‘Citadel’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Is Abby Conroy Related To Citadel?


When we saw the first episode of “Citadel,” we expected the rest of the series to be mediocre but with excellent visuals. With the third episode here, the series has lived up to our expectations. In India, we affectionately call Priyanka Chopra Mimi Didi, “didi,” meaning older sister. Therefore, it hurts our hearts that the series made her character cringe. She is one of the few people in the industry who is not just an entertainer but a great actor. The makers of Citadel simply don’t know how to utilize her. For starters, we would love to see her speak a little louder in the next few episodes. As for the rest of the story of this particular episode, the torture scenes made us uncomfortable, even though they were off-screen, and the rest of it, as we said, was underwhelming, except for the twist in the end that we had kind of suspected was coming up. Here is a detailed recap of “Citadel” episode 3.

Spoilers Alert

What Is Nadia And Mason’s Next Plan?

Nadia and Mason reach a Citadel safehouse to collect their bearings for the time being. When Nadia is treating Mason’s wounds, he asks her whether they were ever together, and she tells him that it was brief. Ten years ago, when he had broken into a facility to steal a deadly virus so that it did not destroy the world, Nadia was the one to rescue him. In the very cringe-worthy conversation that follows the mission, the only valuable information we come to know is that Nadia had been training for the past five years and her mother worked at Citadel as well. Two weeks after this conversation, they became an item in Paris. That is the only thing we will be calling them.

In the present day, Nadia messages someone, asking for the status of the consignment, and she is told that it is waiting for her. Nadia is extremely nervous and warns the party on the other end that Valencia might be compromised. The next thing Nadia does is tell Mason to go back to his family, but he wants to join her on her quest. He mentions something about a sea of red, which makes Nadia reconsider her stubborn refusal. The X case that Mason brought has messages from other agents, specifically Carter Spence. One was a very recent message saying that Manticore is on his heels, and he needs help. Nadia identifies the place as Fez, Morocco, and she knows that the only crime boss there, Balduino, must be working with Manticore to torture Carter.

If Nadia wants to rescue Carter, she needs Mason’s help since he was on decent terms with Balduino, whereas Nadia killed his brother. Finally, finding that he is able to accompany Nadia, Mason agrees to play the part of his old self. It is successful to an extent. Nadia needs Mason to hold a lighter containing a transmitter close to Balduino’s phone so that she can hack it for the access codes to rescue Carter. As Mason distracts Balduino with trash missions and small talk, Nadia gets the job done. But when Balduino mentions that the rumor in the grapevine is that Nadia was the one to sell out Citadel and that she and Mason were very closely involved, he is stunned. Mason manages to escape from the place, and when he is leaving with Nadia, he asks her about what he heard. Nadia assures him that if she were a double agent, she wouldn’t be doing what she is doing now. As for her relationship with Mason, the man in front of her is Kyle, who has no memories of his past; hence no right or need to know about the relationship between Nadia and Mason. It is not a very good explanation, but it will suffice for now.

How Is Abby Conroy Related To Citadel?

In “Citadel” Episode 2, the Silje brothers lost the X-case and Mason Kane. But they got the next best thing: Bernard Orlick, who designed the AI system that contained the whereabouts of all the nuclear weapons in the world. Dahlia just wants him to give them the 19-character password to access it. But Bernard is resilient enough to withstand her constant torture and doesn’t reveal a thing. This is against Dahlia’s expectations, as she constantly insinuates that it was Bernard who had gone rogue all those years ago, bringing about the downfall of Citadel. We also come to know two particular things. One, that Bernard and Dahlia worked together in the UN many years ago. The second is that Dahlia believes that Citadel are not the good guys they claim to be. She has terrible burn marks on her hand to show for that, and we will know in future episodes what they mean.

In the meantime, she mentioned having tortured Carter Spence for information a year ago. If she got her hands on him that long ago, should we assume that he escaped and that is how he landed up in Morocco? We will only know when Nadia and Mason rescue him. Currently, since Bernard refuses to give any information, Dahlia orders Anders Silje to extract something from his brain so that they may study it for the information they want. At the end of “Citadel” Episode 3, just as Anders is about to drill a hole in Bernard’s skull, he says that Brielle is alive. Brielle was the woman Anders used to love, but something had happened to her, and Citadel lied to him that she was dead. It turns out that Brielle is now Abby: Mason aka Kyle’s wife.

Abby met Kyle at the hospital, where she was getting treated for a traumatic brain injury that she did not remember getting. Since Citadel seems to have scientific powers of manipulation, we wouldn’t be surprised if the organization faked her life by altering her memories with ulterior motives. It is possible that it was supposed to be temporary, but Citadel getting destroyed prolonged that life for her. Even the timelines are too close. Abby was in the hospital nine years ago, and Mason landed there eight years ago. Abby is probably a Citadel agent, and we can only wait to see how this revelation unfolds further.

Final Thoughts

So far, the only remarkable thing about “Citadel” is how good Priyanka Chopra looks. Maybe that is what makes it so sad that you have an actor who is bringing their all to a role that is just not well-written. Maybe we are being hasty since the series is just three episodes in, so we will wait for now. If we had to look for another good thing, we found Bernard’s cheeky smile endearing when he knew that he had Anders right where he wanted him, with the information about Abby. Overall, the series seems to be a little slow, maybe one episode too long so far. Even this opinion needs a little time to solidify. Basically, the jury is out, and we will just have to wait. We sincerely hope that our doubts will be laid to rest soon.

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