‘Control Z’ Season 3: Ending, Explained – Did Sofia Confess The Truth About Susana’s Death? Who Was “Allyoursecrets”?


Sofia Herrera and her friends from the National School were being blackmailed by an online hacker named “_allyoursecrets_.” The hacker hacked their social media accounts and threatened to release them to the public if they failed to comply with his set of rules. He eventually destroyed their relationships with their close ones and turned them against each other, and by the end of “Control Z” Season 1, it was revealed that it was none other than Sofia’s lover, Raul Leon, who teamed up with the school’s IT guy, Bruno. Raul exposed his friend’s secret as he was tired of everyone lying to each other and pretending to be someone they are not. But it wasn’t his only motive. Raul was obsessed with Sofia and wanted to be with her at all cost, and was willing to go to any lengths to get her.

“Control Z” Season 2 drifted away a little from Raul’s obsession with Sofia and mostly focused on a new protagonist called “The Avenger,” who was blackmailing the people associated with Luis Navarro’s accidental death. Luis was bullied by a classmate named Gerardo “Gerry” Granda, and thus Alex, Luis’ only friend in school, decided to take revenge. At the end of “Control Z” Season 2, she revealed that she was “The Avenger” and forced Gerry to kill himself when suddenly their principal, Susana, showed up at the terrace and, amidst the chaos, lost her life in an accident. However, instead of revealing the truth, the students decided to bury it after they found out that Susana’s body had been missing from the death spot. As a result, the students agreed not to reveal their secret to anyone else, to focus on their final year of college, and to move on from the past. But is it possible to build a future while running from the past? Because the past always comes looking for those who are running away from it.

Spoilers Ahead

What Is ‘Control Z’ Season 3 About?

Sofia and her friends were making plans for their graduation when suddenly they received a cryptic message from a familiar social media account called “_allyoursecrets_.” In the message, the hacker sent them a video and asked them, “Why did they leave her?” pointing at Susana, evidently. As soon as Susana’s body hit the ground, all the students left the spot, and later, the body suddenly disappeared, after which Raul convinced them to forget about it and move on with their lives. And hence, as soon as they received the message, they started panicking about it, and as usual, Sofia and her current boyfriend, Javier Williams, decided to investigate the matter further.

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What Happened To Susana’s Body?

Javier and Sofia decided to visit Susana’s house and meet her husband, Antonio “Guero” Segovia, who used to work as a sports teacher at National School, to find out what happened to Susana’s body. According to Guero, they had a fight on the day of Susana’s death. He accused her of cheating on him with the previous school principal, Miguel Quintanilla. But when he returned home later that night, he found Susana lying dead near the ground, and believed that she had jumped out of the window of their apartment, thus blaming himself for Susana’s death.

Nevertheless, Sofia was still confused about how Susana’s body ended up at Guero’s building when she died near the school. It was later revealed that Javier panicked and called his father, Damian Williams, to inform him about the accident, when Damian suggested taking matters into his own hands. He called some thugs and got rid of the body. Though Javier just wanted to protect himself and Sofia from this mess, Damian used the opportunity to control his son’s career and forced him to play football and become a football player just like him. At the end of “Control Z” Season 3, Javier finally understood his father’s toxic nature and decided to reveal his crimes to the world. When Sofia revealed to the authorities that they were all associated with Susana’s accident, Damian was arrested for deliberately tampering with the crime scene and was put behind bars.

Who Was “Allyoursecrets”?

As Sofia tried to figure out who was behind all the blackmailing, the threats from “_allyoursecrets_” became more frequent. At some point, Javier caught a young teenager recording him on camera at Sofia’s house while he was with Natalia Alexander. While the teenager ran away, Javier got his backpack, in which he found a drawing of the pictorial logo that “_allyoursecrets_” had been using, and Sofia was certain that there was some sort of message hidden in it. At the same time, Sofia discovered that her classmate, Ernesto, had won the Nomel systems competition, where he had managed to break the firewall. However, Sofia got suspicious about how all of a sudden Ernesto had become a hacker, and when she inquired further, she found that he had taken help from an unknown person to win the competition. Sofia knew only one person who could so efficiently and easily break a firewall, and it was none other than the fired IT guy, Bruno.

Bruno was sent to prison after it was found out that it was he who hacked into students’ cell phones and blackmailed them. Though the mastermind behind all this was Raul, he got immunity, and it was Bruno who had to suffer the consequences of his actions. As soon as Bruno was released from prison, he was forbidden from using a computer or the internet, yet he decided to create a forum called “No Impunity” to take revenge on Raul. He hacked into Raul’s cell phone and found a picture of the night of Susana’s accident. Raul had clicked that photograph to blackmail Javier so that he would leave Sofia alone and Raul could finally be with her. So much for one single obsession.

Nevertheless, as Bruno told Sofia, as soon as he started posting on the forum about Susana’s death, teenagers from all over the city started following his posts and became a part of the revolution. However, even though it was easy for him to light the fire, he failed to extinguish it, and the revolution went out of control. But that was a complete lie. Finally, when “_allyoursecrets_” minions kidnapped Sofia and Raul, Sofia decided to confront these teenagers and discovered that they were still following the instructions and were being blackmailed into committing the crime. She found out that it was Bruno who was blackmailing these innocent teenagers with their secrets, thus forcing them to get involved in his vicious game. As soon as Bruno’s real truth came to light, the teenagers revolted against him and decided to end the tyranny that was blackmailing them and pulling all the strings. Though the teenagers started beating Bruno, it wasn’t revealed in the end what really happened to him, whether he died or was arrested again.

