‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending Explained – Does Daisy Agree To Sing For Teddy’s Label?


It was only in our review of Episode 1 that we said how the narrative of the tortured artist was a little tired, and BAM, that is exactly what we get in Episode 2 of “Daisy Jones and the Six.” We think it was Billy’s voiceover that said that it was the same old story of rock and roll with the ‘drinking, drugs, and loneliness.’ There is some self-awareness, at least. We might have just given up on the series if the interviewer in the present day had not said that it was the beginning for the band and not their end. Either way, this episode was just as fast-paced as the first one, and whatever our personal preferences might be, “Daisy Jones and the Six” is an easy show to watch. Also, correct us if we are wrong, but we felt like we heard some “Cigarettes after Sex” music at the beginning of the episode. That is always a good choice since the rest of the music has not really struck a chord with us. This is how “Daisy Jones and the Six” Episode 2 plays out.

Spoilers Ahead

The Success Of The Band

We see the story of the second episode of “Daisy Jones and the Six” through the eyes of the band members in the present day and some snippets of Teddy Price’s interview on the Merv Griffin show in 1982. Once the band had reached Los Angeles, they went straight to Rod Reyes’ house and asked him to help them get some gigs and a place to stay. Rod was a bit grumpy at this group that had shown up without a call and was just expecting him to organize their careers for them. He tells them that he is a tour manager and while he can get them a temporary gig at a bar, they would have to pick it up from there, which suits the band just fine. They get their first house, and soon enough, they ask Karen to join them. She agrees as she is discontent with the way things are in her present band.

The Dunne Brothers start out playing small gigs at bars and pubs, but they still need their big break. Camila, who is acting as their manager, tries to get them an audition with Teddy Price or some other music producer but keeps hitting a dead end. A development would be that they changed the name of their band to ‘The Six.’ Maybe some unknown numerology worked because the next thing they knew, Billy ran into Teddy Price at a supermarket, who agreed to give him a chance. Maybe Teddy was in a charitable mood after six of his artists failed, and Daisy turned him down after he offered her an album when he heard her singing in a restaurant. Daisy Jones wanted to do things her way, with the freedom that she had fought so hard for after moving out of her house, in addition to the fact that she did not trust him.

The next day, ‘The Six’ perform for Teddy, and he likes them. A few months later, they record an album together, and the band prepares to go on tour. But there is a new development: Camila is pregnant. She is worried since she and Billy never spoke about it, and this changes a lot of things about their future. Billy really steps up, and they get married right before he leaves on tour. But things are not really okay. Billy has started drinking heavily in the last few months, and when he tells his mother about his wedding, he does not mention that Camila is pregnant. Once ‘The Six’ leave for the tour, Camila is left behind, and though he calls her every day initially, the calls dry up very soon. When Camila calls them one time, Karen picks up the phone, and she is clearly avoiding talking to Camila, which forces her to go in person to meet them.

Episode 2: Ending Explained: Does Daisy Agree To Sing For Teddy’s Label? What Happens To Camila And Billy?

When a heavily pregnant Camila goes to meet Billy, she finds that he has been cheating all this time, and the others have been covering for him. She is furious, but we believe the moment she gives up on him is when he should be talking to her, but instead, he starts snorting drugs. A disgusted Camila tells him that she doesn’t care what he does, but he must make sure to show up for the child and for her and fulfill his end of the responsibilities for the rest of his life. Billy agrees, and an angry Camila leaves, with the band resuming their tour. But Billy’s addiction just keeps getting worse. During one of their performances, Teddy shows up and tells him that Camila has delivered a baby girl, and Billy must come to see them. Billy goes with him, but when they reach the hospital, he says that he cannot do it. He is not emotionally equipped to face his daughter, and despite Teddy’s pushing him to do that, he is unwilling. Teddy asks him to get back in his car, saying that he is taking him somewhere. We can only assume that he means rehab.

As for Daisy, she has always doubted Teddy’s intentions since she has had a few rude shocks. Additionally, she says that she doesn’t want to be put in a box. But with some encouragement from a persistent Teddy, she starts seeing that this might actually be a good opportunity and records one of her songs and leaves it at his doorstep, signaling her willingness to take matters forward.

Final Thoughts

We mentioned before how the reporter said that this was all just the beginning for the band. That is the only thing that is making us look past our pessimism and keep giving the series a chance. But something that is making us doubtful is that though the show is named “Daisy Jones and the Six,” where is the story of the rest of the members other than Billy and Daisy? We really hope the coming episodes do not make the mistake of ignoring them.

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