‘Community Squad’ Ending, Explained: Did Felipe Die While Avenging Diego? Will There Be A Season 2?


Directed by Diego Nunez Irigoyen and Santiago Korovsky, “Community Squad” has undertones of dark humor as well as some slapstick comedy, all the while pointing out the way people treat other people with disabilities. They join the Urban Guards in the series to feel normal and also to be taken seriously; however, the police have other plans for the unit. They had created it to boost their image and also boast of being an inclusive community. The series tried to bring about social awareness while turning a play into slapstick comedy; however, the comedy falls flat, and “Community Squad” hasn’t been able to garner much interest. The episodes drag on as they try to make a transition into the plot they have created. They draw parallels from society and indulge in dark humor, which really doesn’t work out quite as well. The characters weren’t that well written and came across as quite one-dimensional, with most of the characters having their personalities defined by their disabilities. The series as a whole could be skipped because it does not make much of a splash and is okayish for a one-time watch.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Community Squad’ Plotline: What Is The Series About?

“Community Squad” begins with the introduction of a man named Felipe to the Urban Guards, an inclusive community that helps citizens of Palermo whenever they are in trouble. They market themselves as the better version of the Palermo Security Department as they make the citizens feel included and at peace by being composed of civilians only. However, when Felipe finally joins them, the harmless duties of the guards give way to skirmishes with drug dealers and humiliating scandals, which become the reason for the superiors dismantling the unit. Feli is introduced to the entire crew, Joni, who is included because of his dwarfism, Vivian was there because she was trans, Sofia as she had been confined to a wheelchair, Mario for being an immigrant from Sweden; Edgardo for being blind and Bernardo for his old age, Diego was included because he was fat. Their leader was Miguel, who had been in charge because he was missing a hand and a psychologist. They even took in Feli, as he was a Jew, and they did not have a Jew as a member yet. Undeterred, they venture out to help Felipe, who gets into trouble with corrupt police officials, as they together bust a drug cartel. They find the masterminds with a little help from their friends in the police, and they reclaim their unit’s honor and save it from dismantlement. They are awarded for their efforts and are treated as heroes in Palermo. It ends on a happy note with the Urban Guards uniting and the D.A. thinking of branching out to other cities.

What Had Happened To Diego? Did He Die?

“Community Squad” begins with Felipe and his girlfriend, Paula, shopping for a mattress for their new home as they’re set to move in together. Trouble in the relationship arises when Felipe rushes out and trips over a vase as he is startled by a performing group that burst into the mattress shop in the getup of robbers. He had disregarded his girlfriend and scrambled to save himself first. This and other reasons related to Feli’s personality made Paula decide to take a break and think about their relationship. With the disheartening news, Felipe goes back to work; however, here, his father hands him wads of cash and tells him to work on himself and take a break. With cash in his hand, Felipe had to leave his job; meanwhile, during a conversation with his sister, who consoled him over their manipulative father, his bag full of cash got stolen. This led him to meet Diego, an Urban Guard who also ran after the thief to help Felipe out. Diego then escorts him to the office of the Urban Guards, which is a branch of the Security Department of Palermo. Felipe fills out a complaint and gets roped into joining the Urban Guards. Out of sheer desperation to be wanted somewhere, Felipe stays on as a member of the Urban Guards.

Diego and Felipe are assigned as partners in their first mission together. All of the Urban Guards are assigned to loiter around till they find someone they can help. As their mission does not work out the way they had hoped, Felipe and Diago eat food while they sit around waiting for something to happen. They spot an unoccupied van parked in the bicycle lane. They investigate the van at first, and then they enter the building to investigate further and ask the person driving the van to park it elsewhere. However, they only find packages and no sign of anyone there, but as soon as they try entering through a closed door, Diego is shot, and Felipe runs away from the situation. Felipe reports the situation to the office, and Diego is rescued. Diego ends up in a deep vegetative state while Felipe is traumatized completely by the situation. 

Did Paula And Felipe Get Back Together?

Paula and Felipe split up at the beginning of “Community Squad” and even after Felipe asks Paula to get back together, she refuses. Feli realized after Diego got injured that he needed to move on. He spent his time talking about Diego’s comatose state while treating Diego as a therapist. He decided to move on with Sofia, another member of the Urban Guard who is disabled and confined to a wheelchair. Sofia and Feli get together for some time before Sofia ask him to be just friends because Feli has been taking the relationship too fast for her comfort. They decide to stay friends, and they try to find the mystery assailant, who was revealed to the audience to be a man called Doguito, who was incharge of the drug dealers connected to Grandpa Kermann’s Toy Store. While looking for Diego’s shooter, Feli has a one-night stand with his ex-girlfriend Paula. He talks to Diego about it, and while he describes the scenes to him, Diego’s arousal gets him out of the comatose state, making the doctors believe in miracles. Feli decides to not get together with Paula and leave her in the past as he focuses on arresting the goons responsible for his friend’s state.

