‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episodes 7 And 8: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Billy Save Daisy?


We have a lot of thoughts about episodes 7 and 8 of “Daisy Jones & the Six,” and none of them are good. Don’t get us wrong, it is a highly addictive show, and the episodes are deliciously paced, but watching the unravelling of a toxic relationship that people seem to be rooting for is making us deeply uncomfortable. Something about Daisy really scares us. She is a woman who needs help, but she is too proud to ask for it. However, the real tragedy is that the people she loves, namely Billy Dunne, would actually think less of her for getting it, and he is the one she needs to prove a point to with her facade of strength. It is quite a complicated relationship between two people who never learned to love themselves. This is how their relationship progresses in this week’s episodes of “Daisy Jones & the Six.”

Spoilers Ahead

Daisy’s Marriage 

Simone has moved in with Bernie and is doing well for herself in New York by singing at disco clubs and finally gaining the confidence to perform in front of an audience and not just in the recording studios. She and Bernie are going strong, but Simone is hesitant to express their relationship in public due to the prevalent homophobia. We got the impression that Bernie is more out and about though she is respecting Simone’s boundaries. One day, Simone gets a telegram from Daisy, asking her to come to Greece because she “needs her.” Simone drops everything and flies to Greece with Bernie, only to find Daisy seemingly happy and fine and to say that she is getting married to Nicky, who is a prince of sorts. Daisy seems to have made a new life for herself in the company of artists who believe that their purpose is just the creation, without any desire for its publication in any shape or form. Simone can tell that Daisy is running away, but she holds herself back from saying anything. However, Daisy is not as happy as she claims, and the hurtful things Billy said in his interview with the newspaper still ring in her ears. But Daisy doesn’t regret her relationship with Nicky, even years later. Meanwhile, Simone and Bernie confess their love for each other, and that marks a new milestone for their relationship, even after they go back to New York.

Simone tries to talk to Nicky about how Daisy is cut out for a different life, but he shuts her down. In fact, he goes so far as to tell Daisy that Simone is in love with her and is irrational because of it. Before Simone leaves for New York, she asks Daisy why she is with Nicky, and she replies that it makes her happy, and she wants to focus on only that aspect for now. When Simone tries to push it further, Daisy snaps back, asking if she is doing that because she loves her. Simone is hurt, and when Daisy tries to apologies, she shuts her down and leaves, wishing the best for her friend.

Back with Nicky, he tells Daisy that they should go back so that she can be a part of the band again. Nicky is supportive of Daisy and wants her to express her art however she wants. Therefore, both of them go back, and Daisy rejoins “The Six.”

The Band Is On Tour.

Needless to say, Billy and Daisy are just not getting along with each other. She confronts him about the things he said to the reporter, and he retorts by asking her why she told him about Billy missing his daughter’s christening. It was something he had told Daisy in private, but she retorts that she was just telling the truth. Billy brushes it off by saying that so was he. Billy and Daisy have a smooth working relationship, though they want to keep as far away from each other as possible. However, when they are on stage, it is nothing short of magical, and the crowds can’t get enough of them. Rod Royes is their tour manager, and we must say, his present-day look had us pausing the screen to just stare at him for a while. Due to the huge success of the band, Teddy’s label gives him a car and asks him to continue working in-house. Some other developments are that Camila tells Eddie that she doesn’t regret what happened between them, but it is not going to happen again. As for Graham, Karen reveals their relationship to the whole band, and he couldn’t be happier.

Episode 8: Ending Explained – Does Billy save Daisy?

After a disastrous interview where Daisy and Billy cannot agree on any one answer, they get into a terrible fight where they call each other out for things that are none of their business. When Billy tries to kiss Daisy, she pushes him away and walks out. Billy is concerned about the number of drugs that Daisy has been using. It also seems a little off that everyone around Billy is consciously trying to keep him away from it. We wouldn’t have questioned it before, but it felt odd because we only saw that in Episode 8. Either way, Rod Reyes refuses to talk to Daisy about it, citing that he doesn’t want to ruffle feathers, especially when everything is going well. Therefore, Billy tries to talk to Nicky so that he can, in turn, speak with Daisy. But Nicky gets unnecessarily aggressive and says that Billy just hates that Daisy doesn’t need him anymore. They get into a fight, and Daisy is furious at Billy. At their next concert, Daisy is a little too high on drugs and hurts herself on stage. Billy asks her to stop for the night, but she does not listen and takes the mic, singing the song that she wants to. Billy is furious, and later that night, he makes his intentions clear to Rod that he wants her out of their band. When he goes to her room, he finds Nicky asking them to leave. Billy is immediately suspicious and barges into the room, only to find an unconscious Daisy. He understands that she must have overdosed, and Rod calls for a doctor. Meanwhile, Nicky leaves the room, saying that he can’t be there. As Billy is holding Daisy in his arms, scared that he will lose her, she smiles and wakes up, telling him that she sees him.

Final Thoughts

Billy and Daisy’s relationship is nothing short of a mess. They don’t like themselves and want to keep their true selves hidden from the world, yet they crave the love that comes from being understood by someone. But when someone like that comes along, they cannot stand that they have been discovered because they do not trust anyone enough to be vulnerable with them. The price we pay for not loving ourselves is always high. Also, we wish Daisy did not stomp out of rooms so often. As we near the end of the miniseries “Daisy Jones & the Six,” we think it is safe to say that Daisy and Billy might never be together. But it would be foolish for them to continue working together, as all they can and will do is hurt each other in an effort to protect themselves. There really is nothing more to them, and it breaks our hearts in ways we cannot begin to explain. We can only hope that they find some sort of happy ending on their own in the coming episodes. 

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