‘Criminal Record’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Burned June’s Car?


Since the last three episodes of Criminal Record, a game of chess has been going on between June Lenker and Daniel Hegarty. Both of them wanted to get a step ahead of each other, but at the end of every episode, something happened that changed the narrative altogether. Hegarty was trying to hide his crimes, while June just wanted to find out the truth. So, let’s find out what happened in Criminal Record episode 4 and if June was able to make any breakthroughs that took her closer to the truth.

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Was Jason Reeves covering for a friend?

Jason Reeves, the man who was arrested for shooting Isaac Whitlow, confessed to his crimes, and Hegarty got suspicious of him because it happened very easily. He knew that something was off, and that Jason was trying to cover for someone. June Lenker, on the other hand, was of the opinion that he was telling the truth. According to the forensics reports, the bullet had been fired from Jason’s gun, but the point that Hegarty made was that he had kept the murder weapon to himself when he knew that if he got caught with it, he wouldn’t be able to deny his involvement. Hegarty, in Criminal Record Episode 2, was able to find out that there were two men who had gone to kill Isaac Whitlow. After interrogating Jason, Hegarty came to know that the other guy was of Turkish descent, but Jason refrained from giving any other information. He told Hegarty that the people he was working with were very dangerous men, and he couldn’t dare to snitch against them. The entire police department searched for this Turkish guy, and in the end, they found him. Apparently, a man named Amit Cekar, who was 28 years old, was behind the assault. June was unaware of this development as she was looking into Errol’s case, and she was informed about it by Roy Chambers. At times, Roy seemed like an honest cop, but at other times, it felt like he, too, adhered to Hegarty’s commands and was probably too scared of him.

Who burned June’s car?

June had parked her car in the neighborhood, and when she came back, she saw that somebody had set it on fire. The next thing she came to know was that someone had sent a police officer to her house as a safety measure. Before she could find out who it was, she saw Hegarty coming out of his car, and she didn’t understand why he had to get involved in the matter. Hegarty told June that there was a video on the internet that he had asked the authorities to take down, but obviously, it was not such an easy task to do so. In that video, a few gang members were burning June’s car to teach the authorities a lesson. June was knee-deep in the mess, and she knew that there was no going back. She went to her office, where another setback awaited her. She was told that she had been charged with bullying a colleague, and later, in Criminal Record episode 4, she found out that it was none other than her friend Chloe. She had been pressured by Roy Chambers and was made to believe that everyone looked out for their own vested interests in the system, so she shouldn’t sacrifice herself for June, who wouldn’t even think for a moment before throwing her under the bus. June was disheartened by whatever she heard, and she just didn’t want to say anything in her defense. Deep down, June had a feeling that Hegarty was the one who was pulling the reins, and Roy, Chloe, the gang who burned her car, and everyone else were acting on his orders.

What did June find out about Errol?

There were two developments pertaining to Adelaide Burrowes’ murder case: firstly, June found out that a guy named Mustafa, with whom, according to Errol’s claims, he was present during the murder of Adelaide, hadn’t left London, and secondly, she got information about the woman who was the anonymous Hayes Lane caller. June went to meet Mustafa, and she came to know that back in the day, he had just been shown pictures of several black guys, and he got confused and wasn’t able to make out who Errol was. This led to Errol getting convicted, but Mustafa, for the past 12 years, felt extremely guilty because he realized it was because of his testimony that an innocent man was put behind bars. The way Mustafa looked into June’s eyes, she knew for sure that Errol was guilty. June was aware of the fact that even if Mustafa decided to change his testimony, it would be a very difficult task for them to convince the court to reopen the case. 12 years had passed since the murder of Adelaide Burrowes, and June Lenker knew that she needed more than that to get Errol acquitted. A woman named Odinaka saw the poster of Doris, June, and Sonya, and she came to report it. She worked at the same place as this woman, and she said that her name was Carla. This piece of information gave a lot of encouragement to Sonya and June, and they believed that they were heading in the right direction.

How did Hegarty come to know about Carla?

Tony Gilfoyle, back in the day, handled a case where a woman named Latisha Alimayu was convicted of shoplifting. Tony told that woman that if she adhered to his commands, he would make sure that all charges against her were lifted. The poor woman did so, but she didn’t know that it would land her in a bigger mess. That woman worked with Doris, and for the past 8 years, she had been driving all the information to Tony, who was then passing it on to Hegarty. June came to know about it after a bit of research, and she realized that Hegarty knew that someone had told her about Carla. Patrick had gone to visit Hegarty in episode 2, and it became apparent that all this while the girl who was with Patrick was actually Hegarty. DCI Daniel Hegarty was like a vulture, and he knew how to spot prey and take full advantage of it.

At the end of Criminal Record episode 4, June finally confronted Hegarty and told him that what he was doing was not right. It was an open war between both parties now, as their real faces came in front of each other, and there was no room for any kind of speculation. In the subsequent episodes, we will get to know what June’s next move would be and if Hegarty will be able to hide whatever he had done in the past.

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