Who Was The Spy In The Urban Guards?

In “Community Squad” Episode 4, the officers who will replace Diego introduce Piero, who seems to be quite similar to Diego. Piero is a hit with all of the members with his sense of humor and easy-going personality. However, his presence is suspicious from the get-go, as the officers seem to favor him. In “Community Squad” Episode 8, Piero turns out to be a spy sent by Julio Garcia Reynoso, commissioner and deputy security chief of Palermo to keep an eye on the Urban Guards and make sure they do not poke their nose into his business with the drugs. He follows Julio to Grandpa Kermann’s Toy Store while also taking Felipe with them as they question Gabriel and Ariel, the owners of the Toy Store. Julio then shoots both Gabriel and Ariel while Piero stops Feli from escaping. They had decided to treat Feli as their scapegoat and also pass him off as a martyr to make sure that the situation was wrapped up and they escaped suspicion. Piero tied up Feli as he and Julio questioned him about how he had found them out. Feli had tracked down the unoccupied van from the picture he and Diego had taken before Diego had been shot. He and Sofia then went across Palermo to find out who owned the van as they came across Casatta Brothers. Feli had partnered up with Esteban, a policeman, after the documentary Luis Mansardi had shot and broadcasted about the Urban Guards, publicly humiliating them all. This, in turn, made the police partner up with the Urban Guards. Esteban partnered up with Feli and helped him escape Piero and Julio before the whole squad arrived.

‘Community Squad’ Ending Explained: What Happens To Felipe In The End? Will There Be A Season 2?

Feli, with the help of Sofia and Joni, had pinpointed the store whose employee had shot Diego. When he realized and had connected the dots to the toy store, Esteban helped him present this hypothesis to Julio, who had shot down the theory and sent him back. At Feli’s house was a toy that had been among Diego’s belongings. The toy had fallen and broken when his mother and grandmother were moving some electronics into his room. His grandmother had taken some of the pills that had spilled from the broken toy, which turned out to be a cocktail of drugs, namely LSD, MDMA, and PCP. She had ended up in the hospital while Feli’s parents came to the conclusion that Feli must be taking drugs, and due to his breakup with Paula, he was spiraling out of control. They contacted Feli, who had been on duty at a rave party, and they only had their suspicions reinforced. The police had made sure to provide a cocktail of the same drugs mixed into the drinks of all of the Urban Guards. Drugged, they made fools out of themselves, which was shown on the news, publicly defaming them, leading to the unit getting dismantled the next day. The next day, in the morning, Feli’s parents had a talk with him, which led him to the conclusion that the drugs were being transported in toys. With this breakthrough evidence, he had rushed to tell Julio, who made him join the police on their way to arrest the dealers.

Meanwhile, Diego had awoken from his coma, and the rest of the members paid him a visit to the hospital. However, Bernardo died due to a drug overdose. Diego immediately remembered some sordid details from before he lost consciousness. He then decided to play charades to make the guards understand that Julio had been the main perpetrator and Feli was in danger. The nurse helped pinpoint exactly what he wanted to say, and the doctor, who had been on his way to finishing Doguito’s work by killing Diego, was knocked unconscious by Vivian. She had known that they would try something nefarious and hadn’t been willing to risk leaving Diego unattended. Through Diego, they realized that they had been drugged by Julio and his entourage during their duty at the rave party, which led to the dismantlement of the Urban Guards. They took Diego with them to help save Feli. Esteban had already been there, and he took a bullet for Feli to save him. Feli dragged Esteban to a safe place before he could be killed, and as Julio was getting ready to shoot them, the group turned up to save them. Skinny, Esteban’s friend, had also turned up to show her support. Shots were fired, and the group arrested the rest of the corrupt officials, but Julio escaped, not before he had shot Feli. As the group gathered around Feli and the arrested officers, he confessed his love to Sofia while she held him. He was then admitted to the hospital bed beside Diego, where he turned out to be fine and was told he would have to be in a wheelchair for 2 months. 

The group, Skinny, and Esteban, were awarded accolades, and the Minister concluded, as the event was broadcast on the news, with the wish to open more units for the Urban Guards across other districts. Palermo Division were treated as heroes. Julio watched the news from his hotel room as he prepared an identity change, but his newfound freedom was short-lived; he was hunted down by his boss, Chang Cho, who was a real drug dealer and Korean. Julio got shot to death after not being able to take care of the Urban Guards, the entire mess of transporting drugs, and also after being clearly racist toward his boss. Chang Cho tells her subordinate as they sit beside a dead Julio, that they should visit Palermo and retrieve their money which is a hint at “Community Squad” Season 2. The Urban Guards might just have to deal with an even bigger threat in the next season if there is any. It could also be that Chang Cho might just join the Unit undercover and give the Unit an Asian member as well to commemorate their inclusivity.

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