‘Chasing Waterfalls’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did Amy find the Mythical Redwood Falls?


Director Christie Will takes her protagonist to remote forest lands to explore the mythical and serene waterfalls. Cinematographer Stirling Bancroft films enchanting greenery and gives an edge to the film. The whole going back to roots setup saves the Chasing Waterfalls from the economics of expensive city locations.

Narratively, it’s a single protagonist story that follows her struggle to climb up the corporate ladder. But in the pursuit of promotion, the protagonist finds her passion and peace. Chasing Waterfalls is charming and endearing for receptive audiences.

Plot Summary

Photographer Amy Atwater (Cindy Busby) works for Explorer Global Magazine who clicks people for the publications. However, she desires to undertake nature photography assignments. The opportunity strikes when a colleague breaks her leg. Amy convinces her boss, Camilla, to show trust in her nature photography skills. Camilla agrees on a condition if Amy brings her pictures of mythical waterfalls never been photographed before.

Amy visits Pinestone Lake Lodge for her assignment, but she gets lost in the wilderness. Her navigation skills are in extreme contrast with her photography skills. Fortunately, she befriends a tour guide, Mark North (Christopher Russell), and his teenage daughter, Kyra (Cassidy Nugent), who helps Amy explore unexplored waterfalls.

Mark shows Amy the popular waterfalls of the remote region, which have already been pictured. In comparison, Amy’s pursuit and promotion require the pictures of mythical waterfalls like Redwood Falls and Angel Falls. Mark is quite skeptical initially but slowly gets fond of Amy and shows her the beauty she wants to cherish. The film further explores their relationship and Amy’s professional conflicts.

‘Chasing Waterfalls’ Ending Explained

Mark escorted Amy to legendary Angel Falls, which concluded her waterfall piece. Amy sent the photographs to Camilla, who published them along with the location of Angel Falls.

Amy had sworn an oath to Mark that she wouldn’t reveal the location of the Angel Falls. Mark feared that people from all around the world would descend on that waterfall and litter around. He wanted to protect nature from the people. But Camilla’s assistant extracted the exact latitude and longitude from Amy’s geotagging Camera and stained her promise. It created a rift between Mark and Amy.

Amy blamed Camilla for the leak, but her boss quickly lured Amy with another assignment. Amy felt helpless and believed that her relationship with Mark was shattered forever. However, Kyra overheard Amy’s phone conversation and forgave her. She requested Amy to bid a final goodbye to her father before leaving. Amy followed the advice and walked to the Falcon Falls for the last meeting with Mark.

With graceful navigation skills in her possession, Amy got lost in the forest. When Mark returned to the lodge, he found Amy’s car in the parking lot. Kyra convinced Mark that it wasn’t Amy’s fault that the location of the waterfalls was revealed, and her boss tricked her into it. Mark realized that Amy got into the forest and he started searching for her. While looking out for Mark in the forest, Amy discovered “Twisted Sister” rocks with the help of Mark’s gifted compass. She remembered that those rocks were located near the mythical Redwood falls. She didn’t miss an opportunity to plunge further.

Amy finally discovered the Redwood falls but didn’t photograph her, believing clicking an image would steal the Waterfalls soul. Mark showed up at the waterfalls, and the two embraced each other for a happy future together. 

Amy always wanted to open her studio, and Mark had located a studio for lease in town. She can live close to nature and follow her passion. I guess the romantic association with Mark will persuade Amy to settle down in the town and leave her job at the Explorer Global Magazine. She has an opportunity to actualize your aspirations, and I believe she will not miss this one.

Chasing Waterfalls is a 2021 Romantic Drama film directed by Christie Will.

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Shikhar Agrawal
Shikhar Agrawal
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