‘Class Of ’09’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Was Mark Tupirik’s Plan?


Ashley Poet wanted to find the truth, and after she got her hands on a potential lead in Class of ’09 episode 3, there was no stopping her. She knew that she and other agents had been lied to, and Tayo’s software was doing certain things that could have very dangerous implications in the future. The role of the agents had been reduced to the bare minimum, and they just had to do what the program asked them to without putting a lot of brain into it. She and other agents had been lied to, and Tayo’s software was doing certain things that could have very dangerous implications in the future. The role of the agents had been reduced to the bare minimum, and they just had to do what the program asked them to without putting a lot of brain into it.

The program was capable of making connections on its own and didn’t need any input from humans. Ashley went to Lennix, and the latter told her that he would want to help her uncover the truth in whatever way he could. Ashley told him that things might not go in their favor, and if he didn’t feel like it, there was no compulsion to join the investigation. But Lennix had made up his mind. He had seen the fear in the eyes of the people, and he wanted to put a stop to whatever Tayo was up to. They switched off the sensors that were attached to their bodies, the main purpose of which was to collect information and feed it to Tayo’s system. There was a gross violation of the right to privacy, and it felt like people had completely lost their freedom and had to do as they were told; otherwise, they feared they would be put behind bars, sometimes even without a fair trial.

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What Happened During Ashley Poet’s Polygraph Test?

Hour’s parents didn’t like it when she told them in Episode 4 that she had been selected for the training program of the FBI. The thing was that, since Hour’s family had migrated to the United States of America, they had lived in fear of being apprehended for crimes that they had not committed. They had to face a lot of discrimination, but their way of dealing with it was in stark contrast to their daughter’s. They didn’t want to be associated with anything that the government did, but Hour knew that if she had to get rid of her fears, then she had to become a part of the system. She thought it was the way through which she would be able to escape from the uncertain and subdued life that they were leading. Hour actually thought that her parents would be proud of her for having accomplished so much on her own. But seeing their reaction, she got really disheartened, and she left her house with a heavy heart, not knowing if they would ever accept her back.

The trainees had to take the polygraph test many times during the course of their training. After Poet had successfully passed her first test, she was called for the second one after she refused to fire at a shooting target that had the image of a lady pointing towards the agents. In her polygraph test, Poet accepted indirectly that she had concealed the fact that she was dating a colleague, i.e., Lennix. Later, Drew came to talk to her and give her some advice. Drew told Poet that no matter how progressive the organization might pretend to be, the members were very sexist in their approach, and in a case of conflict, it was always believed that the woman was at fault. Drew herself had been on the receiving end, and she knew how discriminatory the organization could get. Back in the day, during a mission, Drew was accidentally shot by one of her colleagues, but after the inquiry, it was concluded that it was Drew’s fault that she had arrived at the place when she was supposed to be inside her van.

What Was Mark Tupirik’s Plan?

Mark Tuprik sat in the FBI building rather confidently, and it didn’t seem like he was scared of them. In fact, in the last episode of Class of ’09, he told Tayo Michaels that he would love to see the look on the faces of the FBI once his men accomplished their mission. Tupirik’s men were up to something, and Tayo Michaels was trying to get some information that could lead them to divulge the secrets. Tupirik hated the FBI, and he never liked how they used to interfere in his private affairs. His white supremacist group was known for being involved in all sorts of anti-establishment activities, but this time, they were planning something so big that it would shake the entire nation and tell the people that they weren’t going to bog down so easily.

Tayo, while interrogating Tupirik, was monitoring his responses through Hour’s software. The software, as stated in the recap of the earlier episodes, served as a library where every answer given by a suspect was instantly put into a central database and cross-referenced to see if something could be deciphered from it. Hour’s program had been a raging success up until now, and because of it, Tupirik was caught in the first place. Tayo and his agents were not able to find any clue whatsoever that could lead them to know Tupirik’s whereabouts, and that’s when he decided to use the software. His colleagues asked him not to do so, as people already had a lot of misconceptions about the program and felt that the officers would lose their jobs if the agency incorporated it into its day-to-day dealings. We believe that the attack on Tayo’s wife became the turning point in this entire investigation, as after that, Tayo was ready to go to any extent to catch Tupirik. In a fit of rage, the man entered the FBI building and used the program on one of Tupirik’s men, who was wasting their time and not giving out a single detail.

At the end of Class of ’09 Episode 4, Tayo started showing Tupirik some pictures of men in order to track his psychological and biological responses and check if he knew anyone from the list. The software caught him when Tayo showed him the picture of a man, and it came to be known that he was a trainee at Quantico. That person had already infiltrated the FBI training camp, and on the day they were supposed to have a firearms assessment, he used the weapon provided to him to kill the other trainees present with him.

Officer Drew, who had also taught Poet’s class of ’09, was shot multiple times, but before taking her last breath, she mustered all her strength and shot and killed Tupirik’s follower. At this moment, when Poet saw a red alert at Quantico, she had this intuition that Tupirik’s gang members wouldn’t just target the training centre but would also want to wreak havoc in the J. Edgar Hoover FBI building. Poet was right, as Tupirik’s men were already in the basement and putting a kind of viscous liquid there to cause destruction. The walls of the building started cracking, and within seconds, the entire building was reduced to rubble. Tupirik’s men were killed by Poet, though some of them were able to escape. Lennix and Poet got stuck inside the building, and though they must have suffered some injuries, they were still alive. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know if Ashley, Hour, and Lennix are able to find out the real intentions and motives of Tayo Michaels and if they are able to prove that using his system in tej capacity that he was at the moment was a gross violation of justice.

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