‘Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga’ Ending, Explained: Did Neha Steal The Diamonds? What Happens To Ankit?


“Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga” feels like a script written a few days before a deadline. While it remains a strictly okayish watch, it could have still been better if the writers had cared to explain some points better. For example, why was Ankit’s target Neha to begin with? If he knew about her underworld connections, why did he not make use of them? And finally, why did Neha not run at the first sign of trouble, which was the fact that he had hidden his massive debt from her? We are not annoyed by these loopholes since we expected some to be there, but it would have been a slightly better movie if they had been better integrated into the script. Otherwise, on a positive note, Yami Gautam should wear red more often. As for “Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga” itself, this is how the heist and hijacking unfold.

Spoilers Ahead

The Backstory

Neha is an air hostess who comes across a passenger, Ankit Sethi, who gets a non-vegetarian meal but claims that he had booked a vegan one. Neha gives him her vegan meal instead, and while leaving the plane, he asks her for dinner, which she declines. Later that night, she runs into him again while at a party, and they really hit it off from there. They fall in love, and one day, Neha tells Ankit that she is pregnant. He is happy about it, and they decide to start a family. But soon enough, Neha comes to know that Ankit is being hounded by some goons due to some losses he had suffered in his business in the past. Since he is taking time to collect the money, the creditors are forcing him to conduct a robbery to pay off his debt. However, he has been holding out till then. 

When Neha and Ankit are out shopping, some of the goons attack Ankit, and when Neha tries to get in the way, she is injured. Ankit rushes her to the hospital, but it is too late. Neha has lost her baby. She agrees to the heist as she doesn’t want to lose Ankit after the tragedy she had to go through, and that starts the story of how Neha and Ankit plan on stealing the diamonds from the plane.

The Heist and the Hijacking

Ankit is responsible for being on the same flight as the man transporting the diamonds to get them insured. They are placed in a suitcase and can only be opened with a code that the receiver has. As soon as the receiver enters the code, a notification will go to the sender. Ankit plans on stealing the diamonds mid-flight because, due to the lack of a signal, the notification won’t be sent, and the heist can be carried out smoothly. Ankit has to get to the courier man’s luggage and, with the code he receives from Bhagat, open the suitcase and steal the diamonds. He tells Neha that the courier man would be someone who would not eat or drink anything on the plane. He tells her to do something to send him to the bathroom once so that Ankit can check his bag for the diamonds. Neha listens and creates a distraction promptly by “accidentally” spilling coffee on the courier man, but before they can do anything, the plane is hijacked. Before we say more, we would just like to express a personal opinion. Whenever we encounter a smooth talker, we imagine ourselves smacking them on the head before we have a conversation with them. This soothes some of the sting of the ensuing disappointment. Make whatever you want of that information. 

Back to the hijacking, Ankit is worried as he still needs to take out the diamonds from the bag, but he can’t anymore due to the scrutiny of the hijackers. He tries to get to the courier man’s suitcase by feigning an asthma attack and saying that he needs to go get his inhaler from his seat. But when he tries to do so, he has only just opened the suitcase, and one of the hijackers asks him what he is doing. Upon noticing that Ankit is no longer breathing heavily or that he is near his seat, he punches him on his nose, breaking it. Ankit is injured and bleeding, and when Neha tries to give him first aid, he tells her to take the diamonds from the suitcase since he has already opened it. But Neha is too scared, and Ankit loses his temper, telling her that he is not giving her an option. However, it is understood that Neha doesn’t take out the diamonds. Ankit doesn’t give up and makes the switch eventually, but he gets caught by the hijacker, who notices the diamond case. But this time, Ankit doesn’t take his blows lying down and fights back. This creates enough of a disturbance that the flight marshal takes the opportunity and kills the terrorists just as the flight lands in Kullu.

Everyone gets out of it except for Ankit, who is still on the plane with a bomb tied to him. Neha is anxiously waiting for him outside, and as soon as the bomb disposal squad takes care of him, Ankit arrives safely. But it is now that the game begins to unravel. There are no bodies on the plane, which doesn’t tally with the fact that the flight marshal neutralized the terrorists. This can only mean that the hijackers are still among the passengers. But the surprise is that the person they had thought was the flight marshal is missing, and the real flight marshal has been unconscious throughout this time. 

As for Ankit, when he is closing the deal with Bhagat, he comes to know that the diamonds are fake. He is in utter disbelief as he cannot fathom how that could be or what to do next. When Neha tries to comfort him, he reveals that he had never been in love with her but had been playing a game all along so that she would help him steal the diamonds. As he leaves a devastated Neha, we see her horror slowly turning into a smile and understand that there is more to her than she let on.

