‘Criminal Record’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Errol Mathis Make A Confession?


In the sixth episode of Criminal Record, we saw that June Lenker had finally had enough, and she went to the police station and told Hegarty to tell her everything once and for all. She was done beating behind the bush, and she wanted him to tell the truth. She told him that because he was hiding information, a criminal was on the loose, and he could hurt other women out there. Finally, Hegarty agreed, and that’s when he took Lenker back in time and told her whatever happened during the Errol Mathis case. So, let’s recap the events of Criminal Record episode 7 and find out what Hegarty plans to do next.

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What was Hegarty’s first impression of Errol? 

There was chaos on the streets, and the authorities had no clue how to put a stop to it. Shops were vandalized, public property was destroyed, innocent people lost their lives, and the police stood there, watching everything and not being able to understand how they could bring law and order back. The authorities were being criticized for their inaction and for not being able to safeguard the people. The police officials were under a huge amount of pressure, and they were desperate to find a scapegoat and set an example to get back their lost reputation. Amidst the chaos, a woman named Adelaide Burrowes was brutally stabbed in her own house. Adelaide’s partner, Errol Mathis, had run away with her kid, Patrick, but before they could escape, they met with an accident. Some people believed that Errol crashed his car on purpose, as he knew that he wouldn’t be able to save himself and that the authorities would put him behind bars.

Hegarty was the chief investigating officer, and as soon as Errol Mathis was taken into custody, the former felt pressured, as the entire department wanted him to quickly find incriminating evidence against the perpetrator and bring back the lost glory of the police department. Hegarty had his doubts from the very beginning, and he somewhere believed that Errol didn’t murder his partner, though he did have some assumptions like his colleagues Tony and Kim did. Tony was a racist of the highest order, so in his mind, he had already made Errol the perpetrator, and Kim also had his own prejudices. Hegarty made it very clear that unless and until he had some solid evidence that linked Errol to the crime, or at least he had knowledge about past instances of violence that told him about his behavioral patterns, he was not going to take any action against him. Errol said that he didn’t remember anything from the time he entered the apartment. He kept saying that he didn’t kill his partner and that he loved Patrick way too much to crash his car willingly. Errol told everybody that he had an alibi, and at the time Adelaide was murdered, he was not there in the house. Henry’s doubts about Errol’s innocence strengthened even more after that, but he just didn’t know how to go about their investigation.

What did Errol’s father tell Henry? 

We saw in Criminal Record episode 7 that Hegarty’s personal life was also a mess. He was not able to give proper time to his daughter, Lisa, and he felt guilty about it. The poor girl had lost her mother very recently, and she kept asking her father when he would be home. Hegarty had gotten her a dog to keep her company, but he knew that it was not enough, and she needed care and love. Meanwhile, Mustafa Demir was called to the police station, as Errol had told Hegarty that he was in the former’s salon to ask for work when Adelaide had been murdered. Now, the interrogation went exactly as Mustafa had told June Lenker in the previous episode of Criminal Record. There were 10 pictures kept in front of Mustafa, and he was asked who among them visited him in his shop. Obviously, the man was under a lot of pressure, and he couldn’t identify Errol because he had only met him once, and that too very briefly.

Hegarty went and told Errol that Mustafa couldn’t recognize him, and Errol kept on saying that, though he didn’t remember what happened when he entered the house, he was very sure that he hadn’t killed his partner. Hegarty had come to know that Mustafa, back in the day, had assaulted his father, and he knew that if he would be able to make his father testify then he could have a strong case against Errol. So Hegarty went to meet Errol’s father, and he talked to him. Hegarty was a brilliant manipulator, and he appealed to the emotional side of Mr. Mathis and requested that he tell him what happened between him and Errol back in the day. Mr. Mathis didn’t go on record, but he told Hegarty that when Errol was 17, he stabbed him. Mr. Mathis showed the scar on his stomach and told Hegarty that after that day, the father and son didn’t talk eye-to-eye. In addition to Mr. Mathis’ testimony, even Patrick told Hegarty that his mother and Errol often had heated arguments, and once, Errol threatened to beat her. It was enough for Hegarty to believe that Errol had murdered his partner, though he also knew that he still didn’t have proper evidence to incriminate him.

Why did Errol Mathis make a confession?

At the end of Criminal Record episode 7, Hegarty played a masterstroke, and he took Errol Mathis once again to the crime scene. He knew that being at the place where his beloved partner was brutally stabbed would shake his mental well-being. Hegarty basically tortured the guy, and he made sure that he brainwashed him into believing that he had committed the crime. Errol was so full of guilt at that juncture that even if he had been given the death penalty, he would have readily accepted it. So, in the end, Errol Mathis confessed to the crimes that he didn’t commit, and it all paid off for Hegarty, Tony, Kim, and the entire police department. Errol was in a state of trauma, and Hegarty took advantage of that fact. But it is said that truth always comes out in the open, even when the whole world is trying to keep it hidden. Sonya uploaded the call recording of the Hayes Lane caller on the internet, where she was saying that it was her boyfriend who had killed Adelaide Burrowes and that an innocent man had been framed by the law enforcement authorities. In the final episode of Criminal Record, we will learn if Hegarty and his colleagues are able to hide their truth or if the people get to know how they wrongfully convicted a man for the crimes he never committed.

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