‘Code 8 Part 2’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Will There Be A Third Film?


After watching Jeff Chan’s Code 8 Part 2, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the first film made without Netflix’s banner was much better than its successor. In the first film, there was a lot at stake for our protagonist, Connor Reed, but in the second one, it seems like he is just going with the flow. In short, there are hardly any internal conflicts. Code 8 Part 2 begins some five years after the events of the first film, at the end of which Connor had turned himself in so as to come out clean and start anew. The power-enabled Connor wants to live a peaceful life in a conflicted world, but soon he finds himself amid chaos. He has no other choice but to make a righteous decision and help a teenage girl in need. But Connor’s decision incites a series of unfortunate events, which he has to tackle in order to bring the girl to safety. So, what does Connor do in the end?

Spoiler Alert

What are K9 units?

I hope many of you have seen the first film in the Code 8 franchise, so I won’t need to explain its X-men-inspired mutant world once again. But if you need to refresh your memory, feel free to read my detailed recap of the first part. Code 8 revolved around a group of superhumans who constitute four percent of the overall population of a fictional Lincoln City. Initially, the government accepted these special individuals with open arms until they became a potential danger to the general population. In the 21st century, the government sanctioned special robot cops called the Guardians to police these superhumans. However, the automated machines started killing innocent individuals in cold blood, thereby creating a need for a friendlier approach to policing.

The LCPD introduced a special K9 program that led to the creation of non-lethal robotic canines to stop crimes on the streets without resorting to violence. These robotic police dogs could withstand anything, which meant that power-enabled people wouldn’t be able to harm them. After the initial success of the operation, City Hall sanctioned the development of some 200 K9 units, which eventually reduced the crime rates in the city under the leadership of a young sergeant named ‘King’ Kingston.

How Did Sergeant Kingston Manipulate the K9?

Sergeant ‘King’ Kingston, the main antagonist of Code 8 Part 2, was a master strategist, to say the least. He himself was a power-enabled individual with the same telekinetic powers as Garrett Kelton. However, King somehow tricked everyone, including his own wife, and became an integral part of the LCPD. Later, he made some drastic changes to the K9 units and turned them into lethal killing machines. Quite contrary to what King told the popular media, all K9 units were laced with vials of Psyke drugs, a special drug made from the spinal fluids of the superhumans. Whenever a K9 unit came across a power-enabled individual on the streets, it would not only hunt them down and force them to surrender but also inject a huge dose of Psyke in order to kill them with a drug overdose. Obviously, this wasn’t an automated action like in the case of Guardians. King and his trusted officers had the choice to push some buttons to kill an individual using the K9, which made them even more threatening.

But why was King killing the superhumans instead of arresting them? Well, his plan was simple: kill the criminal to reduce the crimes. Unfortunately, the plan worked, making King the rising star of the LCPD department. He later decided to use his popularity for his campaign to run for Union President.

How Did Garrett Kelton Rise to Power?

In the first film, Kelton was a simple hitman who worked for a mob boss named Marcus Sutcliffe. However, after Sutcliffe betrayed Kelton, the hitman retaliated and killed his boss in cold blood to take over his kingdom. It was implied that after Sutcliffe’s death, Kelton created his own gang and adopted humane measures to extract Psyke from the superhumans and later sell them on the streets. Apparently, King, being a telekinetic himself, knew all about Kelton and his methods, but instead of busting him, he made a deal with the drug dealer so that he could maintain peace and order in the neighborhood. In exchange, King demanded a huge percentage as his cut, which Kelton had to agree to. Earlier, there was a crime syndicate called The Trust to which the mob bosses had to pay a percentage of their sales for operating in the area; however, Code 8 Part 2 didn’t bother to mention what happened to it after Sutcliffe’s death.

In his new empire, Kelton considered himself to be the messiah of the power-enabled people and took on the responsibility of looking after them. He turned the entire community of Lincoln downtown into a big family, a sort of ghetto neighborhood where all the superhumans lived together. Kelton used The Towers on Monument Hill as his main stronghold, where he ran a large Psyke farm and convinced people to voluntarily come to donate their spinal fluid in exchange for money. Obviously, he paid them well, or at least that’s what he told us. Additionally, he would give employment to the young lads and use them as runners (or peddlers) for the drugs. Everything was going perfectly until a young runner decided to steal from Kelton, leading to total chaos.

Why did King want to capture Pavani?

Pavani Gilani’s older brother, Tarak, worked as a runner for Kelton, who became a part of the criminal gang so that he could provide a proper education to his sister and help her live an honorable life in the future. However, Tarak couldn’t make ends meet and was submerged in huge debts, because of which he failed to buy books for his super-intelligent sister. As the film began, Tarak tried to impress Kelton with his camouflage superpowers so that the drug lord would give him a raise and make him an integral part of the gang. However, Kelton wasn’t interested in those tricks and therefore ignored Tarak. Soon after, the brother decided to steal from Kelton in order to pay for his sister’s education. Kelton had to pay a huge cut to the police, which Tarak decided to deal with before the officers picked up the money bag from the garbage bin. But things didn’t turn out as planned, and King unleashed his K9 unit upon Tarak, which eventually hunted him down and killed him with a Psyke overdose. Unfortunately, Pavani sensed something was wrong with her brother and came out to the streets looking for him when she witnessed a K9 standing near his dead body. She tried to scream when King’s man controlling the unit directed the robot to attack Pavani so as to wrap up the loose ends. However, Pavani had special powers too. Pavani was a transducer who could control electronic devices, and therefore she used her powers to disable the K9 unit and later ran away from there. As soon as King found out about this special girl, he directed all his men to track her down and kill her so that he could hide the truth about Tarak’s death and maintain his reputation in front of the public.

