‘Class Of ’09’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Murphy Dead Or Alive?


Tayo Michaels was probably the only person from the Class of ’09 who was in support of the AI, as he felt that humans didn’t have the potential to catch every perpetrator and carry out the perfect investigation to solve the crime. There was a point around the year 2023, when Vivienne, Tayo’s wife, was sick and tired of his obsession with work. He had already achieved a lot, and Vivienne just wanted him to find some time for his family. But Tayo was working day and night with Amos Garcia to convince his bosses to incorporate the AI system and change the way things were done in the FBI. So, let’s find out what happened in the 6th episode of Class of ’09 and if Poet, Lennix, and Hour were able to stop the inevitable from happening.

Spoilers Alert

What Did Lennix Want From Ashley Poet?

Lennix loved Poet, and that fact wasn’t hidden from anybody in the entire Class of ’09. People saw him looking at her, and they knew that if she gave her consent, he would readily spend an entire lifetime with her. But Ashley wanted to focus on her career. She wanted to graduate from the academy with flying colors. Poet’s priorities were a bit different, and unlike Lennix, she was not ready to put everything at stake just so that she could be with him. Hour told Poet in Class of ’09, episode 6, that she was very sure that if Poet asked Lennix to leave the academy if he wanted to be with her, he would readily do so without even batting an eye. Maybe Poet didn’t love him as much as he did because if she had, she wouldn’t have taken him for granted. The fear of losing someone often makes us act unlike ourselves, but Poet was in complete control of her emotions, whereas our lover boy, on the other hand, was a complete mess. We believe that if Lennix had not pursued her with so much passion and love, she wouldn’t have made any effort to be with him. It wasn’t like Poet didn’t like being with him, but she only wanted to carry it on until it was convenient for her and didn’t jeopardize her career.

During the training session, Ashley Poet’s class became the first batch to complete a particular task successfully. They were given a mock situation where they had to figure out a way to save the hostages and deal with the criminals, i.e., professional actors hired by the FBI, and make them surrender or eliminate them if the need arose. Where others were using more firepower, Poet’s group decided to talk to the perpetrators, and it worked in their favor.

How Was Tayo Able To Convince His Superiors?

Amos Garcia gave a glimpse of his setup and how the codes were going to help them solve the cases. Garcia said that contrary to the general perception, the visual world wasn’t going to make reality disappear, but in turn, it would be able to help the cause and take human beings towards creating the perfect balance. He said that when a human sees another living being or object, their observation skills are limited in a lot of senses, and he assured that the system he was making wouldn’t have such weaknesses. Also, he said that his system was not only going to collect information, like the AI that Hour had created, but it was going to taper down the data and lead the agents toward finding the probable suspect. The downside was that the system was not going to adhere to one of the most important principles of the criminal justice system, i.e., that a person is innocent until proven guilty, but Tayo and Garcia both didn’t mind it as long as it was assured that the perpetrators would be caught. They did not understand what they were doing, and while we don’t disagree that the technology wasn’t brilliant, it was also an undeniable fact that it was going to create a lot of serious issues in the future. Tayo once again went to meet his superiors in the bureau to convince them to let him and Garcia run a trial, at least so that they could also know if what they were proposing was actually practical or not. Tayo told his superiors that the data was not going to be biased like human beings because it was a sort of deep learning system that was not only going to use the criminal history of a suspect but the entirety of the information that was available about them online. The investigative officers were supposed to wear cameras at all times, and Garcia’s system was going to collect all that footage as data. Apart from that, a person’s shopping patterns and whatever he did online were also going to contribute to the overall database. Tayo got the green light, and he knew that his superiors were giving him this chance because they wanted to see him fail.

Is Murphy Dead Or Alive?

Tayo Michaels was a bit shaken by what had happened at the Deanwood church in the previous episode of the Class of ’09. For the first time, he probably started to see why Poet, Hour, Lennix, and everybody else were so vehemently against it. The drones had entered the church premises, and there came a time when nobody was in control of them. Tayo didn’t know why they were not able to stop it or how all of a sudden, it had started acting on its own will. Hour was worried about the same thing, and even before the FBI started using it, she expressed her concerns about it causing trouble in the future. She feared back then that the rule of law wouldn’t be able to prevail, and her speculation proved to be right in the future. Tayo, even after he had seen the dire consequences of working around such an AI, was not ready to shut it down, and wanted to investigate the matter and find out what had happened at the church.

Meanwhile, Poet and her group had gone to meet Senator Spenser, and they told her that they needed to do something about the whole situation if they didn’t want the system to wreak havoc in their lives in the future. They came to a conclusion at the end of Class of ’09 Episode 6, that they needed the surveillance footage of the church so that they could prove in court that the system was not in anybody’s control and that it needed to be shut down immediately. Murphy volunteered for the job, but while he was stealing the footage, Tayo Michaels arrived at the scene. Tayo let him make a copy of the footage, and it was very unlikely of him to do that. It made us feel like Tayo was having a change of mind, and probably he, too, wanted to shut down the system unless and until he was sure that it wouldn’t start acting on its own accord. Murphy was driving back with the footage when suddenly, the software inside the car got hacked, and his car went way beyond the speed limit. The police started following him and asking him to stop immediately, but Murphy was helpless, and there was nothing that he could do to stop it. The car stopped automatically, and Murphy somehow managed to come out of it and he fell on the road. Before he could say anything, the police officers shot him multiple times, even when he was shouting at the top of his voice that he was a police officer and that he had not gone over the speed limit voluntarily.

We don’t know who hacked the system inside his car, but it did feel like it was not an accident but a pre-planned murder. Murphy had the CCTV footage in his possession, and it is quite probable that whoever was behind the murder didn’t want him to use it as evidence to shut down the system. Maybe Tayo had a role to play in it, but we don’t think he would have let him make a copy of the footage in the first place if he would have wanted to kill him. It wouldn’t be an easy task for Poet and others to shut down the system, as there were clearly some very powerful people who wanted otherwise. 

Apart from this battle there were a lot of things going on in the personal lives of the agents. Hour had told Poet that she had pretended for a very long time that she was not gay, but now she just couldn’t live that lie. Hour loved Poet and the latter had known about it for a very long time. Hour knew that her parents would never accept her for who she was, and that fact was killing her from within. In the upcoming episodes of Class of ’09, we will get to know where Tayo’s allegiances lie and if he is able to see the truth and, more than anything else, fight for the cause of justice and humanity.

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