‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 6 & 7: Recap & Ending


Charles returned from Jerusalem’s Lot with a quest to find the Evil Bible, De Vermis Mysteriis. The cursed book had been the root cause of Charles’ hereditary vermiphobia and prolonged madness. Jakub promised Charles that if he returned the book of Old Gods, he would uplift the curse, and his children would be set free from the madness.

To save his kids, Charles agreed to find the book, but on his way back to Chapelwaite, Charles found Loa lying dead on the road. ‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 6 follows here.

‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 6: Recap

Charles brought back Loa to the manor and found bite marks all over her neck. The marks confirmed that Charles’ cousin, Stephen Boone, killed Loa to threaten Charles. Jakub had already warned Charles that his cousin and uncle would try to get the book from Charles. Hence, he needed to be cautious. After Loa’s death, Charles told Rebecca that Jakub, Stephen, and Philip were all vampires, the undead hounds who drank blood to thrive.

The undead mystery unraveled further as Stephen’s former housemaid, Cloris, informed town sheriff George of the creatures of the night. Cloris confessed that she knew Stephen and Philip were undead vampires, yet she hid their secret. Finally, she explained that if Philip was feeding George’s wife, Mary, she had already turned into a creature of the night who would live for eternity. From now on, Mary will hunt humans and feast on their blood. For Mary, Philip was her god, and probably the treacherous vampires were creating their own undead army.

In Preacher’s corner, town minister Martin handed a runway ticket to his lover, Faith Pringle. Martin refused to accompany her on the journey because he felt his town needed him. Faith left in a hurry with her deformed baby. However, Jakub’s followers tracked her down. The loyal lambs of Jakub killed Faith and took away her baby.

At night, Charles awaited the visit of Stephen and Philip with a loaded gun. However, to his surprise, an undead Loa arrived at the door. Loa ran away into the barn, and Charles followed her, where Stephen and Philip were waiting for him. In the end, Philip told his cousin that if he brought the book to Jakub, he would kill Charles. But Stephen and Philip were a part of the family, and if Charles handed them the book, they would let his children live. Charles could also live for eternity like his cousins and have peace and prosper in the coming dark.

‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 6 ended on a cliffhanger when Charles heard the cry of De Vermis Mysteriis again.

‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 7: Recap

Charles finally followed the book’s calling and found it buried inside a grave in the town’s cemetery. De Vermis Mysteriis was hidden inside the coffin of Martin’s children. Later in the episode, Martin explained that probably Stephen’s daughter, Marcella, would have hidden in the coffin at the viewing to keep the book away from her father.

As soon as Charles dug out the book and touched it, he had a vision of Jakub walking on the shore populated with dead corpses. Charles understood what destruction the book would bring upon the world. It was the end of everything, and hence, Charles decided not to give it to anybody.

Chapelwaite Episode 6 & 7: Recap & Ending 2021 series Stephen King

Loa, Stephen, and Philip appeared near the gate of the cemetery. Stephen demanded the book but didn’t dare cross the blessed territory, probably because the vampires feared the Christian god. When Charles refused to hand it, Stephen explained that his cousin had a vision of the First God, the Worm. Charles might keep the book, but one-day undead would find their holy book and free the Worm. It could be Jakub, or someone else, or the Boones. Stephen wanted to release the first god so that they could curry its favor and rule in the coming dark world. But Charles resisted their greedy offers and brought the book to Chapelwaite.

The Amplified Madness

The book poisoned Charles’ consciousness and intensified his hereditary madness. Charles was afraid that his cousin and uncle would try to steal the book, so he transformed Chapelwaite into a fortress emblazoned with the “White Cross.”

While his children prepared for the attack, Charles descended into madness. He tried to burn the book, but the fire had no effect on it. Rebecca got worried about Charles because the book corrupted his mind.

In the meantime, the screams in Charles’ head became louder. The maddening cries urged him to return the book to the undead to whom it belonged. And after prolonged suffering, Charles finally fell prey to the loop. He became a paranoid monster like his forefathers. He concluded that it was better for him and his children to die than to suffer like that.

Rebecca begged Charles to take the kids with her and leave, but Charles decided to kill them. In the cellar, Charles arranged nooses for him and his children. Charles explained that he had seen the order unravel and the new world belonged to the undead. He won’t let his children suffer or serve them and thus would end them for good. Charles’ father, Robert, tried to do the same thing with him, and Charles hated him for it. But finally, he understood that it was the only way.

Fortunately, before Charles could commit the grave sin, Rebecca struck Charles’ head, and he fainted to the ground.

‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 7: Ending

Jakub heard the cries of the book and commanded his followers to prepare a caravan to Chapelwaite. The undead army was coming for Charles and his children.

Charles woke up in his bed and found the book missing. Rebecca told her that she tied the book to Mary (an undead) and restrained her in the cellar. As soon as Charles parted away with the book, his sanity returned back to normal, and he was able to think straight.

The salient allies, town sheriff George and town minister-cum-priest, Martin, came to Chapelwaite for Charles’ aid. As they prepared for the vampire hunt, Charles curiously inquired if anyone knew how to kill the undead. The new guests failed to answer the questions, and Charles suggested that they try to survive them and eventually find a way to combat them.

Loa, Stephen, and Philip arrived outside Chapelwaite and threatened Charles to hand over the book. However, Charles resisted and fought back. The great Whaler, Charles Boone, hit Philip with a harpoon attached with a rope. Martin, George, and Charles pulled up Philip to the first floor, and Charles bravely chopped off Philip’s head with an ax. The first death of an undead.

In the end, Philip and Loa left Chapelwaite, but Jakub’s caravan arrived at the gate. Charles knew they wouldn’t be able to fight Jakub and his followers alone. Hence, requested Able to seek help from the Preacher’s corner.

Will Charles be able to save his kids and the book? ‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 8 will unravel further.

Chapelwaite is a Horror Fiction Television series created by Peter and Jason Filardi.

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