‘Conjuring Kannappan’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Who Were The Ghosts?


Conjuring Kannappan is the kind of film that makes you wonder why the makers decided to make it in the first place. It will make you laugh, but you will realize that you are not laughing at the jokes cracked by the character but at the absurdity of the narrative. So, let’s try to fathom what was happening in the film, what the storyline was, and what the characters were trying to do.

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How did Kannapan get trapped in a dream?

Kannappan’s mother was an aspiring influencer, but he just wanted a job for himself. He was trying very hard for a very long time, but some goof-ups kept happening, and he was just not able to get it. Kannappan loved playing games, and he wanted a job in that field, as he was very sure that he wanted to make his hobby his career. He knew he was good at it, and if he got the right opportunity, he would do well for himself. But luck wasn’t favoring him, and there came a time in Conjuring Kannappan when he lost all hope. Around that same time, Kannappan started talking to a young boy who played games with him, and he advised him to make a few in-game purchases. That boy ended up spending 10 lakh rupees, and after that, his uncle, who was a goon, asked Kannappan to pay for it since he was the one who instigated him. This goon named Devil Armstrong started threatening Kannappan, and he told him to pay the amount in two weeks.

One day, there was some issue with the water supply, and Kannappan went to the well. That well had not been used for months, but Kannappan had no other option as he wanted to take a bath. He took out the water, and with it came a dream catcher that had probably been lying there for ages. Kannappan didn’t know what it was, and he just plucked a feather from it. He didn’t know what the consequences of his actions would be. That day, when he slept, he had a dream where he was in a palace, and there were ghosts who were after his life. Kannappan woke up feeling anxious, and he thought that it was just a bad dream. But it was not. That dream catcher with a voodoo doll attached to it was a cursed object, and because Kannappan had plucked a feather, he was stuck in his dream. Whenever he went to sleep, he got transported to the same palace, and he faced the same ghosts time and again. He didn’t know what to do, so he called an expert named Exorcist Ezhumalai and asked him for help. Ezhumalai started his research work, and he told Kannappan not to let that dream catcher come into contact with anybody else. But accidentally, Kannappan’s family members, Devil Armstrong and even his therapist, Dr. Johnny, plucked feathers from it, and they all got trapped in the same dream. They didn’t know what to do, and they were all heavily banking on Ezhumalai’s research work so that they could find a solution to end this nightmare.

Who were the ghosts?

Ezhumalai found out about the infamous Robert Langdon and Magdalene Ellis cases. They both lived in that same palace, which Kannappan saw in his dream in the 1930s. Robert was a wretched man and a molester, and he abused a lot of women during his stay there. He forcefully married Magdalene, and after that, he kept abusing her. Magdalene loved a soldier named William, and she knew that until Robert was there, he wouldn’t let them unite. There came a point in Conjuring Kannappan when she wasn’t able to take it anymore, and she asked William to do something about it. So William contacted a white witch and asked her to help their cause. That white witch created the dream catcher that Kannappan had found in his well, and she told them that though she wouldn’t be able to unite them in the real world, she could create a dream world where they could stay without any hindrance. Magdalene and William readily agreed to it, and they were transported there. Whatever happened in the dream world had an impact on reality, and both worlds were not exclusive to each other. Robert found out about it, and he, too, unknowingly plucked a feather from the same dreamcatcher and reached there. He killed William there, and then Magdalene pierced a sword into his body and killed him, too. But before Robert died, he just took out that same sword and killed Magdalene with it. Now, all their souls were trapped there in the dream world. The only way to get out of there was to use a monkey paw and chant a specific spell that the white witch had told William. The white witch trapped Robert using the voodoo doll, though Magdalene thought that he was transported back to the real world. Now, what Kannappan and others had to do was go to the dream world, kill Robert, and find a way to end that dream.

Was Kannappan able to escape the dream?

Exorcist Ezhumalai and paranormal investigator Dark Deves figured out that the white house, which was the latter’s grandmother, and the Kannappans’ house were built on the same ground where the palace once stood in the 1930s. Ezhumalai wanted to go together with Kannappan and others to the dream world and end things there, but he suffered a heart attack. During that time, others had to wait and not sleep since they knew that they needed his guidance to end things once and for all. Kannappan didn’t have the monkey claw, so Ezhumalai found another way to end the dream. He said that if they took the dream catcher with them in the dream world and plucked a feather, then it might have some impact similar to the paw. But it was a huge risk, as Ezhumalai was not sure, and he also told everyone that if the feather trick didn’t work, then they would be trapped there forever. Kannappan knew that he would have to take the risk, and others came on board because they wanted to end things together.

Unfortunately, during Conjuring Kannappan‘s ending, we saw that the feather trick didn’t work, but Kannappan didn’t give up. He burned the voodoo doll and got the better of the spirit of Robert. Kannappan, with the help of Dark Deves, not only killed the spirit of Robert but also made sure that the spirits of William and Magdalene got salvation. Kannappan was able to take everybody back to the real world and end their nightmare.

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Sushrut Gopesh
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