‘Citadel’ Season 2 Theories & Expectations: Will Nadia Accept Mason As Her Daughter’s Father?


In the final moments of the Citadel season 1 finale, we saw that agents of the United States of America were not the only ones to bear the consequences of Mason’s actions; people all over the world were affected by them, and we got a glimpse of the Italian wing in what is to come next. Season 2 will expand the spy verse in Citadel: Diana and make us know what exactly happened with Matilda de Angelis’ character, who, by the looks of things, works for Citadel in the same capacity as Nadia and Mason. We would get to know if there was an independent head of affairs like Bernard who made sure that the Italian agents were also backstopped, i.e., lost their memories, or if it was something that only happened with Mason and Nadia. Now the point to be noticed here is that Bernard hadn’t taken Carter’s memory, and it could be possible that an exception was made because Carter was a tech genius, and without him and his skills, Bernard wouldn’t have been able to do anything. We believe that the Italian agents would have known that Mason was the one who caused the fall of the Citadel because these things cannot be kept hidden for a long time, especially when the consequences are so dire. Apart from the common issue of Manticore being behind their lives, the Italian branch would have its own independent set of internal politics. It is possible that Matilda De Angelis’ character and Mason would cross paths and might plan to help each other’s cause, though it is merely speculation as of now.

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What Kind Of Role Will Bernard Play In The Future?

We believe that Bernard would have a very crucial role to play in the upcoming scheme of things because, clearly, the man knew much more than he actually revealed. It felt like he was the ringmaster who, even when he was in captivity, managed to control the outcome of things. If there was a citadel wing in Europe, Mexico, or India, then Bernard would surely have a lot of information about them and would know exactly what internal and external problems they were facing. It could be possible that if Manticore had carried out an all-out attack on agents residing in different parts of the world, too, Bernard might be keeping tabs on all of them. Currently, Bernard is still working for Citadel even after its destruction, simply out of a sense of duty. That responsibility would not be restricted by geography and would encompass all the agents scattered around the globe.

Additionally, if Manticore ever felt like they needed something on Dahlia, they might need Bernard’s assistance, as clearly, he knew things about her past that nobody else did. Although Grace was shown as the head of Citadel, it was Bernard who was clearly running it. Since Bernard and Dahlia are both alive, they will cross paths with each other in the future. We believe that even if he didn’t want it, he would have no option but to eliminate Dahlia if he wanted to put a stop to the atrocious activities of Manticore. Mason had a lot of things to clear up with Bernard, and now that his memories have come back, we think he will have a lot of questions about Bernard’s motives and intentions.

Will Dahlia Try To Steal The Nuclear Cores?

Dahlia said that whatever she had done was because Citadel had killed her husband, and she wanted to hold them accountable for their actions. Engulfed in hatred, she became a demon who was not ready to stop at anything. We don’t believe that she cared for her son, Mason, as she had clearly used him to get the secret intel, and though Citadel Season 1 never gives a lot of details, we believe that Dahlia was manipulating Mason and using him to fulfil her own vendetta. Also, we don’t believe that she is only driven by vengeance, and we feel that there are many more aspects that we are not aware of.

The biggest problem with Citadel was that it left so many gaps in its screenplay that we were never really able to ascertain the real sensibilities and nature of a given character. We believe that the Italian agents would be well aware of what Dahlia wanted to do, and maybe they were trying to get back to her and destroy Manticore once and for all. There could be Dahlia’s counterparts reporting to her and managing things on the entire European continent. Dahlia and Mason will cross paths, and the latter will want to know if she felt any sort of maternal instinct towards him at all or if that, too, got buried under the rubble of that building in Syria 30 years ago.

Will Nadia Accept Mason As Her Daughter’s Father?

Towards the end of Citadel season 1, we noticed how Mason refrained from telling Abby that he remembered everything, that Asha was his daughter, and that he was responsible for the fall of Citadel. Now that Carter has found a way to reverse the impact of backstopping, even Abby’s memories might come back sometime later in the spy series. It would definitely come as a shock to her when she gets to know the kind of relationship she shared with Nadia, how she had saved her life and how her husband was responsible for her memory loss to save Nadia from being persecuted for her actions. Things are going to get complicated between Nadia and Mason in the near future, as there are many unresolved issues for which they don’t have any answers.

Nadia and Mason would have to combine their forces as the enemy is still out there, and with the expansion of the spy verse, things were going to get even more convoluted. Nadia was happy taking on the responsibility of her daughter alone, and we believe that she would want to keep it that way. Mason’s actions had made it very clear where his priorities lay, and Nadia was not the kind of person who would force him to do something that didn’t come naturally to him. Though the nuclear cores were in Citadel’s possession, the threat wasn’t over yet. It was just the beginning of a great storm, and the pasts of people like Nadia and Mason would come to haunt them in the future.

What Would Be Mason’s Plan Of Action?

Mason was standing at a crossroads, and no matter how much he tried to ignore reality, he would have to face it sooner rather than later. Mason knew that he wouldn’t be able to hide the truth from his family, and the fact that Asha was his daughter would come out in the open. It might be possible that we see Mason in Citadel: Diana because if the Italian agents had to bear the consequences of his actions, then they would want to hear from him why he took that step and wreaked havoc on their lives. It is possible that the Citadel, operating from different parts of the world, might see Mason as a rogue agent and want to take revenge for the catastrophe he had brought upon them. If Mason is of the opinion that he would be able to stay low for a while, then that is his biggest misconception. He was in a lot of mess, and though we agree that he could have been manipulated and that he had done things that he felt were right in the temporary context, we cannot deny that all of it was his doing.

It would be interesting to see the confrontation between Mason and Dahlia, which will definitely happen in the upcoming seasons of Citadel. Mason cannot opt out of the game, as he lost that privilege the moment he decided to go against his own organization. Manticore was after him, and the surviving citadel agents in different parts of the world also wouldn’t have been very happy about what he had done. There might come a point where Mason would have to prove his allegiance, as there would be a lot of people who would misunderstand his actions, as on the face of it, he had committed a blunder, and the onus to rectify it is on him more than anyone else.

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