‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Daisy & Billy Get Over Their Differences?


In our reviews of the previous episodes of “Daisy Jones & The Six,” we missed mentioning how Daisy got a lot less screen time than Billy and his band. Yet, when we saw Episode 4, we realized that it is Daisy who we understand more as a person and in fact, preferred her to Billy. They are trying too hard to turn Billy into a complicated man, but they cannot overrule the fact that complicated doesn’t mean desirable; in fact, more often than not, it means a headache for the women around.

Additionally, the series is doing such a disservice to the rest of the characters by not showing their side of the story. Graham was the one who started the band, yet he has been pushed into the background. Karen moved across the country for “The Six,” yet she had nothing to say when Billy let them all down. She did not grow up with the boys in Pittsburgh, and she has not known them all their lives, so why is she being so charitable? As for Eddie, we know he is not on board with everything Billy does, so what is stopping him from speaking up? Not to mention that we know nothing about Warren at all. “Daisy Jones and The Six” is not really the story of a band; it is a love story with the band acting as a catalyst and sometimes, the background. This is quite literally all of our fears realized, but we have a job to do, so let’s get into “Daisy Jones & The Six” Episode 4.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Do Daisy And Billy Not Get Along?

“Daisy Jones and The Six” have given the world a wonderful song, and it has been number-one in the country for a few weeks. One would think that such a feat would make the idea of a partnership that much more appealing, but it is far from the case. “Daisy Jones and The Six” are invited to a music festival in Hawaii. Billy is less than happy to see Daisy there and simply treats their collaboration as part of the job. While he and his band are nervous and excited about performing on stage after a long time, Daisy is a lot more nonchalant. Billy catches on that she might be nervous and tries to give her some words of encouragement, but she brushes it off. Billy doesn’t push it and asks Daisy to come on the stage after “The Six” have performed four of their songs. Well, Daisy doesn’t listen, and she gets on the stage as soon as their first song ends. She is clearly having more fun on stage than anybody else, and it turns into quite a performance. But Billy is still not happy.

When a journalist asks them whether they would collaborate again, Billy tells him that it was a one-time thing, and it is not likely to happen again. Additionally, he doesn’t give credit to Daisy for coming up with the different lyrics to the song. When Daisy confronts him about it, he brushes it off. It could be petty revenge for Daisy saying that all his songs sound the same, or it could be a definitive ‘no’ to working with her on it. We thought that it was mostly Billy’s resistance to change. But when Karen asks him why he won’t work with Daisy, he says that she is a bit unpredictable and that their band ‘won’t survive her.’ In retrospect, it would be fair to say that Billy had already started falling in love and was scared. We are surprised that the band was not more resistant to Billy’s ideas considering that their song with Daisy had earned them good money, enough that Billy and Camila had been able to move into a place of their own.

Life in LA for Daisy

Back in LA, Daisy is still dealing with life, which hasn’t changed despite her having a few great days with ‘The Six.’ Her best friend and flat-mate, Simone, finds herself cheated when her voice is used on another person on television, without her permission. As upset as she is, Simone decides that she wants to go to New York and meet Bernice to see what else life has in store for her. Daisy is happy for her friend, as she feels that whenever Simone talks about Bernice, her face lights up with happiness. Simone leaves for New York, and Daisy moves into a hotel so that she can be around people and feel less lonely. However, that doesn’t work. She goes back to her parent’s home but finds it locked. Hence, she breaks in but is arrested by the police. Her parents have moved without telling her, and Daisy is unable to contact them. She calls Karen to bail her out. Honestly, we are as confused as Karen as to how she got her number, especially during a time with no cell phones, and why she did not call Teddy instead. Maybe because he does so much reverse psychology that it is irritating. When Daisy tells him that she has the album figured out and just needs a team to work on it, she tells him clearly that she does not want to work with ‘The Six.’ Teddy says that he does not want her to work with them either because Daisy is a “front man” and people like her don’t share the spotlight. That gets Daisy thinking because that is how reverse psychology works.

Episode 4: Ending Explained – Do Daisy And Billy Sort Out Their Differences?

Camila knows that Billy is being stuck-up and stupid by avoiding working with Daisy. Therefore, she hosts a party and invites Daisy to come over, which she does with a bottle of alcohol and a pineapple, the former of which she drops and breaks. Camila, like everyone else, has told Billy that he could have given Daisy more credit for her part in the song, and we believe that he is finally beginning to see that he has been a bit too stuffy by excluding her. Daisy comes to the party as she has no one to celebrate her achievements with after Simone leaves. When Billy comes to talk to her and fails to yet again acknowledge her contribution to their band, she gets angry and tries to leave. But Camila brings her back, saying that she owes her house and new life to Daisy’s contribution to the song.

When they go back to the party, the electricity has gone, and while everyone is frantically searching for some light, Daisy chances upon Billy’s daughter and takes care of her, which is witnessed by Billy, and he is thankful to Daisy for that. Later, they all jam together to some songs, making it quite the party and showing that “Daisy Jones and The Six” working together might not be as hard as they initially thought.

What To Expect From Episode 5 of ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’?

We always love a love story, but we are forced to ask whether we still like it when the people who are supposed to be in love are so unlikeable. To be honest, we don’t mind Daisy despite her streak of manic pixie, but if anyone other than Sam Clafflin was playing Billy Dunne, we would have lost interest in the series long ago. We also don’t understand a lot of the band’s dynamics. Graham was the one who started it, so why is Billy the leader, and why does nobody pitch in their opinions about anything? Why does Billy’s word reign supreme? Also, what is Camila doing? She said that she moved to LA with Billy, not for him. Assuming she had plans of her own, what were they, and has she done anything she wanted to? We are starting to think that “Daisy Jones and The Six” might just be another overhyped series after all. I hope we see something in the coming episodes that changes our minds.

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