‘Criminal Record’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Hegarty Confess To His Crimes?


We saw in the previous episode of Criminal Record that June Lenker was just not ready to give up on the Errol Mathis case. She was desperately trying to find some evidence that could give her a shred of hope that justice would be served. But it felt like the entire system was against her. June knew that she was close, and that is why she was not ready to give up on her quest. So, let’s find out what happened in Criminal Record Episode 6 and if June and Sonya were able to find any incriminating evidence against Hegarty and his colleagues.

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What did June and Sonya figure out?

June realized that it was probably high time, and she needed to look over Errol Mathis’s files and once again try to figure out if she missed out on any detail. She hit a jackpot that, though it couldn’t be used as strong evidence, did clear a lot of things for Sonya and June. Errol had told DCI Hegarty and Tony Gilfoyle that he had not murdered Adelaide Borrowes, but something happened in the next 48 hours that made him change his stance, and he ended up making the confession. June and Sonya both knew that Hegarty and Tony had done something with him, made some sort of deal, and forced him to act according to their whims and fancies. Sonya noticed that after Errol got clearance from the doctors, Henry and Tony waited for 3 hours before interrogating him again, which was when he made his confession. Sonya knew that either he was drugged or threatened, to the point that he thought that he would be killed if he didn’t confess to his crimes.

June decided to go and have a conversation with Ross Cadone, who represented Errol back in the day. June was quite blunt with him, and she asked him directly what DCI Hegarty had asked him to do. Ross didn’t give any information, and June realized that he had conspired with Tony and Hegarty also. Sonya and June knew that, though they had substantial reason to believe that there was some foul play involved in the confession, they couldn’t prove anything in court. They needed hard evidence, and they didn’t have that. There were other things that were going through June’s mind, and that day, when she went back to her house, she couldn’t resist but address the elephant in the room. She told her husband that it bothered her that he thought that her son and his friends were actually peddling drugs. June knew that her son was innocent, and she wanted her husband to not look at him like he was guilty. But Leo had his own prejudices, and clearly, he was not able to get over them.

What happened to Doris?

Doris went to meet her son, and she informed him about whatever June and Sonya had told her in the previous episode of Criminal Record. But Errol didn’t want to listen to anything. With a lot of difficulty, he had made peace with the fact that he was not getting released, and now he didn’t want to raise his expectations with this shred of hope. It was easier for him to stay behind bars when he had no expectations of being released anytime soon, and he wanted to be in that mind space. Latisha Alimayu was running around Doris as she wanted to explain that she didn’t leak information out of her own free will. She wanted to tell her how Tony threatened her and how he had put her in a situation where she had no other option other than to betray Doris. Latisha didn’t have a house to stay in, and when Doris found her sleeping in her car, her heart melted. She called her inside and gave her a chance to speak her heart out. Latisha told Doris everything, and the woman couldn’t resist but went and had a chat with Tony face-to-face.

Tony, at that juncture in Criminal Record Episode 6, was leaving his house after destroying all the evidence. Doris stopped him, called him a killer, and told him that he would pay for his sins. The scuffle suddenly became a bit intense, and Doris held onto his vehicle while he tried to accelerate. He hit Doris’ head, and the poor woman succumbed to her injuries. She fought for her for a good part of her life, and now she died for the same cause. This particular time, Tony was actually not at fault, but he knew that now the authorities would get an excuse to raid his house, hold him in custody, put him in a difficult situation, and ask him about his involvement in the Errol Mathis case. Hegarty came to meet Tony in prison, and that’s when the latter told him to retrieve something from his house before June Lenker and her team got to it.

Did Hegarty confess to his crimes?

Hegarty was in a very disturbed state of mind, primarily because of June Lenker’s ongoing investigation and also because of his daughter. His daughter was a drug addict, and she had some unresolved issues. He cared for her, but he was never able to be the father that she needed. Lisa scared him when she went without telling anybody, and Hegarty felt really helpless at that time.

Claudia Mayhew had taken a vow to clean the corrupt system from within, and she had taken steps that had scared people like Tony. Tony was using a fake account to troll Claudia on a social media platform and post all kinds of misogynistic and racist remarks in her comment section. June confronted Tony in Criminal Record Episode 6, and she told him that she knew who was behind that fake account. Though Tony replied to her as if he didn’t care about anything, he was shaken from within. That’s when he decided to destroy every piece of evidence that could connect him to Errol Mathis’ case or any other illicit activity he had done in the past. After Tony was taken into custody, June Lenker reached his house to gather evidence, and that’s when she saw that even Hegarty had arrived there. June told Hegarty that it was her case as she was the first responder, and she made it very clear that she would not hand over any evidence to him because she knew what he was capable of.

June had Claudia’s support, and Hegarty realized that this time, he also wouldn’t be able to help his own cause. Hegarty had come there to take a CD that Tony had hidden in his beehive. June saw him looking out in the garden, and she immediately realized what he was up to. June got the CD, and deep down, Hegarty knew that this time, he wouldn’t be able to save himself and that his dark past would be exposed. That CD had the CCTV camera footage from the day Errol gave his confession. It was blatantly clear that Errol was probably drugged, and Hegarty was giving the answers and making him say whatever he wanted.

At the end of Criminal Record Episode 6, June went to meet Hegarty, and she told him to stop with his games and for once accept that it was a wrongful conviction as the real perpetrator was still out there. June told him upfront that it was not about him but about the victims whose lives were in danger because a madman was never taken into custody. Hegarty gave up, and probably in the subsequent episode, he might tell June whatever he knew. It would be interesting to see how June finds the real perpetrator and if Hegarty gets punished for his crimes.

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