub. According to the stranger woman, Jakub knew the reasons for Charles’ Hereditary Vermiphobia. Chapelwaite Episode 5 follows Charles’s visit to Jerusalem’s lot and the divine knowledge he gains from Jakub.

Jerusalem’s Lot & The Damned Boones’

According to Charles, Jerusalem’s Lot was founded by his great grandfather, James Boone.

Chapelwaite Episode 5 flashbacks a scene from 1780 in which a psychotic James Boone slaughtered innocent men inside the church. When his daughter, Silence, tried to stop a bloodthirsty Boone, James picked up a knife and tried to attack her. Fortunately, the armed men shot down James and put an end to his butchery.

Evidently, James had a similar hereditary Vermiphobia, and he held the cursed book, De Vermis Mysteriis, or “The Mysteries of the Worm.”

Episode 5, in turn, pictured two necessary flashback sequences that established a hereditary pattern in the Boones’ lineage. Each of the Boones tried to kill their children. James tried to kill Silence, and in a later sequence, Silence tried to kill her two children, Stephen and his brother. Following the madness, Charles’ father, Robert, tried to buy his son, as depicted in Chapelwaite Episode 1.

In a way, they all tried to end the curse by ending their lineage. And Charles feared such inhumane acts. Hence, he visited Jakub to find the answers and save his kids.

The Mysterious Jakub

Rebecca Morgan remembered the name Jakub from the letters she found between the Boones and her father. As per the letters, Jakub contacted Rebecca’s father regarding the book De Vermis Mysteriis. However, when he failed to find the book, he brought Jakub to Maine for a meeting against the Boones’ wishes. Shocked by the unusual meeting, Rebecca’s mother added to the mystery and informed her about her father’s disappearance. After the meeting in Maine, Rebecca’s father never made it back to New York.

Another testimony about Jakub came from Martin’s lover, Faith Pringle. She revealed that before settling down in Preacher’s corner, she worked as a prostitute in New Bedford. There she met the mysterious Jakub, who demanded blood from Pringle, and she fed him. In exchange, Jakub gave her divine knowledge and shared his faith in what he called “the original god.”

Faith Pringle followed Jakub on his quest to Maine to find the sacred book, De Vermis Mysteriis. Jakub went by many names, including the undead, Draugr, Nosferatu, Revenant, and Vampire. When he arrived in Maine, he and his undead followers settled in Jerusalem’s Lot. They lived at night and drank blood to survive. People like Faith Pringle and the promised were Jakub’s lamp, who provided their blood to give him eternal life.

Jakub’s Quest

The divine book of Jakub’s god, De Vermis Mysteriis, was stolen and disappeared. However, Charles’ great grandfather, James Boone, founded Jerusalem’s Lot, unearthed the stolen text. James got greedy and believed he could harness the dark bible’s power. He wrote his name with blood on its pages with arrogance, damning himself and every Boone after that. Charles understood the references and connected them to his hereditary situation. “Blood calls blood.”

Jakub’s quest to find his sacred book brought him to Jerusalem’s Lot. When he arrived in town, Philip and Stephen had the book. However, they made a deal with Jakub to turn them into eternal vampires in exchange for the book. Jakub fed them his blood, and when they returned to retrieve it, they could not find it and claimed it had been stolen.

According to Jakub, only the living Boone could locate the book. And thus, on Stephen and Philip’s request, he orchestrated a scheme to bring Charles to Chapalwaite. Jakub explained that Charles’ madness and hallucinations about worms were the callings of the book. Charles needed to listen to its cry and stop resisting, and only then the book would lead him to it.

If Charles would bring the book to Jakub, he promised to free Charles, his children, and his whole lineage from the curse. However, Jakub warned him that Stephen and Philip would want the book for themselves, and thus Charles should only hand it over to Jakub. When Charles refused to comply, Jakub’s followers brought hostages, Mrs Mallory and Able Stewart. The followers killed Mallory in front of Charles, and under threat of death, Charles agreed to find Jakub’s book.

‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 5: Ending

Jakub was obsessed with finding the book to raise his dark god, whom he dubbed “the Worm.” Charles knew where this madness would lead to, and thus he was reluctant to hand over the book to Jakub. But he’s an emotional being, and he couldn’t witness the death of his loved ones. Thus, he would do anything to save them.

If the “Blood Calls Blood” philosophy was correct, Stephen Boone could have murdered his daughter, Marcella, following the pattern. Caretaker Cloris told Charles in Episode 3 that she found Marcella’s body in the cellar room. Her throat was pierced by a pair of scissors, which probably didn’t look like an accident.

The undead had the power to raise back the dead. Hence, Stephen lured Charles’ daughter, Loa, and promised to bring back her mother and cure her leg. Charles understood Stephen’s deceptive scheme, but Loa took the bait.

At the end of Chapelwaite Episode 5, Loa ran away from Rebecca’s house and returns to Chapelwaite. She met Stephen at the manor and disappeared after that. While returning from Jerusalem’s Lot, Charles saw his daughter, Loa, lying unconscious on the road. She had scratches on her face, and probably Stephen had infected her with his vampire blood. Stephen might use Loa to bargain with Charles and force him to hand over the book in exchange for Loa’s life.

Chapelwaite Episode 6 will follow further.

Chapelwaite is a Horror Fiction Television series created by Peter and Jason Filardi. It is based on a short story, “Jerusalem’s Lot” written by Stephen King.

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