‘Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga’ Ending Explained – How Did Neha Steal The Diamonds?

Turns out, the day Neha had woken up in the hospital, she had received a call from her cousin, who sent her a recording. Neha had been on the phone when the goons attacked them, and her cousin had recorded the call when he heard the couple in distress. The recording had Ankit saying to the goon that he was not supposed to injure Neha. Upon hearing this, Neha follows Ankit and finds him meeting the goons. She understands his whole plan and that he never loved her, especially when he admits that he was glad that Neha lost the child and agreed to the robbery.

Neha then started making her own plan. Her father had been involved with the underworld, and that had been the cause of his death. She had since distanced herself from that world but decided to call up some old friends now. The fake flight marshal, Sudhanshu, was her brother, and the other hijackers were people he knew. They were given clear instructions to hurt just one passenger, Ankit, and leave the others. The entire reason they got shot by the fake flight marshal was so that they had the right cover to make their escape.

When Ankit had faked an asthma attack, Neha and the hijackers must have understood that he was going to unlock the suitcase. That is why the hijacker waited until Ankit had unlocked the case and then made his presence known right before he could take out the diamonds. Once he was back in his seat with his broken nose and he told Neha to extract the diamonds, she feigned reluctance, but she still went ahead and exchanged the diamonds for fake ones. Therefore, when Ankit was under the impression that he had swapped the real diamonds for the fake ones, he had just done a fake-on-fake swap. When he exited the airplane, thinking that he was successful in his mission, he wasn’t aware of how badly he had lost and that it was actually Neha who had pulled off the heist.

In the airport, upon realizing that the hijackers’ bodies are missing, and the fake flight marshal is nowhere to be found, officer Parvez Sheikh understands that the matter is something else entirely. He starts his investigation by interrogating the passengers, and his suspicions narrow down to Neha, who was the one who prepared the drink that knocked out the real flight marshal. But before he can ask her the hard questions, she makes her moves. The Home Minister was involved with the original diamond exchange. She calls him and tells him that if the investigation continues, it will be revealed that he is involved in the smuggling of diamonds. When he threatens to hunt her down, she sends him the screenshot of the message from Bhagat to Ankit, giving him the code, which proves that it was Ankit who had orchestrated the hijack to rob the diamonds. The minister calls off the investigation, and Neha and the hijackers go scot-free with the diamonds.

Ankit is beaten black and blue by the minister and is in enormous debt and trouble. He had his suspicions that Neha was the real mastermind behind the entire thing, but when he saw the screenshot, his doubts were confirmed. In fact, when Neha comes to visit him in the hospital, he admits that seeing this side of her has made him fall in love for real. But she is not in the mood for him to be cute and makes sure to hurt him a little more before she leaves to start her new life with the wealth she has earned from the diamonds.

What Does The Post-Credits Scene Suggest?

In the post-credits scene, we see an injured Ankit calling Neha, asking her whether she has already forgotten her boyfriend. He did say that he had fallen in love for real, but knowing a person like Ankit, whatever love he feels is going to be laced with revenge. He is certainly a person who likes his plots and his games. We know this because it would have been far easier to just pay an air hostess or a flight attendant to help him with the robbery than to stage an entire honey trap. We prefer to see this as a genuine trait of the character rather than another loophole in the script. That is why we believe that if ever a sequel is made for “Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga,” it will be about another robbery by Ankit, and he would be stealing from Neha, as he is the scorned lover this time around.

What Doesn’t Work For ‘Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga’?

“Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga” is a strictly average film. As beautiful as Yami Gautam Dhar looks on screen, and despite her commitment to the role, she cannot make up for the loopholes in the script. Also, somebody recently pointed out that she seems to be only taking on roles in movies that have something to do with revenge. For example, “Badlapur,” “Kaabil,” “Uri,” and now, “Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga.” The observation was more entertaining than most of the movie. As for Sunny Kaushal, we feel like he had trouble switching his emotions on screen. He played a soft-hearted man for most of the film, but in the moments when he needed to look like he was in charge, he faltered. The show stealer for us was Sharad Kelkar. Even with his limited screen time, it cannot be denied that he has such an easy presence on camera, and we ended up wanting to see more of him. Maybe a different edit of “Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga” could have the entire story unravelling through his interviews. That would have given him the much-needed extra screen time, as it was his character that we enjoyed watching the most. Maybe he could do that for Yami Gautam Dhar’s next revenge-based movie. 

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