‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Do Daisy And ‘The Six’ Start Working Together?


Most of the stories we see on screen about artists are usually accompanied by a level of melancholy, grief, and twisted emotions that often take away from the beauty of the creative process. “Daisy Jones & The Six” is no different, but it is fast, and we can assure you that it will make for one of the better weekend binges. On the face of it, Episode 3 was just one or two steps forward for the characters, unlike the previous episodes, where they went through entire phases of personal and professional growth. But this makes sense since the series is about their journey as a band, which means that the future episodes will focus more on their individual processes of making music and, as we suspect, Billy and Daisy falling in love. We don’t know why, but we thought that the two would have a more serendipitous meeting. Either way, this is how the third episode of “Daisy Jones & The Six” plays out.

Spoilers Ahead

Life After Rehab For Billy

It is 1974, and Billy Dunne checks out of rehab, ready to start life on a new page. After he canceled the tour, the band’s label dropped them, and they had to go back to working regular day jobs while practicing in their free time, like they had been doing before. Eddie, especially, seemed to hold Billy responsible for this state of affairs, while the others still take a tolerant view towards it. Either way, we noticed that Graham Dunne looks good with his haircuts. Meanwhile, Billy goes on to meet Camila, who is playing with their daughter. Their marriage has gone through a rough patch, and the tensions brought on by hurt feelings are still there. Billy tries to spend as much time as possible with his daughter and think about his responsibilities as a father. Billy tells the band that he wants to quit, and that leaves them all not knowing what to do next. Billy claims that they don’t need him anyway since they have the songs and the fan base, and all they need to do is find a singer. The band starts their search, and we know that the scene where they are auditioning different people is supposed to be funny, but we actually found it quite endearing how people never give up on their art, no matter how unconventionally opposite to it their lives might seem. But the band is not able to find a good replacement, which is when Eddie steps in. It looks like he might be a good fit temporarily, even though he lacks the ease of manner that Billy Dunne has.

When Billy tells Camila that they should go back to Pittsburgh so that they can start leading regular lives and take care of their daughter, she lets him know that she did not just follow him to LA. She always had her own life, even if he never saw it, and she asks him to stop being afraid that he will ruin their daughter’s life by making a mistake. That is literally every parent’s fear, and he is not the only one. Billy finally holds his daughter, and spending time with her proves to him that he is capable of being responsible for her. That is when he signals that he wants to be back in the band, which the members accept, though Eddie does that a bit grudgingly. Billy takes a recording of one of their songs to Teddy Price, asking for a second chance, but Teddy tells him that when he canceled the tour, he caused a lot of people to lose money, and they are going to find it hard to trust the band’s credibility now. However, he takes the recording to his bosses, though it is rejected as there is nothing that sets it apart in the current music climate.

Daisy Jones Is Making The Songs For Teddy’s Album

Teddy tells Daisy that the song she gave him was good, but she needs to come up with 10 more for them to have an album. Very confidently, Daisy tells him that it will be done in a week. While she works on her songs, life has become a bit different for her since she regained her confidence in herself. At a party, when Gary refused to acknowledge that it was her song that he used, she pushed him into the pool, as he deserved. As for Simone, she meets a woman named Bernice, who asks her to come to New York if she is interested in working together with them. Simone starts thinking about it, especially after one of the men in the recording studio tries to take advantage of her. Simone has a lot to sort through, but till then, Daisy meets Teddy and tells him that she is finding it hard to come up with the songs as the inspiration to write them is not constant. At that time, she hears Billy’s song playing in Teddy’s house, and that gets her thinking. She is inspired by it, and Teddy is on board with her idea. He tells ‘The Six’ that the studio wants them to work with a female vocalist, which, in the words of the band, was not something really done before.

Episode 3: Ending Explained: Do Daisy Jones And ‘The Six’ Start Working Together?

Billy has never been a man who liked change. He did not want to change the name of their band from ‘The Dunne Brothers” to ‘The Six,” and he did not like working with a new person. But he had to accept these changes, for better or for worse. At the recording studio, when he and Daisy start singing together, he is annoyed to find out that she has a different version of the lyrics than him. We also suspect that he did not like that she saw through his flowery language of redemption and second chances to what it really was—guilt. He asks Teddy why he needs to work with her, and he replies that the studio did not green-light Billy’s song, and Teddy is the one paying for the recording right now. Understanding the situation, Billy agrees to sing with Daisy. But we must ask: is Daisy acting like a manic pixie on purpose? We are going to be so upset if her character goes down that road. There is literally nothing more cliche than a “complicated” musician falling in love with a newbie manic-pixie singer who miraculously makes him find the joy in life again. Anyway, they recorded a song together, and it is undoubtedly a good one. Billy liked their session but refused to admit it. As for Daisy, she goes back home and says that it was the best day of her life. She is either already in love, or she just likes recording a lot.

What To Expect From Episode 4 of ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’?

We have often found that complicated men and women are just the ones who can make an art form out of running away from their emotions. Why must Daisy get involved with Billy, of all people? Worse, why did Camila have to get involved with him, of all people? Anyway, it is time to see how Billy adjusts to having a new voice on board, the kind that he can’t stop listening to despite knowing better. Moreover, how will Daisy proceed with her emotions? Will she act on them, or will her life have taught her better—that men like Billy are just a headache? Only future episodes will tell.

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