Damian In ‘Berlin’ Season 1, Explained: What Happened Between Damian And His Wife?


Damian, in Berlin Season 1, was the most focused and sensible of the lot. Throughout the first season, apart from creating strategies for the mission they were on, Damian dealt with a lot of personal issues. Damian loved his wife with all his heart, and he didn’t know what to do or where to go, when he realized that his wife had fallen in love with another person. In this article, we will analyze how, after the heartbreak, he went into an obsessive and negative phase until finally, he got closure and decided to move on with his life.

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What Happened Between Damian And His Wife?

Damian was a good husband, a loyal one, but the problem was that, of late, he had not been able to give a lot of time to his wife. He was busy planning the heist, and he knew that he would have to be dedicated to the cause since the lives of each and every member depended upon his plan. He also needed to create a backup plan in case things didn’t go their way, and so in order to help his friend, Berlin, rob the auction house, he was just unavailable for the longest time in his wife’s life. Carmen fell for another man, and until Cameron told him that it could be a possibility, Damian had no clue that he was meeting him behind his back. Damian was having lunch with his group when his wife called, and he started to reminisce about all the good times they had spent together in Paris. Carmen stopped him in the middle and very abruptly told him that she wanted a divorce from him.

For a moment, Damian felt as if the ground had slipped from underneath his feet. He didn’t know what to say to her, and at first, he thought that she was probably joking with him. But it didn’t take him long to realize that Carmen was serious, and she had actually made up her mind that she wanted to separate, and no amount of convincing was going to make her change her mind. Damian was shattered, and Cameron noticed that. She overheard his conversation, and she realized that, though Carmen was giving him 10 different reasons for breaking up, she was hiding the truth. Cameron was very sure that Carmen’s decisiveness originated from the fact that she had another man in her life. Cameron decided to be with Damian in case he needed somebody to talk to, and while talking, she mentioned that she believed that there was another man in Carmen’s life. That sentence was enough to impact Damian in ways she hadn’t imagined.

Damian locked himself inside his room and got obsessed with finding out who his wife was dating. Cameron had to literally come inside Damian’s room and ask him to stop with the madness, as the man hadn’t eaten or done anything else for a couple of days. Damian had the hardest time coping with reality, but he knew that he had other things to cater to. Damian’s work brought a much-needed distraction, but that didn’t mean that his wife’s words weren’t playing in the back of his mind at all times.

How did Damian overcome his grief?

After Berlin’s gang robbed the auction house, they dispersed in different directions so that they could cross borders with the robbed items. Damian, Roi, and Cameron were together in one caravan, and they planned to stop at a campsite as they wanted things to calm down. Damian met a woman at the campsite, and she made it very clear through her gestures and her words that she was attracted to him. She saw Damian all by himself, and she came and gave him homemade alcohol, which she called limoncello. Damian told her that he was grieving the death of his wife, as probably, he didn’t want to utter the words that she had left him. Damian, drunk-called his wife after chugging down that entire jar of limoncello, and because that Italian lady was in the adjacent washroom, she could hear every word he spoke. That lady got to know that he was not a widower, but his wife had left him. The Italian lady found Damian very masculine yet very tender, a concoction she said was almost impossible to find. Damian was very surprised when he got to know that such a good-looking woman could be attracted to him. Damian spent the most beautiful time he could imagine with that woman, and somewhere, it helped him embrace reality and accept the fact that his wife had moved on, and there was no point thinking about what he could have done differently to change it.

What did Damian and Berlin decide?

At the end of season 1, Damian came back, as he knew that Berlin needed him, since he was still stuck in Paris. It was like a reunion of two people who gave it their all in love but, in the end, got heartbroken. It seemed like Damian and Berlin had both come to the realization that love was something they would never find. Berlin had given a chunk of his money to Camille, and so he decided that he was going to commit more robberies. Damian, like a true ally, was on board even before the former asked him. Damian had nothing to lose, and planning, plotting, and creating intricate strategies were what gave his life some purpose. It was strange how such a man, who looked like he could do nothing but a white-collar job, had such a knack for creating master plans and leading a heist. In the end, we can say that Damian was a good man. It was not easy to endure what he went through. He took solace in the fact that, at least, his wife didn’t leave him for a trivial fling. It was a heartbreaking moment when he asked his wife if she had moved on completely or if there was something left between them. Damian got his closure, and he was ready to hop on to his next adventure. In Berlin season 2 (if there is one), we will definitely see Damian once again on the playground, deceiving the authorities and living his life on the edge.

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