‘Crypto Boy’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: What Happened To Omar’s Restaurant Business?


The Netflix Dutch film Crypto Boy is a story about an immigrant family trying to make ends meet when a giant corporation attempts to buy off their restaurant. Omar was proud of his Mexican restaurant; it had become the second home for his regulars, but from a business aspect, he was failing. Omar offered free food to his loved ones, and that resulted in more losses. His son, Amir, tried to reason with his father. He believed the place needed renovation and a modern approach to attract more customers. Omar did not pay heed to his son’s suggestions; instead, he was adamant about running the business as usual. Omar was too proud to accept the compensation from Brownville, and at the same time, he refused to change his approach with time. This led to conflict between the father and the son. Amir was searching for an alternative, and that was when he ran into Roy and his company, Crypto Capital.

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What led to Omar and Amir’s fallout?

During his delivery duty, the roaring audience caught Amir’s attention. He could relate to every word that Roy said. Roy claimed to belong to a working-class family; his father had dedicated all his life to his job, only to be left burned out. He offered the youth a chance to not live the life that their parents did. He encouraged his audience to invest in crypto through his company and let the money work hard for them. It was a lucrative option, and Amir was convinced crypto was the only answer. He was twenty, and he did not wish to become a bitter old man like his father over the years. He wanted to become more than just the delivery boy, and since his father ignored all his suggestions and help, he decided to fend for himself.

Dressed in a suit, Amir reached the Crypto Capital office in the hopes of meeting Roy. Security was called on him to make him leave, but luck favored Amir. He met his old friend, Victor, at the office; he was a famous personality, and Roy was after him to make him invest in the business. Amir was quick-witted, and he instantly knew how to grab Roy’s attention. He casually lied about working in sales at Crypto Capital, and he convinced Victor to invest in crypto. Amir’s approach was personal, and Vic was impressed. After Amir successfully brought Victor on board, Roy announced that Amir had the job. For the first time, he stepped out of his father’s shadow and impressed everyone in the room. Amir was extremely proud of himself, and he handed the cash he earned in a day to his father.

Omar was aware of how the world worked, and he was doubtful about the company Amir joined. He did not understand the crypto business, but the fact that Amir was earning a huge sum of money all of a sudden seemed too good to be true to him. After Amir stopped helping him at the restaurant, Omar had to make all the deliveries by himself, and in the process, he learned that the job was not easy. Even though he never said it out loud, Omar missed his son. He decided to redesign the restaurant, but after the loan he had applied for was rejected, he decided to discontinue his plan. He was running out of options to save his business, and he missed not having his son around. Meanwhile, Amir became an integral part of Roy’s business, and he was invited to lavish parties and offered bonuses regularly. Amir did not doubt Roy for a second, and he convinced the people around him to invest in crypto as well. There were people he knew who had invested their entire life savings into crypto in the hopes of never having to work again. Amir had no idea what he had gotten himself into, and when he realized it was all too late.

What brought Amir and Omar together?

Amir received a call from his bank asking him about the frequent transactions he made. He was afraid of giving the wrong answer and told Roy about his concern. According to Roy, the banks were messing with them since their crypto business was a threat to them, and it was nothing that Amir had to worry about. It was while attending another wild party that Amir received the news of his father’s accident. Omar was making deliveries when he met with the accident, and he was immediately admitted to the hospital. Amir realized that, even though they had differences, it was his duty to look after his father. Since his father would never take financial advice from him, Amir decided to transfer the money from his father’s business account and invest it in crypto. Even though Amir’s intention was in the right place, he later realized that he had made a terrible mistake. When Omar regained his strength, he offered to help Amir get a degree in business education with the money he saved from the business. Omar was unaware that Amir had already used the money to invest.

Things started to get heated up at the end of Crypto Boy, as Amir watched Victor punch Roy for not returning his money. Victor had been wanting his money returned for quite some time, but Roy was constantly delaying the process. After Victor mistreated Roy, his money was returned. Victor, aka Suave, made a video online warning his fans that Crypto Capital was a scam. Amir realized that it was not just Suave who faced problems; there was many more complaining about the same. Comments started to pour in on Victor’s post, discussing their similar experience. Amir walked up to Roy’s place to get an answer, but he was gone. Amir was shocked to see Roy’s father get out of a luxury car. He realized that everything Roy said about his upbringing and struggle was all a lie.

What happened to Omar’s business?

At the end of the film, news started to surface that Crypto Capital was a Ponzi scheme. Amir was devastated to find out that this was not the first time Roy started a dubious business. His real name was Robert, and he ran a property fund scam six years ago. Amir tried to get back his money, but the app stopped responding. Eventually, Robert was arrested, and Amir lost all hope. Meanwhile, Omar was discharged from the hospital, and he was pleasantly surprised when he returned home to find his restaurant in brand new condition. He was proud of Amir, but he was unaware of the trouble his son had landed in. Police came searching for Amir, and he discussed how he had lost his money as well. The police were aware that Robert had used Amir. He used Amir’s bank account to transfer money offshore, which is why Amir received a call from his bank. Amir was embarrassed of himself; not only did he lose money, but he had also encouraged others to invest. Omar was once again disappointed in Amir. He complained about his son, but Jetty made him realize that every decision Amir made was to make his father proud. He was a young boy who did not know any better, but most importantly, he always had the right intentions. When Omar returned home, Amir was missing, and he realized he should have been there for his son.

During Crypto Boy‘s ending, Omar and Ima arrive at Roy’s house. Ima was right; Amir was at Roy’s house searching for answers. He got into a scuffle with Roy and demanded that the crook return his money. Omar came to his son’s rescue, and even though Roy was too thick-skinned to be affected, maybe that day he saw how his lies could affect real people with real families, unlike the fake stories he told on stage. The next morning, Amir found Omar in a good mood. He was in talks with Ans and Ger, and they informed him that they would like to offer their place to Omar to start his restaurant. They decided to turn down the offer they received from Brownville, and they were confident that they could figure out something for the rent.

Four months later, we find Omar and Amir running a successful business. The father and son worked together to complete all the orders, and it was evident that their relationship had improved. Bertha expressed her disappointment in Amir the last time they met, but after four months, she seemed to be hopeful about getting her money back, and Omar reminded her that she was still a part of their family. The regulars of the previous restaurant reunited once again to watch the match. The crypto scam had devastating impacts, but it was human connection that made it possible for Omar and Amir to get over the tough time. Amir learned his lesson, and Omar, too, realized that he needed to include his son while making decisions. Also, Omar and Jetty’s relationship is a sweet addition to the equation.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni has worked as a film researcher on a government-sponsored project and is currently employed as a film studies teacher at a private institute. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Film Studies. Film History and feminist reading of cinema are her areas of interest.

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