‘Control Z’ Season 3: Ending Explained: Did Sofia Confess The Truth About Susana’s Death?

The “_allyoursecrets_” contacted Ernesto to do him one last favor and play the video during the prom night at the National School that would expose the truth about Susana’s death and how the teenagers were involved in it. However, Alex and Claudia reached the venue before it was too late and stopped the video midway before their secret was revealed to their parents and the public. However, the hacker had played the same video in front of Susana’s husband, Guero, whom he had abducted from his house. His plan was to turn Guero against the teenagers so that he would eventually end up killing one of them and take his revenge. As soon as Guero found out the truth, he ran after Sofia and Raul to kill them, and soon others arrived at the old warehouse, where Natalia attacked Guero from behind, and he fainted on the floor. Later, Sofia exposed Bruno’s secret and ended his chapter for once and for all, but even though Sofia and her friends had dealt with the crisis this time, they consciously decided not to run away from the past anymore. Guero knew their truth and would probably try to avenge his wife’s death someday or another, and so Sofia confessed the truth during her valedictorian speech to end this loop of revenge.

Sofia and others finally understood one simple fact: they couldn’t build their future while turning their back on the past. They had to confront it one day or another if they really wanted to move on. And thus, in a short montage, it was revealed that the students went to the police and confessed their crimes. Guero was there too, and maybe he wouldn’t be able to forgive these teenagers for killing his wife, but he would probably not blackmail them in the future. They were all sent to the Juvenile Detention Center, just like the one Gerry was sent to, while Javier’s father, Damian, was sent to prison. As the montage established, the time they served in the center became a turning point in their lives and gave them some time to scrutinize their past and make healthy decisions for the future. Sofia, who once wanted to be a lawyer to help her father come out of prison, decided to change her plans and become a journalist instead. Her father had been lying to her all along and had a secret family about which Sofia had no idea, and probably that was the reason why he orchestrated his own death to leave his old family behind and start a new life somewhere else.

Javier, on the other hand, escaped from his father’s toxic shadow and was free to choose his own career in life. In the end, he and Natalia entered into a relationship and were happy together. But Javier still missed Sofia. Natalia had lost her sister, Maria, and nothing could fill the gap left by her. Maria’s boyfriend, Pablo Garcia, wanted to go to an aviation school, but after he was found guilty of drunk driving, the chances of him getting an admission seemed impossible, and thus he decided to become a gym trainer to give wings to his desires. And last but not least, Raul got what he yearned for. He finally entered into a relationship with Sofia and was able to kick Javier out of her life.

Was Raul Using The Account “_allyoursecrets_”?

A few months later, after the students were released from the detention center, Javier invited Sofia for a cup of coffee. He had a concluding theory in his mind regarding the entire chaos and wanted to discuss it with Sofia. He finally admitted to Sofia that he still believes Raul was running the “_allyoursecrets_” account and used Bruno as a pawn in his grand plan to separate him from Sofia so that Raul could eventually take her. While on the face of it, Sofia rejected Javier’s theory, at the back of her head, she entertained the thought, and from her smile, it was pretty evident that she knew from the beginning that it was Raul who was pulling the strings. And even though we know by now why Raul did all this, the question here was, why did Sofia ignore the truth about Raul’s plan and decide to play along?

By the end of “Control Z” Season 3, Sofia had understood one simple fact: Raul was blindly obsessed with her and wouldn’t stop until and unless he got her. But it wasn’t like Raul threatened Sofia to get into a relationship with him, but he tried to woo her into one through his own dark ways. Sofia told Raul that she couldn’t resist a good mystery, and thus Raul played with her psyche. He, in a way, infected her intellect and got her addicted to his games, and after a moment of time, Sofia, too, started enjoying them. In the end, she accepted the fact that she was attracted to Raul’s attempts to get her. She probably liked the thought of someone going out of their way just to be with her, which is why when Javier asked her to dig deeper into Raul’s involvement in all of this, she decided to just ignore the past and move on. She knew the truth but decided to let it go because she was happy with Raul, and that was all he ever wanted. It seems like “Control Z” ended up portraying a kind of toxic love story.

Just for a recap, let’s track back how Raul planned it all in “Control Z” Season 3. So, on the night of Susana’s death, he clicked pictures of the group to blackmail them later, especially Javier. Javier, on the other hand, got his father involved in the incident and used his help to get rid of Susana’s body. That gave Raul a favorable opportunity to initiate his plan to get Sofia. He threw a party where “_allyoursecrets_” sent him the first photograph of the tragic night. With Bruno’s help, he started blackmailing other teenagers from the forum who spied upon Raul’s friends in order to blackmail them further. In the meantime, Raul planned an attack on himself and also told everyone that he had lost his money at the sale of his house to portray himself as a victim and be ruled out as a possible suspect. His concluding plan was to make Sofia emotionally vulnerable so that she would come closer to him, and it worked after he planned his own kidnapping. At that moment, Sofia was already struggling with the revelations about her father when Raul planned to hit the weak spot. And in the end, he blamed Bruno for everything so that he could clear his name like the last time. Raul probably paid a huge sum of money to Bruno, which Raul had received from the sale of his house. Raul probably still had this money because of which he was able to afford a comfortable life even after everything went downhill. Though he was expelled from the school, Raul would find some other means to get income, or maybe he would resort to hacking and blackmailing people again, the things he excels at, and thus we could speculate that Bruno is still very much alive and would team up with Raul in the future again. Nevertheless, it is a happy ending for Raul, who finally got Sofia after all.

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