‘Cult Killer’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Who Was Jamie Douglas?


Directed by Jon Keeyes, Cult Killer is primarily about the relationship between a mentor and his student. When Mikeal Tallini came across Cassie Holt at a bar, she was drunk, but her jujitsu training was impressive. Mikeal was a private investigator; he sympathized with Cassie and offered to help her. Soon, he became her sponsor and inspired Cassie to take control of her addiction. Cassie was a trained librarian, but she had lost her job. After spending countless hours with Mikeal, she took an interest in a private investigation. Mikeal warned her that the job was not as glamorous or exciting as it seemed in books and films. Cassie eventually joined Mikeal’s business, and she was finally her best self in years, but things took a tragic turn soon.

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What led to Mike’s murder?

It had been five years since Mikeal and Cassie met at the bar. Mikeal was offered to investigate a high-profile case by Detective Sergeant Rory McMahon. Rory mentioned how his lead investigator all of a sudden received the opportunity to work as a consultant. He was offered three times the pay, and he abandoned the case. Clearly, the people Mikeal had to deal with were influential, but at first glance, the case seemed complicated to him. After stepping out of the bar and walking to his hotel room, a girl in a black hoodie stabbed him multiple times. Mikeal Tallini bled to death, and the news shook Cassie.

After staying clean for five years, Cassie slipped one night, and the next morning, she received the tragic news. We later find out in Cult Killer that Cassie’s abuser, her step-grandfather, contacted her that night, which triggered her past trauma. She resorted to drinking away her pain, only to regret it the next morning. Once she learned about Mikeal’s murder, she decided to pick up the case he was investigating. Solicitor Victor Harrison showed resistance when Rory stated that the police would carry on investigating the murder of his client. Harrison emphasized that his clients were private people, and they were against the investigation the police were conducting. 

After looking through the room Mikeal was staying in, Cassie concluded that the killer had been there after the murder, but they did not get what they were searching for. Harrison had hired men to guard the house of John Abernathy, but Cassie managed to sneak in to study the murder scene. Strangely enough, the scene was cleaned, and anything remotely useful to the case was removed. Cassie discovered a hidden, tiny room with iron handcuffs and chains. It was now obvious why Harrison desperately wanted the police to drop the case. His client used to keep innocent children captive, and he did not operate alone. Soon, a red laser beam was pointed at Cassie, and Mikeal’s murderer introduced herself.

Who was Jamie Douglas?

Jamie Douglas was responsible for the death of Mikeal Tallini. Jamie had been following Cassie all this while, and even from a distance, she could sense that there was a connection between them. She explained that she was kept captive in the tiny hidden chamber that Cassie had discovered at the murder scene. Jamie wanted Cassie to look into Harrison’s clients instead of her. She killed Mikeal because she was afraid that he would jeopardize her revenge plan. After interaction with Cassie, Jamie realized how important Mikeal was in the life of the stranger who stood before her. Jamie thought Cassie’s need to seek revenge was justified. She had to hurry out of John Abernathy’s house after the police entered the scene, but before she left, she asked Cassie to gather information on her.

Jamie was fourteen when she was first abused by her mother’s boyfriend, and she remembered her mother punishing her for the same. She ran away from her house. From New York, she somehow managed to end up on the streets of Dublin. Dottie Evans approached her one morning and offered her food and company, and after dozing off to sleep, she woke up to find herself locked in a cage with no clothes on. She spent the next five years of her life locked up and naked. 

Among all the members, Jamie considered Dottie Evans to be the absolute worst. The playhouse belonged to a group of elite people who engaged in human trafficking and torture. The couple, Dottie Evans and Edgar Evans, were important members of the club. Edgar Evans was not as dominating as his wife, but he had once accidentally choked a little boy they had kept captive as their “plaything.” When they found out that Jamie was behind the murder of John Abernathy, they remembered her stealing from them when she escaped. They were too proud of themselves to run away from Dublin to protect themselves from the threat. Instead, they believed in taking control of the situation and advised Harrison to instill fear in Cassie Holt. Meanwhile, Cassie tried to convince Jamie to cooperate with the police, but she had no intention of showing mercy to the monsters who tortured her.

