‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained – What Does Camille Do To Jacqueline De Montrachet?


We might have been a bit hasty in our judgment of “Dangerous Liaisons.” Seriously, we actually believed that it was trying to do something different, but it is, again, old wine in a new bottle, albeit with a bit of a prequel. What we see here is a case of the translation from text to screen not keeping up with the times. “Dangerous Liaisons” as a story has already been told multiple times. Just changing the setting and adding some details wasn’t going to be enough to engage an audience that knew what was going to happen. The pace should have been a lot faster. The point is that the characters of the story are complicated and gray, but the makers have tried to give them an unnecessary redemption arc by burdening them with complicated pasts that explain their twisted actions in the present.  

Spoilers Ahead

How Does Camille Plot Her Revenge Against Jacqueline De Montrachet?

In “Dangerous Liaisons,” Episode 2, Camille saw Valmont wooing a woman as his next conquest. This week she sends for him, and Valmont goes to meet her, thinking he is meeting the woman he has his sights on. However, it turns out to be Camille. She tells him that she wants to give him another chance but that he must prove something to her. He must show her that he truly understands how to love and that he must do so by wooing Jacqueline de Montrachet. Lastly, he must bring a letter from her as proof of the success of his mission. Valmont agrees and sets out to do so; however, he gets the wrong woman the first time. The second time, he is smarter and has his servant boy Azolan find out more about the person he must entrap. The information he gets is that she is a devoted member of the church and always wears white. She is also known to be very generous. Valmont approaches her, but she is not the kind of woman he is used to. As loath as we are to have made that statement, it is a part of her character that she is immune to the charms of men like Valmont and has her entire devotion restricted to her faith. Valmont is humiliated by her coachman when he is pushed back after trying to approach her. Angered, he writes to Camille that he is done playing this game. He feels that if Camille actually wanted to give him a second chance, she would not have set him up with such an impossible task. He believes that all she wants to do is humiliate him, and she should be satisfied now that she has achieved that.

Meanwhile, Camille is having troubles of her own. The Marquis is less than happy that his hand has been forced into letting her and Majordome stay in his house. He tells them that the house is not in mourning any longer. The reason is his new guest, the Comtess of Sevigne. She is Genevieve’s cousin and is warm towards Camille. However, it is apparent that it is all a show, and she is in cahoots with the Marquis. Camille requests Majordome to help her, but he refuses as he still can’t get over the fact that she is an imposter. But upon her reminding him that even he must have secrets and that he owes her for being in the house, he gives her a book that has some information about the Comtess and the late Marquess. Using that, Camille is able to save herself during dinner. But her troubles are far from over. The Comtess says that she is going to call upon a mesmerist, a man who can communicate with spirits so that they can talk to Genevieve’s spirit one last time. Camille is uncomfortable with this. Maybe she is a little superstitious. Either way, it is a ruse by the Marquis and the Comtess to drive her out of the house.

Throughout all of this, Gabriel, who is the man smitten by Camille, comes across a dead body in the river. One of the women washing her clothes there, who also happens to be the girl from Jericho’s house who took Camille’s necklace as she was fleeing, tells him that the dead girl is Camille and gives him the necklace as proof. Furious, he brings Valmont to the morgue, believing Camille drowned after Valmont failed to show up at the bridge. Valmont does not correct his misunderstandings but just acts nonchalant and leaves, with Gabriel vowing once again to destroy him. Additionally, Camille pays him another visit and tells him that he cannot hope to know and understand love if he cannot win the heart of Jacqueline de Montrachet. Valmont accepts the challenge and revises his strategy.

Back in the Marquis’ house, Victoire figures out by comparing the book Majordome gives them, which has some of the Marquess’ writing, to her letter that the smudged word was “Ariadne.” She was someone the couple had wronged, and it bore a great weight on Genevieve’s shoulders. While the Comtess and the Marquis set their play in motion with the mesmerist, Camille saves herself just in time by using Ariadne’s name. However, Victoire ends up having something of a seizure, and she has to be carried back to the room. Here, we may note that the mesmerist may not be a total charlatan after all. At the very least, he possesses the ability to read people. He tells Camille that she must learn to forgive, or the pain of her past will consume her. Camille disagrees and leaves for her next mission—to meet Madame de Montrachet.

‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – What Does Camille Do To Jacqueline De Montrachet?

Valmont realizes that to approach Jacqueline, he must talk in her language. He cuts off his hair and adopts a much less flamboyant attire. He approaches the Father of the Church instead of Jacqueline and talks about what can be done for the orphaned children around them. This catches Jacqueline’s attention, and she herself speaks with Valmont. While they are conversing, Camille looks at them, and her anger at her former mistress is visible. She remembers how she had been thrown out of the house in the middle of winter, despite her repeated pleas for forgiveness, and she had slashed her wrists as her mistress had looked on from her window. From the looks of it, Jacqueline had literally thrown her to the wolves. Camille marches and throws a bucket full of pig’s blood on her. We believe that both Valmont and Madame de Montrachet saw her face. Now, the pig’s blood is considered unholy by the scriptures of the Christina faith; therefore, there is no greater insult to a pious woman like Jacqueline than to be covered in that animal’s blood, which is exactly what Camille wanted to do.

Final Thoughts: What Should We Expect From The Next Episode?

Now that Valmont has seen Camille throw pig’s blood on Jacqueline, maybe he will realize that her motivations are not what she has proclaimed them to be. He might start suspecting that she wants something else and try to find that out. Also, Majordome needs to be clear about his loyalties, whether he wants to help Camille or not. There will once again be some plot by the Marquis to throw Camille out of his house. The Comtess seemed pretty interested in the Marquis, so we might see some developments there. And maybe Gabriel will finally do something instead of continuously brooding over Camille and Valmont. Let us see what happens next week. We hope that it comes with a better pace because we genuinely want to give this show a chance, and a lack of pace would be a serious disappointment.

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