How Did Connor Help Pavani?

Soon after his release from prison, Connor took on the job of a janitor at Lincoln City Community Center, run by an old woman named Mina, who was a good friend of Connor’s late mother. In a span of six months, Connor, devoid of any emotional connections in life, became addicted to Psyke drugs. He had no objective left in life and was slowly drifting towards his death when he suddenly came across a scared girl hiding in the Community Center Garden. It was none other than Pavani, who was still traumatized by her brother’s murder and didn’t have anywhere to go. Mrs. Mina decided to help the poor girl and asked Connor to take her home after a cop came to the community center looking for her. However, Connor didn’t know how to help her or what to do with her. He just knew that she was a special girl who was being targeted by the cops. Hence, in order to help Pavani, Connor paid a visit to his old pal, Kelton, who owed him one.

It turned out that Kelton already knew everything about Pavani and suggested to Connor that the only way to help this girl was to erase the memories of her brother. It was the only thing that could stop King from killing her. However, Pavani didn’t want to lose her identity in order to live, which was why they decided to run away from Kelton, only to find themselves cornered by his men at the end near the Industrial Drive.

Kelton believed that King would respect the deal if he gave Pavani to him, but the police sergeant had no humanity left in him. He positioned two Guardians near the spot and directed them to shoot down everyone in sight so that he could hide his crimes. Mrs. Mina and two of Kelton’s men lost their lives in the shootout, which made Kelton realize that King couldn’t be trusted anymore. He helped Connor and Pavani escape the gunfire and brought them to a safe house, which happened to be his childhood orphanage home.

How Did King’s Crime Come to Light?

Officer Davis, who made his appearance in the first film, knew all about King and his corrupt practices but didn’t have enough evidence to bring the officer down. It was the reason why he sought Connor’s help, which he initially refused as he didn’t want to get involved in this mess once again. But eventually, Connor realized that they couldn’t keep on running from King forever and therefore had to expose him in the media to put an end to his crimes. At this juncture, Pavani finally revealed that King used to record everything on the K9 units. These recordings would help them train the units better. The broken K9 unit that attacked Pavani on the night of her brother’s murder was kept in King’s house to protect the evidence, and therefore, Connor and Kelton decided to pay a visit to his house so that they could steal the footage from the robot and later broadcast it in the media to expose his crimes.

The team did steal the K9’s hard drive from King’s garage, but Kelton suddenly had a change of heart. He decided not to release the footage and use it as leverage against King so that he could use it to control LCPD at his whim. As the police came looking for the stolen unit at The Tower, Kelton tried to make a new deal with King, but he wasn’t in the mood to shake hands with a criminal. He stabbed Kelton in the guts and ordered his force to raid the building and bring back the girl along with the unit that she had stolen.

After Kelton’s capture, Connor devised a plan and decided to make use of the media van outside The Tower to broadcast the footage inside the K9 unit with Pavani’s help. However, before they could escape the building, a K9 unit attacked Connor in the corridor and injected a huge dose of Psyke into his body. But before the robot could kill Connor, Pavani intervened and took control of the K9 unit. It was at this moment that King’s most trusted officer arrived at the scene, whipped out his gun, and accidentally shot Pavani in the gut. Connor quickly came to his senses and brought Pavani outside the building, where the officers pointed guns at him. Fortunately, Officer Davis arrived at the scene and took control of the situation.

During Code 8 Part 2’s ending, Connor used his electrokinetic powers to power up the hard drive inside the K9’s head, and a wounded Pavani used her powers to transfer the data from the hard drive to the media camera, thereby exposing King’s crime to the world. King, too, came out of the building and tried to shoot Connor to stop the broadcast, but Kelton made the right decision and helped save his friend’s life, to whom he owed a favor. Yes, he did repay his debt. After King’s crime came to light, he was stripped of his title and found guilty of orchestrating a corruption scheme in downtown Lincoln. The attorney general decided to conduct a thorough investigation into the K9 program as she believed that there were other parties involved in the corruption. The fate of King and his partners in crime remained unknown at the end of the film, but it makes us believe that he might return for yet another addition to the Code 8 franchise.

What Happens to Connor and Pavani?

The brutal crimes against the power-enabled people had impacted the entire community in these 5–6 years, which is why City Hall tried to make amends and decided to pass a bill to provide financial aid to the Monument Hill community and restrict the use of robotics in the area so that the people no longer had to live in constant fear and face police brutality. Connor, on the other hand, took over Mrs. Mina’s community center and re-opened the facility for the kids in the neighborhood. Pavani, who had earlier been shot by an officer, survived the bullet and arrived at the Community Center to help Connor run the place. If a third film happens, then these two individuals will most likely band again to face new obstacles looming over Lincoln City.

What to Expect in the Third Film?

At the end of Code 8 Part 2, Garrett Kelton was finally put behind bars so that he could serve the sentence he deserved. However, his absence from the streets led to a power vacuum, which was quickly filled by some unknown players who started selling the drugs in the city. The smirk on Kelton’s face suggested that he knew who this new party was. Maybe he was the one controlling them, or they were just a competitor who decided to take over after Kelton’s arrest. The point is, the drug problem isn’t yet over in Lincoln City, and it is going to affect the key characters in the upcoming sequel, where Connor will do his best to stop the supply of drugs and put an end to it forever. It may lead to the death of one of the children in the community center, forcing Connor to take up the issue and fight for it until the very end. He had lost quite a few people because of this addictive drug, and therefore, it is high time for him to stop it. Or will there be a bigger threat in Code 8 Part 3? I guess we have to wait for its announcement and the trailer to know better.

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