‘Criminal Record’ Season 2 Theories: Will Hegarty, Tony, And Kim Get Convicted?


The first season of Criminal Record made us privy to the case of Errol Mathis, and we got to know how June Lenker made sure that she gathered evidence to prove that he was not guilty of the murder of Adelaide Burrowes. But the real perpetrators, i.e., Tony, Kim, and Hegarty, were still out there, and June, in the end, got to know how they had framed Errol back in the day. Though, as of now, there hasn’t been any official announcement of a season 2, I believe that the makers might come up with one since there are still a lot of unresolved issues and conflicts. So let’s find out, in case there is a Criminal Record season 2, what could be expected from Lenker and Hegarty.

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What’s next for June Lenker? 

It was a blessing in disguise for a man like Errol Mathis that June Lenker got to know about his case, and then she made it her mission in life to not stop until justice was served. It was sheer luck that the Hayes Lane caller, Carla, decided to speak up even when she knew that by doing so, she was putting her life in jeopardy. She told June that the man she was living with had killed Adelaide Burrowes, and there was an innocent man who was serving a life sentence in the Whitecross prison. After that day, June just couldn’t stop investigating the matter, even when, from her boss to Hegarty, everybody tried their level best to put as many obstacles in her way as they could. June got a breakthrough when she saw the footage of Errol’s confession. It made it very clear that Hegarty was leading the suspect, and he had managed to brainwash him into believing that he was the murderer of his partner.

June confronted Hegarty, and though the man tried to stall her for the longest time, at the end of the Criminal Record, he gave in. He told June how he had taken Errol back to the crime scene and how he had made him hear the recording of Patrick, who accused him of beating his mother. Errol was a sensitive man, and he was also in a very unstable state of mind after that incident. Errol had an alibi, and he could have put up a fight, and I am very sure that the court wouldn’t have been able to convict him because there was no solid evidence that proved Hegarty’s theory. Errol confessed, and it made things easy for Hegarty, Tony, and Kim. They made sure that they put enough pressure on Mustafa Demir so that the man wouldn’t be able to recognize Errol from the photos. Even after Errol was released from prison in Criminal Record episode 8, June went through the evidence once again, as she had an intuition that she was missing out on something. That’s when she struck gold, and found out how Hegarty had fabricated the narrative and made it look like Patrick was accusing Errol of beating his mother. In reality, Patrick was just repeating the lines spoken on television by a cartoon character, but Hegarty knew how to use them to his advantage. June called Hegarty, and she told him about what she had found out.

I believe that June Lenker is not going to stop in Criminal Record Season 2 (if there is one), and she will make sure that the perpetrators are put behind bars. It would be an uphill battle for her because she knew that the entire system was rigged and people like Hegarty were so well connected that nobody would want to go against them. Errol was out of prison, and June was happy for him, but she knew that justice was still not served. She wanted somebody to be held accountable for what happened to Errol. His entire life had been ruined, and the real perpetrators were still out there. The decision that June makes in season 2 is definitely going to have an impact on her personal life as well. Her husband was not happy with how obsessed she became with the case, and I personally don’t think that she could get rid of that aspect of her personality. It was her obsession that saved Errol, and now I believe that her stubbornness will not make her stop unless and until she puts Hegarty behind bars. 

Will Hegarty, Tony, and Kim get convicted?

Kim was a loyal colleague, and he did whatever was told to him. Tony was blatantly racist in his approach, and he had no qualms about that fact. Hegarty, on the other hand, was a tough nut to crack as he pretended to be a man of details, and he said that he did everything by the book, but in reality, he had his prejudices. At the beginning of the 8th episode, I personally thought that Hegarty was probably kept in the dark by Tony, and he actually believed that Errol was the killer, but things were not that simple. Hegarty was under a lot of pressure to deliver, and he had made it his mission to incriminate Errol by hook or by crook. It is true that Tony probably didn’t tell him about Stefan, but even then, Hegarty did things that were not acceptable at all.

If there is a Criminal Record season 2, I don’t believe that Hegarty is going to confess to his crimes. The look on his face at the end of season 1 exposed his intentions and showed that deep down, he knew that he had committed a crime and he was ready to throw anybody under the bus. Tony and Kim were also the kind of people who were not apologetic about the fact that they had ruined another person’s life. These kinds of behavioral patterns are so embedded in the core of an individual that it is not possible to make them feel guilty overnight. June Lenker would have made a very strong case, fought the odds, and put her life in jeopardy to put these three behind bars, as they themselves were not going to surrender. Also, I don’t believe that Errol’s case was the only time they misused their powers, and probably in Criminal Record season 2, we would get to know more about their white supremacist agendas and what they sought to achieve back in the day. 

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