‘Citadel’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Was Nadia In Valencia With Rafi Gambir?


Every episode of Citadel makes a revelation that aims to throw our assumptions off track and nullify our entire speculations about a character. In the first four episodes, we got to know that Nadia Sinh was involved in a lot of things that could be termed seditious in nature, and for a very long time, the higher management at Citadel was unaware that anything of that sort was happening under their noses. Mason Kane, on the other hand, loved Nadia unconditionally, and he was ready to vouch for her even when he knew that she might be involved in activities that jeopardized their mission.

Spoilers Alert

Nadia had taken the Oz Key, as we had seen in Citadel Episode 4, and we got to know through Carter Spence that Mason was fully aware of that fact. He knew that if he informed his superiors about it, then Nadia would have to face the implications of going against the agency, so he kept quiet. Mason knew how lethal a weapon the Oz Key was, but he still kept quiet. And moreover, to create a diversion, he framed Celeste and even asked Bernard and Grace to backstop her memories. Carter knew that his friend was absolutely wrong, and in a way, he was helping Manticore get the better of them, but at that time, it was impossible to make Mason understand the blunder he was committing. In the current timeline, Mason had no clue what was happening, as he didn’t remember any details from the past. But still, he had an idea that Nadia had a dubious past, as time and again, people kept telling him that she had betrayed his trust and was somewhat responsible for the fall of Citadel. These were serious allegations, but Mason, as of now, didn’t know where to go to find the answers, and he knew that he would have to hope to stumble upon information that would reveal the secrets of his and Nadia’s past.

What Had Nadia Done With The Oz Key?

Mason proposed to Nadia for marriage in Athens, nine years before the current timeline. Nadia thought that it was part of their cover identity, but she was surprised when she realized that Mason actually wanted to take things forward. Nadia hadn’t thought that everything would escalate so quickly, and though she did love Mason, she was still not there. Nadia received a message from an anonymous source, and she got to know that Celeste was not in Farmington, but she had been backstopped, and Mason, Bernard, and Grace knew about it all. Nadia felt betrayed, and she confronted Mason, who had no idea that she knew the truth. She asked him one simple question: if he knew that Celetse had been backstopped, which he denied at first. But soon Mason realized that there was no point hiding it, and he told Nadia that he had made the entire cover story to protect her, as he knew that she had taken the Oz key.

Mason was too scared of the truth, and that is why he never asked Nadia why she stole the key or what her real intentions were. Nadia told him that she had destroyed the key because she felt that something like this, which was capable of probably causing more harm than a nuclear weapon, shouldn’t exist on the face of the earth. She asked Mason to immediately reactivate Celeste’s memory because she hadn’t done anything, and she was actually telling the truth when she said that she didn’t know where the keys were. But Mason had destroyed the entire system, and he told Nadia that her memories couldn’t be brought back now. Nadia was shocked to hear that, and she was disappointed in Mason. She told Mason that she couldn’t be with him even a second longer, and she took out the ring he had given her and left the scene. A heartbroken Mason sat in the cafe, not knowing what he could do to make Nadia stop and prove to her that whatever he had done was in her best interests.

Why Was Nadia In Valencia With Rafi Gambir?

Anders wanted to help Bernard, as he wanted to meet the love of his life, Abby Conroy, a.k.a. Celeste. He was untying Bernard with the intention of helping him escape when Dahlia arrived at the scene and shot Anders, killing him there and then. She asked Bernard to tell her the codes for the nuclear weapons, threatening him that if he didn’t, she would kill his family. Bernard told her one set of codes, but the problem was that there was an oversight in the code linked to another biometric print that belonged to Mason Kane. Dahlia had found out where Kane’s family was staying, and she had asked her men to take them into custody.

Meanwhile, Carter, in Citadel Episode 5, told Mason Kane that Nadia had betrayed his trust, sided with a terrorist named Rafi Gambir, and plotted against the organization. Carter had reasons to believe that both Nadia and Rafi were working for Manticore, but the reality was far more convoluted. Nadia was Rafi’s daughter, and after she found out that she was pregnant with Kane’s baby, she decided to go to Valencia and stay there till the time she gave birth. Nadia had to leave her daughter once again and go on a mission, and after that, she never got an opportunity to see her.

At the end of Citadel Episode 5, after escaping from the Manticore hideout, Carter, Mason, and Nadia were standing in a place called Barrage Bab Louta when Dahlia’s men arrived at the scene and threatened Kane to give them access to the nukes. Kane was still not able to get over the information that had been revealed to him by Nadia. He asked Nadia why she didn’t tell him about it, and she told him that she didn’t feel that he deserved to know about it at that point. Kane didn’t know what to feel or what to say, as his entire belief system and his perception of himself were completely thrown off balance. The only positive that could be taken from the revelation made by Nadia was that she was not responsible for the fall of Citadel and that she only wanted to protect her baby girl and the world from another catastrophe. Carter’s speculations were wrong, but before he could grasp everything, he realized that another problem was knocking on their door and threatening to break the world into fragments.

One thing that became clear in this episode of Citadel was that Dahlia was a treacherous woman, capable of going to any extremes to get what she wanted. She was the one who had killed Anders, and then she called Davik and told him that Bernard had murdered his brother in cold blood. She wanted to impress her bosses at Manticore and prove that she deserved to lead the organization. Dahlia had Mason Kane’s family in custody, and her men told Mason plain and clear that if he wanted to see them alive, he would have to give them what they were asking for. Kane, Nadia, and Carter stood there, not knowing what they should do. In the upcoming episode, we will get to know how these surviving agents of Citadel are able to tackle the situation and if they are able to get the better of Dahlia, who had made it very clear that she was not going to stop till she had the resources to bring down the world on its knees and be in complete control of the destinies of the people of the world.

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