‘Criminal Record’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Did Stefan Kill Adelaide Burrowes?


Criminal Record introduced us to a cop who had made it her mission in life not to stop until she brought the truth to light. Nobody told June Lenker to go to that extent to find the truth, but the fact that an innocent man was rotting in prison for the crimes he didn’t commit just didn’t let her sleep at night. Hegarty, on the other hand, was a wily man who knew that he would have to hide his tracks as he knew that his career would end the moment the truth came out. Somewhere, Hegarty still believed that he could save himself, and he wanted to give June the impression that he had not broken any law and carried out a fair investigation. But there were things that Hegarty was hiding that nobody knew up until then. So, let’s find out if June Lenker is able to prove that Errol was guilty and if she is able to find out Hegarty’s true intentions at the end of the Criminal Record.

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Who killed Adelaide Burrowes?

June Lenker went up to Hegarty and once again made him realize that his stubbornness could potentially put another woman’s life in danger. June Lenker was convinced that Adelaide Burrowes’ killer was still out there, and he, moreover, after not being caught by the law enforcement authorities, must have started thinking that he could do anything and still he wouldn’t be caught.

In Criminal Record Episode 8, Hegarty finally gave in, and he told June that he would show her all the files, though he was very sure that they had carried out the investigation in a very proper manner. At this juncture, Hegarty gave the impression that, though he might have had his own prejudices, he had gathered evidence that convinced him that Errol was actually the killer. I personally believed that Hegarty was not as corrupt as one perceived him to be, and he never intentionally framed Errol, though he might have been guilty of connecting the wrong dots. But as soon as he went through the files with June, that perception changed. Back in the day, customers used to come to Errol’s house to get a haircut, and according to Hegarty, the police had checked the DNA of all those people in the database to find out if any of them had any priors. Hegarty, with a lot of confidence, said that he had no suspicions about any of them, but then he saw a guy named Stefan Ash listed there. Tony had given the man a clean chit back in the day, and that’s when Hegarty realized that he had committed a blunder, and June Lenker was right all along. Together with Kim and June, Hegarty went to Stefan’s house, only to find out that Stefan had escaped from there. It became quite clear at that moment in Criminal Record episode 8 that it was Stefan who had murdered Adelaide Burrowes, and he had the Hayes Lane caller, Carla, in his captivity. 

Did Hegarty conspire to kill Stefan? 

The search started, and in June, Hegarty and their entire team went to the same apartments where Patrick and Lisa were also putting up. There was an entire floor there where nobody stayed, and June had the intuition that probably Stefan was hiding there. June went inside a room, and she realized that her assumption was right, and somebody was actually staying there. But before she could call backup, Stefan attacked her, but Hegarty and other cops came in between and saved June’s life. The police searched Stefan’s house, and they found incriminating evidence, which was enough to prove that Stefan had brutally stabbed Adelaide Burrowes to death on that fateful day. 

Hegarty was taking Stefan back to the police station so that a formal interrogation could take place, but before he could reach his destination, a couple of bikers overtook his vehicle and shot at him and Stefan through the glass. Stefan died on the spot, but luckily, Hegarty survived. Now, two things happened due to the incident: firstly, Errol was found not guilty by the court, and secondly, because Stefan was no longer there, his side of the story could never come out in the open. There were things that he knew that could probably put Hegarty, Tony, and Kim in jeopardy, which was why it was quite evident that his death was no accident.

Hegarty went to meet Tony, and he asked him why he didn’t tell him about Stefan back in the day and what made him clear the suspect of all charges. Stefan worked as an informant under Tony, and then later, Hegarty became his handler. That’s why Carla told June on the phone that the person she was referring to was protected, and because of that, Stefan went about his business in an unabashed manner. He knew that as long as he informed Hegarty about the various gangs, nobody would be able to touch him. We had seen in the previous episodes of Criminal Record that Hegarty got in touch with him to find the man who had shot the kid in the park. Tony knew that Hegarty would have given a tip to a rival gang so that they would come and kill Stefan. Hegarty had intricately planned each and every detail so that nobody suspected him of anything. June was relieved about the fact that Carla was safe, as since the day she received that call from Hayes Lane, she feared that another girl would become a victim of the predator who was on the loose. 

Did Hegarty know that Errol was innocent? 

Errol Mathis was finally released from prison, and it was hard for him to believe that something of that sort could happen as he had lost all hope. The past few years had broken the man from within, and he couldn’t control his tears when June told him that the court had found him not guilty in the murder case. June wanted to know why Errol confessed to the murder when he knew that he was innocent. That’s when Errol said that the moment he heard Patrick accuse him of hitting Adelaide, he decided that he deserved to be punished. Errol felt guilty because, in the eyes of the little boy, whom he dearly loved, he was a criminal. Errol knew that Patrick had already gone through a lot, and he didn’t want to give him any more pain. Patrick, during his testimony, said that once Errol told Adelaide that he would knock her down flat, and that’s when Hegarty decided to use it for his own cause. Hegarty made Errol listen to the vice recording, and that’s when the latter decided to confess to his crimes. June knew that he was missing out on some details, so she took out the recording of Patrick’s testimony once again and started listening to it in a loop.

Criminal Record‘s ending made a shocking revelation as June found out that Patrick wasn’t accusing his father figure when he said those lines, but he was just repeating what the cartoon character was saying on television. Hegarty made it look like Patrick saw Errol assaulting his wife, but in reality, he knew that it was not true. The series ended on a cliffhanger, where June confronted Hegarty and told him that she knew that he had been lying all along. If there is another season of Criminal Record, we will get to know if June once again goes after Hegarty or if she lets him be. I personally believe that the revelation made at the end changes a lot of things. June was finally starting to believe that Hegarty was not such a bad man, but then she realized that her first impression was absolutely right, and though the man pretended to be quite righteous in his approach, it was all just a sham.

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