Close Enough (TV Series) Review – Revival of Cartoon Network Studios


We all grew up watching some of the most beloved characters of our lives, in a very young age as Cartoon Network was ruling over the media and was innovative about the approach to grasp the industry of animation. They made shows which were appealing to the young viewers and even resonated with more “grown-up” audience which was a win-win situation for almost everyone, from producers to viewers everybody was getting exactly what he or she expected from Cartoon Network Studios.

The shows like Dexter’s Laboratory, Scooby-Doo, Swat Cats, Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo etc were supported by content that made the viewers glued to their respective screens.

What goes up must Come Down!

The worst thing about being on the top is that when you lose that paramount status and it’s not because you did something but situational changes were too much for Cartoon Network to mitigate. The shows that built the cult following were now getting discontinued and the results were horrendous.

Every venture that started for recapitulation was a sheer mess and the King was surrendering to his own standards of animation that the studio previously was famous for. When the situational awareness grew the approach of the studio was eventually changed to cater to more and more viewers all around the globe.

Close Enough (TV Series): Cartoon Network Followed an Adult Swim Approach!

In recent times we have seen that the adult animated comedy shows have seen a boom since the lacklustre performance of Cartoon Network was in its worst-case scenario. Southpark, Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, Final Space etc gradually increased the expectations of the viewers to spend their escapism time on something that makes an adult laugh. The aforementioned show’s success made the CN studios to undertake the missing piece of the puzzle which was catering to a more adult audience.

J.G Quintel this time around made a show which was a sitcom for the adults and it was time that he did it.

Why does this Work?

Today almost everyone who is having a Netflix account can filter the contents according to his or her age and so Close Enough makes sure the demographic watching it can relate to the show.

Close Enough (TV Series) is about two couples who are transitioning from their 20s to 30s and have a family to support while being degenerative individuals themselves. The supporting cast is extremely diverse with an Asian girl and his live-in relationship with a drugged up person-way above her age group.

The escapes of this family give you laughter while making you ponder over various life issues. The comedy is on point and the old 14min approach split into two segments is done so every storyline has a complete arc within the 14mins and it reminded of the old school approach of the Cartoon Network Studios as it allowed them to have more commercials but in the digital age they keep the legacy of making you laugh with a send of nostalgia.

Enjoy Close Enough streaming currently on Netflix.

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Shreshtha Shukla
Shreshtha Shukla
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