What evidence did Cassie gather?

While Jamie was talking to Cassie over the phone, she had a decapitated body lying on the bed next to her. She had killed another member of the club, Marty. Cassie repeatedly tried to convince Jamie to surrender, and she promised to provide her with all the assistance she needed to put the bad guys behind bars, but Jamie was not ready to do so. Even though Cassie could relate to Jamie at a certain level, she believed that the monster got to her, and she now could not see any other choice except to murder those who destroyed her life.

Cassie managed to hack into Harrison’s device and find the payment agreement between him and Wallace. She was on payroll to clean up after the mess Harrison and his clients made. She also discovered that Wallace was the proprietor of the playhouse. After gathering all the important information she could get her hands on, Cassie left the bar, and soon she was attacked by Harrison’s men. Jamie came to her rescue and helped her get back to her apartment.

While discussing Wallace with Jamie, Cassie learned that Wallace did not own the playhouse. The members had incriminating evidence against Wallace, which they used to their advantage. After recovering from her injury, Cassie had Wallace at gunpoint. She offered Wallace the option to provide her with useful information, and in exchange, she could walk away and live her life. Wallace confessed that the group had been partaking in the heinous crime since they were young. They usually got easily bored and replaced their “playthings” often. The victims were not killed; instead, Wallace took them to Russia and sold them off. The most important piece of information that Cassie got from Wallace was that the “trophies” (pictures and videos of the victims) were stored at the playhouse, and there were rooms full of them.

How did Jamie seek revenge?

Dottie and Edgar Evans were advised by Victor Harrison not to step out of their house until the case was resolved, but the couple decided to head out nonetheless. While Edgar was unsure about their decision, Dottie believed it was important that they showed courage and did what their hearts desired. She ridiculed Edgar for being scared and advised him to show his wild side more often. Dottie walked the street with pride, and she encouraged Edgar to try and be more jolly about their little escapade. Edgar and Dottie shared a moment as he choked on her neck. Dottie noticed Jamie coming in from the opposite side, and she pushed Edgar towards the danger. Jamie repeatedly stabbed Edgar, and Dottie pulled out her paper spray. She attacked Jamie with it, and her vision was compromised. Edgar begged Dottie to help him, but she did not care. Dottie had been desperate to get her hands on a plaything, and when she found Jamie, she knew she had to take her to the playhouse.

During Cult Killer‘s ending, Jamie was strapped to a seat, and Dottie repeatedly applied the paper spray to her eyes. Dottie tortured Jamie to force her to submit. After Edgar was found lying helpless on the street, the police came to his rescue. Victor Harrison was arrested for his involvement, and there was evidence against him. Cassie tried to get a confession out of Edgar, but before he got into the details, he stroked out. Dottie soon contacted Cassie and informed her that she had Jamie. While Cassie rushed to rescue Jamie from Dottie, Jamie sought her ultimate revenge.

Cult Killer ends with Jamie biting into Dottie, killing her in the most gruesome manner. By the time Cassie came to rescue Jamie, Dottie was already dead. Jamie begged Cassie to shoot her dead; she believed she no longer had any purpose or strength to continue living. Cassie decides to fulfill Jamie’s last wish. As a victim of years of abuse, Cassie could relate to the turmoil and trauma that Jamie had to live through. Even though Cassie was working for the law and Jamie was a criminal, their shared trauma helped them bond and look beyond the moral dichotomy. Cassie continued to visit Jamie at the cemetery. When Cassie took up the case, she did not expect to bond with Mikeal’s killer, but life took a strange turn, and the truth turned out to be more gruesome than she had anticipated.

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