‘Colors of Love’ Summary & Review – Much Predictable, Less Emotional


Colors of Love directed by Bradley Walsh is a subtle tale of finding love. The protagonist, Taylor played by beautiful Jessica Lowndes isn’t in search of love as much as she is in search of a job. However, destiny or maybe the writers of the films destined something different for the protagonist, so here we are with a romantic drama.

‘Colors of Love’ Summary

Taylor Harris (Jessica Lowndes) loses her job as a librarian due to a shortage of funds by the committee. While already living on the edge, her brother, Craig invites her to their hometown, Forest Ridge, Montana to spend time with family and also witness a spectacular Ball Night that happens at Graff Hotel.

Taylor returns back after 4 years but on her way her car breaks down. It is when she meets Joel Sheenan (Chad Michael Murray), the man who is going to play a prominent part in her life. Joel is a tech guy who earned big after his startup company did wonders in California. He came back to his hometown Montana in order to help the town, in the best way he can.

Joel Sheenan buys Graff Hotel from Taylor’s brother Craig. He wishes to renovate it so that the hotel brings more tourists to the city. However, Taylor in her pursuit to help her brother decides to find out the historical importance of the hotel which is already 100 years old. If the council found substantial evidence that the hotel is eligible for landmark status, Joel won’t get a permit to renovate it and the legacy will be preserved.

The film further explores the liking of Taylor for its new owner Joel Sheenan. In the end, Taylor would have to make a choice between the two, and whom she chooses will also decide the path that the narrative takes.

There is no doubt that technically Colors of Love is written with preciseness. In the opening scene itself, the redeeming quality of the protagonist (Taylor) is revealed. She is good with archaeological research and digging out history. The same talent that helps her to find out that Graff Hotel was an important turning point in President Theodore Roosevelt’s decision to frame the Antiquities Act. the protagonist travels from one world to another and in the journey meets the love of her life. The incident happens when she learns about the Graff Hotel and decides to take the cause to save it. The trial of events as per the structure of the screenplay is accurate but they are too mechanical too.

In Colors of Love, everything is just too mechanical. The scene structuring, the graphs, and even the acting performance by lead actors Chad Michael Murray and Jessica Lowndes. Some scenes take place only to deliver information rather than emotions. And the film is literally burdened with information. Neither the actors nor the direction could save it for being too matter-of-fact. The film’s most destructive flaw is that stakes aren’t that high. Everything is smooth for the protagonist and thus as aptly said a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

If you are looking for a subtle drama where you don’t have to invest your grey matter, Colors of Love could be an option. In my opinion, it is highly avoidable though.

Colors of Love is a 2021 romantic drama film directed by Bradley Walsh. It isn’t available online.

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