‘Cindy La Regia’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: What Action Did Cindy Take Against Her Teacher?


Cindy La Regia: The High School Years revolves around a teenager with big dreams and life goals. Cindy was quite the perfect girl in school—she was pretty, she was smart, and she had her feet on the ground. Cindy soon discovered, however, that her world was limited because she was raised in the conservative town of San Pedro Garza Garcia. She had a list of titles she wanted to achieve before turning 30, and being crowned queen of Monterrey Casino was one of them. Cindy did win the crown, but she could only have it for a day. In the seven episodes, Cindy faces difficult situations that make her question her priorities.

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Plot Summary: What Is The Series About?

Cindy believed her life was just about perfect. She had her best friends Lu and Tere to always fall back on, and she was in love with Max, and they made a cute pair. She had good grades in school, and her social work made her one of the most promising candidates for the Monterrey Casino Queen pageant. Her mother had once won the title, and she, too, wanted to live through the exciting experience. But Cindy started to look at her life from a different perspective after her cousin from Mexico City, Angie, arrived to stay in San Pedro.

Angie had set her mother’s boyfriend’s car on fire, and she was sent to live with Cindy and her family. As someone who grew up in Mexico City, Angie found the place extremely backward. She was surprised to see Cindy shy away from sexual conversations, and most people looked down upon homosexuality. They were unlike each other, and Cindy struggled to understand Angie. She was in love with Max, and even though she tried to brush off the idea of sexual intimacy, lately, she had been wanting to take their relationship a step forward. Cindy believed in making love after marriage, just like her parents had always advised her, but she started to rethink her decision because she was convinced that Max was the one for her. Since they would end up marrying each other, Cindy started to consider getting intimate with him in high school. Angie was surprised to hear the long explanation Cindy had prepared to justify her decision. As a non-judgmental person, Angie did not care about Cindy making the morally right choice.

When Cindy received a message from Max asking her to come over to his place, she decided she would lose her virginity that night. After reaching Max’s house, Cindy started to doubt herself. She was not comfortable with the idea anymore, and she ultimately decided to return home. Her mother grounded her after she was caught returning home late. Angie helped her sneak out of the house to participate in the Monterrey Casino pageant. Cindy was announced as the winner, but as soon as she was crowned, the hall started to buzz. As it turned out, someone had leaked a nude picture of Cindy that she had sent to Max. Cindy had to return her crown the next morning. She initially doubted Max because he broke up with her after she backed out of their plan that night, but apparently, Max had lost his phone that day, and he had reported it before the entire fiasco. Cindy was no longer the perfect girl everyone envied; she was called names and laughed at, but thankfully, she had a group of trusted friends who never stopped supporting her.

How did Cindy try to support Angie?

Cindy had joined an activity group in school that focused on making social impacts. When she learned that Angie was a lesbian, she realized that it was her chance to make a social statement by bringing the issue into the limelight. Even though San Pedro was quite anti-homosexuality, Cindy was surprised to find out that there were a good number of queer individuals living there. But they mostly preferred staying low-key because they were afraid of the backlash they would face. Cindy realized this was a problem she could attempt to fix and that it could become her game-changer project. She failed to realize that her actions could hurt Angie because she never told her that her sudden interest in making campus queer-friendly was because of her school project. Angie did not want to come out, especially after seeing how hostile her teammates were to the ones who were openly queer. The only lesbian who had come out was ostracized by the entire school, and no one cared about her anymore. By coming out, she would be risking her friendship, but at the same time, sharing a room with homophobic people became a little too difficult for her. She finally came out to her team, and as expected, they treated her differently. It impacted the match, and the team captain decided to bench Angie. Cindy stood by her, and while defending her, she mentioned how her activity group, Game Changer, would make a positive impact. Angie was disappointed in her cousin, and she decided to head back to Mexico City. Cindy followed her to the bus station and publicly apologized to Angie. She admitted that she had been selfish, and she was grateful to Angie for teaching her to be authentic. Even though they were different, Cindy admired Angie for her bravery, and she hoped that they would spend more time together. The apology won Angie’s heart, and she decided to head to San Pedro with Cindy.

