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In my personal opinion, art is gender-neutral. Anyone who dances is a dancer, or anyone who sings is a singer. There isn’t any such thing like a male art form or a female art form. Art is beyond that. The Netflix film Dancing Queens is a bouquet of genders. The basic premise revolves around “Drag Queens,” where dancers dress like women and express themselves. However, their own ideology is questioned when a straight woman enters the group and becomes a Drag Queen. Dancing Queens portrays her journey to be accepted in the group and her aspirations to be a professional dancer.

Who was Dylan Petterson?

Dylan lived on Hemon island (Gothenburg) with her father and her grandmother. After her mother’s death, Dylan had to look after the family store and her grieving father. Dylan wanted to be a professional dancer, fulfilling the dreams of her late mother. But she was too afraid to leave things behind.

Her grandmother pushed her to audition for a new dance show presented by Dadelac Company. The only problem, the audition was held at the grand theatre, and Dylan would have to move out of town for a brief period.

How did Dylan become a Drag Queen?

When Dylan reached the audition studio, she was informed that the audition took place a month ago. Her grandmother probably misread the date on the internet. The cleaning lady, Bettan, made a proposal to Dylan. She convinced Dylan to work her shift for a week in the studio, and in return, she might learn a few trades about dancing by watching the drag queen performers perform.

Dylan was skeptical at first, but when she saw the lead choreographer, Victor performing on stage, his energy changed her mind. Dylan grabbed the job. The next day, she charmed Victor with her moves and deduced a plan to join the Drag Queens Dance Company. Dressed as a male, Dylan introduced herself to Tommy (the lead dancer) as Dylan Petterson (a male). Tommy was impressed by her moves, and soon Dylan became a part of the group.

What did Tommy want?

Tommy was devastated after the death of his star performer and romantic lover, Jackie. Since then, he was not able to perform, and thus, things got messed up financially. Tommy was on the edge of bankruptcy, and to save himself from a crisis, he hired Victor, a star choreographer. He planned a dance show that might help him regain his fame, and Victor was his only ray of hope.

Victor had been struggling with Tommy as well. He wasn’t an easy nut to deal with. Tommy never listened to Victor’s instructions, and his emotional breakdowns were quite often. But Dylan brought new energy to the group. Looking at the spirit being kindled again, Victor decided to keep Dylan’s identity a secret to save the dance group.

How did Dylan’s truth come out?

The Queens performed their first dance show, and it was a massive success. However, at the show, Dylan’s childhood friend, Sebbe, recognized her and, in excitement, revealed her identity to the whole group. While Tommy wasn’t much affected, Victor’s jealous boyfriend Micke took advantage of the situation to throw Dylan out of the group.

What was Victor hiding?

While strolling around Gothenburg, Dylan told Victor her real motive for visiting the town. She wanted to audition for the international dance company, but the audition took place a month ago. She didn’t want to dishearten her grandmother and thus stayed back with the Drag Queen club. Nevertheless, her real aspiration was to dance professionally on the stage of the Grand Theatre.

The look on Victor’s face during this conversation suggested that he is hiding something. Victor often told Dylan and the group that he works at two places. The second place was kept a mystery until the end. To everyone’s surprise, Dylan was a part of Dadelac Company and the lead performer of their new dance show, Break-Up (the show for which Dylan wanted to audition).

In the end, Drag Queen Company visited Hemon island to ask for Dylan’s forgiveness. But Victor wasn’t there. His boyfriend told Dylan that he was rehearsing. When Dylan joined the company and came back to Gothenburg, she finally learned Victor’s truth.

‘Dancing Queens’ Ending

The ending montage hands a chance to Dylan to finally make her dreams come true. The second lead of Dadelac Company’s new show and Victor’s partner had fallen ill. The choreographer of the company offers Dylan a chance to duet dance with Victor. Dylan accepted the offer, and together they performed in the Grand Theatre.

Dylan finally became a professional dancer. She was still a part of the Drag Queens Company and helped her father in managing the shop. She juggled between different things because that’s what one does in life.

Dylan’s father also came out of his depression and started managing the shop without Dylan’s involvement. He started dating the receptionist at Tommy’s studio.

Dylan’s childhood friend, Sebbe, came out of the closet and revealed his identity to his parents. Finally, he met his lover too.

Dylan missed her mother, but the grief no longer held her back. She dedicated her performance to her mother. The frame concluded the film.

And like the fairy tales say, “Everyone lived happily ever after.”

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Dancing Queens is a 2021 musical drama film directed by Helena Bergström.

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