‘Cindy La Regia: The High School Years’ Season 2 Theories And Predictions: What To Expect Next?


Cindy La Regia: The High School Years season 1 ended on an interesting note. There is still a large part of the journey that the characters have to cover by themselves, which has been left for season 2. So, let us see what these girls might do as their high school years come to a close.

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Will Professor Esteban be punished?

The principal has only told Cindy that there are a lot of complications in taking care of the complaint. The professor himself said that it was all a misunderstanding. This means that he has gotten off scot-free for what he did, and Cindy is furious. She is thrashing his car, but there will be hell to pay for it. Cindy has graduated with honors, and they may be taken away from her. Therefore, she has to prove that Esteban deserves what she did. Cindy will have a long road ahead of her in proving that Esteban is the guilty party. The conservativeness of the town has already taken a toll on her, and she is right when she says that they may not believe her because of the previously leaked picture that has created an unfavorable opinion about her. Cindy has her friends by her side, and she needs to work towards convincing the school as well. One hiccup in her way may be that the news of Lucia’s abortion is leaked, and the school looks at Cindy negatively due to the shaming by the association. This would only complicate matters, and Cindy would have to take far more drastic measures than she could even think of. Maybe she will get the police involved, set a deliberate trap for the professor, or go on a rampage to call out the hypocrisy of her peers. Either way, Cindy won’t give up till she gets what she wants.

Will Lucia tell Max about the abortion?

The tension between Max and Lucia was evident from the start, and it is not a surprise that they started dating later. But though Cindy has spoken to Lucia about the betrayal, there is a conversation pending with Max as well. He has always stood by Cindy, but that is because he knew that what happened first was somewhat his fault. In this scenario, it is Lucia who needs his help and support, and Max might feel hurt that she did not tell him about the abortion before she went through with it. He may have wanted to be by her side, so this alienation might remind him of what Cindy used to do to him by pushing him away. On that note, Cindy also has a few things to get through in terms of how she deals with rejection. Why did she get so sentimental when the boy refused to sleep with her because she was drunk? Cindy La Regia: The High School Years is being marketed as Cindy learning to find her happiness, which must mean that there is some self-doubt to address. It will hopefully come up with some openness during conversations.

Will Angie go back home?

Now that Angie and Tere are dating, Angie has reason to stay back. But that may get complicated because of Tere herself. She did not want Angie to leave, but it is doubtful if she will be confident being herself in the school and the city, especially when she has closely seen what prejudice looks like. Angie may not like hiding herself again this way. She broke up with her girlfriend because they had differences over how Angie was changing with her friends. Essentially, Angie did not let anyone come in the way of her authenticity, and that may be compromised if Tere is not confident in being with Angie. On the other hand, Angie may want to go back to work on her relationship with her mother. The distance was good for them, but now that they are calmer individuals, being together may be a better idea. Angie also said something about her mother having a boyfriend. We did not catch a glimpse of him during the first season, but he may have a greater role to play in season 2. Additionally, the general idea seems to have been that Angie comes from a more progressive place than Cindy, and for someone in her position, it is not easy to give up on turbulent friendships.

What will happen to Cindy’s parents?

Things with Cindy’s parents cannot be as simple as they seem. So far, they look like a typical suburban family, but perhaps they are the reason Cindy feels so much pressure to excel at everything. They have looked reasonable so far, saying and doing the right things, though with a little too much enthusiasm. Are they compensating for something? Why did Cindy say they needed to go to the concert for their marriage? Are they on the verge of a divorce, or do they have some secrets of their own, like the fact that they may be seeking couples therapy? After all, normalizing problems and diversity in children has to mean that it extends to adults.

But before all of this, it is worth asking how the parents react to what happened with Cindy and Esteban. They were by Cindy’s side during the scandal of the leaked picture, so they may support her through the ordeal with Esteban. But thrashing his car has to be a shocker for them. After all, they are not used to this behavior from their daughter, who they think does everything by the book. Their biggest adjustment might be to accept that their daughter will be giving them a lot more migraines in the future. Also, as parents, it will fall upon them to encourage Cindy to think for herself while fighting and accepting the rules of society in equal measure.

Overall, season 1 was a decent watch, so Cindy La Regia: The High School Years season 2 should elaborate on what it missed out on in the first season. People should talk to each other more and actually work through feelings and situations rather than magically disappearing. That would be a reasonable improvement over season 1.

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