How did Lu and Cindy reunite?

Max won Cindy’s trust once again after he performed for her at her birthday party. The two were back together, but there was something missing in their relationship. Cindy was not attracted to him, but she was scared of admitting it. She had also recently met Juancho at a party, and she could not keep him out of her mind. He also turned out to be her math tutor, and they got to spend more time by themselves. Her heart raced when Juancho was around, but she did not feel the same way with Max.

It was their third-month anniversary, and Cindy made a reservation at a posh restaurant, asking Lu to come along for moral support. When Max gifted her a necklace, she found it impossible to carry on with the pretense. Lu came to her rescue, and Cindy admitted how she truly felt about her relationship. Lu advised her to head back home while she took care of Max. On her way out, Cindy discovered that Juancho was a server at the restaurant. After meeting him that night, Cindy could not stop thinking about him. Meanwhile, Lu and Max ended up spending quality time together.

Lu had started to take an interest in Max, but she hid her feelings because she loved Cindy. When she learned that Cindy intended to break up with him, she realized she could admit her feelings. The next morning, Cindy secretly saw Lu and Max kissing each other at school. Lu noticed Cindy, but instead of confronting them, Cindy chose to run away. She stopped speaking to her best friend, and as much as they missed each other, Cindy chose to stay away from Lu. Even though Cindy knew Max was not the one for her, she still felt betrayed. When she ultimately decided to have a word with Lu, she confessed that, no matter how hard she tried, she could not forgive Lu. At the end of Cindy La Regia: The High School Years, Lu finds her way back to Cindy when she discovers she is pregnant. It was only Cindy that she could completely trust, and the two went back to becoming the best of friends, just like they were before. Cindy supported Lu throughout her abortion journey. The two, along with Angie and Tere, traveled to Mexico City to go through the process.

What action did Cindy take against her teacher?

Cindy looked forward to joining Professor Esteban’s physics team. Juancho was part of the team and the two found time for each other between the quiz practices. Cindy was a great addition to the team, and they managed to make it to the finals at Saltillo. The team, along with Professor Esteban, traveled to Saltillo, and Cindy proposed that they throw a party before the finals. The two teams got together, and they had fun like they never had before. Cindy wanted to make love to Juancho, but he was not ready. She was too drunk, and he was afraid that she would regret it the next morning.

Cindy was upset, and Professor Esteban tried to console her. While walking her to her room, Esteban forcefully kissed Cindy, and it left a traumatic impact on her. Cindy chose not to discuss it with anyone, but when she reunited with Lu, her best friend knew that there was something wrong with her. Cindy finally confessed to Lu about the night, and she advised her to take action. All this while, Cindy blamed herself for the assault, but Lu helped her realize that she was not at fault. Later, her friends got together to help Cindy fight her fear and take action. Cindy was declared valedictorian, but she continued to be haunted by the memories of the night. With the support of her friends, Cindy finally decided to have a word with the principal.

It was the end of the term, and Angie had to head back home. Tere was in conflict with her sexual identity, but she realized that she had fallen in love with Angie, and before she left, Tere decided to confess her true feelings. Tere wanted to become a nun, and her beliefs contradicted her feelings, but ultimately, she decided to do what her heart desired. Before the graduation ceremony began, Cindy noticed that Professor Esteban was invited to the event. Her principal had promised that she would not face any problems, yet she later admitted that such cases took time to resolve.

During Cindy La Regia‘s ending, Cindy lost control over her rage and decided to take matters into her own hands. All her life, she strived for perfection, and she ultimately realized that, at times, it was important to do what was needed, even if it offended some people. Angie, Tere, and Lu supported Cindy, and the four destroyed Esteban’s car with golf clubs. The entire school witnessed the incident and labeled Cindy crazy. Cindy is meant to thrive in a progressive city where her ideas and expressions will not be looked down upon. A place where she would be celebrated for voicing her opinion and not asked to stay hushed. All thanks to her best friends and cousin, Cindy learned an important lesson very early on in life—to always speak up and to get over the regressive idea of perfection.

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