‘Class Of ’09’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Did Garcia Want To Tell Ashley Poet?


Tayo Michaels was treading on thin ice, and in Class of ’09 Episode 3, we got a hint of what exactly was happening in the bureau and how AI had completely taken over the day-to-day functioning. The death of Amos Garcia in the previous episode of Class of ’09 also left a lot of questions unanswered. He wanted to say something, and it felt like he was killed because there were people who didn’t want the truth to come out. Ashley Poet, on the other hand, didn’t understand who to believe in or if Garcia was actually a threat to the nation or had become a victim of the corrupt system. So, let’s see what happened in the third episode and if Ashley Poet was able to find the secret intentions behind the execution of Amos Garcia.

Spoilers Alert

Why Did Lennix Want To Shut Down Hour’s New Software?

Lennix and other higher officials within the FBI were skeptical about what Hour Nazari was trying to do. There was a belief that her software would take the place of the agents and that the bureau would no longer need them. We can say that their ignorance was scaring them, and the software that Hour had created was not meant to threaten the status quo. Lennix was finding ways to shut her program down, and that is why, in the previous episodes of the Class of ’09, we saw that he had asked Ashley to keep an eye on Hour. Ashley Poet knew that she would betray the trust of one of her best friends by spying on her, but she realized that it was better that she was the one doing it than someone else. She knew that if she wanted to control the outcome, she had to be at the helm of affairs. Hour Nazari was a smart woman, and she had realized that Ashley had been sent to keep an eye on her due to her sudden transfer to the department. But Hour kept quiet, and she didn’t tell Poet that she knew what her intention was in joining her department until the day she got engaged.

Hour called her software “Better Tomorrow,” and the aim was to create a database that had all the information about each and every case investigated by the agents. It was dependent upon the information fed to it by the agents, and nowhere did it seek to replace them and make its own deduction. It was merely a library where you had access to every piece of information that, in the normal course of things, nobody remembered. The collective wisdom of each and every agent was put in that database, and the result was that the dots were linked, and leads were found in a hassle-free manner. But still, the agents were under the impression that it would replace them, and when Hour presented it in front of Lennix and other officials, she addressed those concerns and told them that it was not what they were thinking. Lennix additionally believed that Hour’s faith in people had been lost because of things that had happened in her past.

When the bureau conducted background research on her, they found out that Agent Nazari might be suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, and many other things that had repressed her personality. Hour’s sexuality also played a key role in the bureau’s making such assumptions about her, which, needless to say, was quite discriminatory, and the bureau had no right to do so. Lennix believed that her will to bring about reform was coming from a very personal place and not just because she wanted to improve the system. Ashley Poet didn’t agree with what he was saying, but she had no other option other than to follow the commands of her superiors. Even after giving an effective presentation and clearing all the doubts and suspicions of the agents, Hour Nazari was asked to immediately shut down her software.

How Did Tayo Michales Find Mark Tupirik?

Tayo Michaels had a hard time finding Mark Tupirik, who had killed his colleague and was waiting for an opportunity to destroy the FBI. Mark was a dangerous man, and Tayo was running out of ideas on how to catch him. He had a follower of Tupirik in his custody, but that man was so stubborn that he had not even spoken a word after being grilled for several hours by the agents. Tayo Michaels knew that if he used Hour Nazari’s software, he might be able to find some hidden clue that he had not been able to see till then. But Tayo’s colleagues were strongly against it, and they told him that he would set a bad precedent if he did that. They had no doubts about the potential of the software, but they were scared that their services would no longer be needed if they used it to crack such a big case. But time was running out of hand, Tayo was growing restless, and he could see no hope of locating the terrorist.

Around that time, in Class of ’09 episode 3, Tayo’s wife was attacked by Mark Tupirik’s men, and that became a turning point in the investigation. Tayo ran out of patience, and after that, he didn’t care what the other agents thought about him. He used Nazari’s software on Tupirik’s followers, and almost instantly, he got a breakthrough. He realized that they were using a construction company as their front, and they tracked a truck of the same company, and finally, Mark Tupirik was caught and brought to prison. Mark was planning something big, and he told Tayo, after he was caught, that the work had already been done and he would love to witness the harrowed looks on the face of the agents when whatever he had planned finally happened. 

What Did Garcia Want To Tell Ashley Poet Before He Died?

In the future timeline, in the year 2034, Ashley Poet was very confused, and she didn’t know how to unveil the truth. She had worked closely with Amos Garcia, and before he was killed by the FBI, he had come to the Poet’s house and wanted to tell her something. Amos had given a card to Poet just moments before he was shot, and Poet had no clue what the card was for. The problem was that the AI had actually taken over every aspect of their lives, and they had no freedom left of any sort. They were constantly under the radar, and it felt like they were just puppets who were being targeted by the machines about how to conduct their business. Poet met Hour in Class of ’09 Episode 3, and they went to Amos Garcia’s house to find any evidence that would make them understand why he had suddenly become a threat to the FBI.

At the end of Class of ’09 Episode 3, Poet went inside Garcia’s house and entered the same room we saw in the first episode, where multiple screens were installed. As soon as Poet put the card in the slot, all the screens switched on, and a recorded video message was displayed in which Garcia said that the system that the FBI was using to investigate and catch criminals was so well developed that it felt like it had a mind of its own. Even Nazari had noticed that, unlike the system she had created, this one was acting on its own accord. It didn’t need people, and it was making all sorts of deductions and predictive arrests by itself, sometimes without any rhyme or reason. The system that Tayo was using was a dangerous tool, and he knew something that he was not telling others. There were things that a machine could never do, and maybe Tayo was not taking that into consideration. A lot of time, intuition guides a human being in the right direction, something that the AI could never do. 

A majority of agents from the batch of ’09 were fed up with the state of things, but nobody was able to do anything about it. Ashley Poet and Hour Nazari realized that they needed each other more than anything else in such troubled times. They needed to uncover the truth and find out what was going on in Tayo’s mind. 

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