Charlie Croker In Netflix’s ‘A Man In Full’: Is Charlie Dead?


Charlie Croker’s personality in A Man in Full resembled that of every megalomaniac who gives too much importance to themselves and who is just not able to accept their defeat in a gracious manner. But apart from that, there were other aspects of his personality that probably made me feel that he was a bit different from all those power-hungry people who are ready to crush everybody who comes in their way of success. Charlie Croker was riding high on his success, and at times, he felt invincible, and probably that became his biggest fault. He didn’t know that the way he treated people was not very good, and sometimes, they got so hurt that they were ready to go to any extent to take revenge on him.

One of those people was Raymond Peepgrass, who felt ridiculed and demeaned at times, and he was conspiring behind Charlie’s back. When Raymond got support from his superiors and colleagues, they decided to press charges on Croker industries, and that’s when Charlie got to know what the entire plan was. At first, considering the kind of man Charlie was, he believed that he would be able to come out of chaos unscathed. But that’s where Charlie misunderstood the entire situation, and he did something that irked his opponent even more. He first underestimated them and then gave them all sorts of reasons as to why their bank wouldn’t want to lose such a huge client like him. He told them that the proceedings wouldn’t end well for them, and that’s why they should back off. But soon, he realized that they had already made up their minds, and even if they incurred 800 million dollars in losses, they didn’t mind it at that moment.

Charlie got worried, and he called Roger White, his lawyer, for advice. Charlie then tried to threaten the bank by saying that he would sue them, as their representative was in charge of the entire operation, and they had told him to do what he did. But that tactic also didn’t work, so Charlie started looking for an investor who would collaborate with them and bring them out of the mess. Herb Richman’s name came to the forefront, and Charlie decided to set up a meeting with him. But that meeting also didn’t go as per Charlie’s plan, and he had no one else to blame but himself. Now, Charlie had to think about other ways, as giving up on him was not an option. His trusted employees told him that he should make amends to his strategy, start selling off his assets, and pay off the bank. But it was not how Charlie wanted to do things. His main principle was that one should bow down in a hostile environment but ride the storm and put up a fierce fight. He wanted his son to be proud of him for once, as he had gotten to know that the young man despised him for who he was. He wanted his son to witness his recklessness and his never-die attitude, but in the process, he was risking everything he had. 

At the end of A Man in Full, Charlie made plans to conspire with Wes Jordan, who was a candidate for the post of mayor in the upcoming election, and backstab one of his old colleagues named Norman Bagovitch. Charlie didn’t feel that he was doing the right thing, but he knew that he didn’t have any other option. Norman was also fighting the elections, and Wes knew that he would have to remove him from his way if he wanted to have a chance at emerging victorious. We got to know that back in the day, Bagovitch had abused a woman and that Charlie knew about it. So he told Charlie that if he agreed to bring forth the victim and convince her to give testimony against Bagovitch, then he would talk to the bank and ask them not to initiate any legal proceedings. Charlie agreed to it, but Joyce didn’t agree to speak about her trauma in public. Also, she told Charlie that she was not sure if the man in question had actually abused her because she remembered giving him consent at the beginning. Joyce wanted to let bygones be bygones, and she was really not comfortable coming and talking about it for all the wrong reasons. So, it was decided that Charlie would give the testimony, as he was an influential man, and if he said something, then the media and the public would take it very seriously. Charlie came for the press conference, but just moments before taking Bagovitch’s name, he decided not to speak about the issue. For once, Charlie wanted his son to feel that his father was a good man. For once, he wanted his son to be proud of him. For once, he wanted to do the right thing, not something that benefited him. Wes was extremely angry at Charlie, but the latter did what he wanted, and he had no qualms about it. 

In A Man in Full‘s ending, Charlie got to know that, together with Herb Richman, Raymond was plotting to get the shares his ex-wife owned in the private estate project. He went to meet Martha, and he found Raymond sharing an intimate moment with her. Things got heated up between him and Raymond, and he assaulted him, though he didn’t want things to turn out the way they did. Charlie’s hand muscles got stiff, and he wasn’t able to loosen his grip. Charlie started panicking, and suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. While Raymond couldn’t breathe and got killed, Charlie also fell to the floor and died due to a heart attack. Raymond always envied Charlie, as the man lived on his own terms and never compromised on what he wanted. However, it was a fact that Charlie was an impulsive man, and his pride made him do things that had severe consequences. This time, too, he believed that he would be able to turn the odds in his favor, but fate had other plans for him. He wanted the world to remember him as the man who took the bull by the horns, and probably that attitude itself became the reason for his demise. 

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Sushrut Gopesh
Sushrut Gopesh
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