‘Chemical Hearts’ Movie Review – Thoroughly Alive and Absolutely Beautiful!


Chemical Hearts based on the novel “Our Chemical Hearts” and directed by Richard Tanne is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The film stars Lili Reinhart (Grace Town), Austin Abrams (Henry Page), Sarah Jones (Suds), Kara Young (Lola), Coral Pena(Cora), C J Hoff(Muz) and other guest actors.

It is the story of a high school senior, Henry Page whose life has been mostly uninteresting and nothing special ever happened to him until Grace Town joins his high school and they are made co-editors of the school newspaper.

“Tell me you believe that our lives are anything more than a ridiculous cascade of random chances”

The Plot

Henry Page has grown up with his “high school sweetheart” parents and has for the most part lived a good life. He is waiting to meet the love of his life at high school. Grace on the other hand is aloof, anti-social but we see flashbacks of her past where she was as carefree as any teenager. She has an internal fight going on due to her past due to which she has built walls around her but Henry is determined to break. At first glance, it seems like just another high school story but it holds a lot more depth. Not just the lead but their friends’ stories are also beautiful. Although at some point it might seem to fall in the typical high school drama trope but the ending doesn’t disappoint. The climax pays off as most high school love stories end with at least a promise of a happily ever after.

If you have grown up reading and watching stories, where the guys don’t have self-control, are possessive, and are glorified for being a douche, this movie changes that. Henry is just as emotional and fragile as most teenagers, only his fragility is out there to love instead of hiding behind a false angry facade. In one scene he is crying while his sister holds his hands and tries to explain love and heartbreak in a very scientific way.

“It’s like withdrawal because you are used to endorphins and oxytocin but you don’t get it anymore.”

There is also a gay love story on the side which is shown just like another silly teenage love story and/ makes your heart warm. This movie is probably the first high school love story that talks about teenage suicide, queer love in high school, and mental health issues all in one story. 

Acting Performances

Lili Reinhart as Grace Town breaks your heart. Her eyes speak volumes when she is quite in the beginning. Austin Abrams as Henry Page is very impressive too. Both actors have palpable chemistry throughout and you feel it through every kiss and every fight. There is really no scene where they break out of character. The scene in which Grace breaks down will make you cry. The supporting actors all do a great job in their respective roles delivering their part of the story.

If you love high school love stories it is a must-see for you. Even if you don’t typically love high school romance this movie has a lot of feel-good moments.

Written By – Roshani Jain.

Contact – [email protected]

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