‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Camille Find Out About Ariadne?


Last week, we discussed how “Dangerous Liaisons” wasn’t as great as we had predicted. This week, we feel we might have been hasty with our opinion, so subsequently, we are going to proceed with caution. The one thing that we can admit without a doubt is that the series has done a good job of fleshing out the details. There is a subplot or two that we are not the biggest fans of, but overall, there is a sense of faith-building in the writers, with genuine anticipation of what might happen next. Surprisingly, the character we were dead set against—we mean Pascal Valmont—is turning out to be likable. Let us take a look at the events of Episode 4 of “Dangerous Liaisons.”

Spoilers Ahead

Camille’s Quest To Secure Her Place At The Marquis’ House

“Dangerous Liaisons” Episode 3 ended with Camille throwing blood on Jacqueline de Montrachet before running away. In Episode 4, we learned that Camille was an orphan, and she had been taken in by the Montrachets to take care of them. Jacqueline had assumed a motherly role toward her. Back in the present day, Valmont tells her that if she is not honest with him regarding her motivations, he cannot help her. Valmont is especially disgruntled since the return of his stepbrother to Paris, who has become the toast of the town. He asks Camille to find out how his stepmother convinced his father to exclude him from the will. Camille doesn’t answer him but makes her acquaintance with Ondine de Valmont. She introduces herself as the ward of the late Marquess and insinuates that she knows something about the Marquis. She gets an invitation to her house, where she comes to know that the Marquis is about to marry Emilie. Ondine and Camille have established a base of friendship with potential for the future.

On the other hand, concerning Jacqueline, Valmont has successfully spun a lie about himself. He had introduced himself as Lucien, and now he builds on the story by acting as the kind of man who places his faith above all else. Jacqueline is falling for that, though she continues to rebuff all of his advances. But Valmont does not give up easily. He sets up an elaborate ruse where he gets Azolan to tell her that he is planning on opening a school for orphans. This convinces Jacqueline to be friends with Valmont, and she says as much to him. Also, our obsessed friend Gabriel is reprimanded by his superiors for working on a personal case, namely, finding Camille, whom he now thinks is dead. He gets one of the girls from the House of Jericho to pick out a dress. He doesn’t tell her that it is not for her, and she is visibly upset at this deliberate misunderstanding. When Gabriel goes to put the dead body in a coffin, he pulls a string from her mouth that was attached to something. This might be his clue that the body is not that of Camille. We will know that in the coming episode.

Elsewhere, Camille’s problems are never-ending. The Marquis is going through her room, looking for the letter. He even tries to bribe Victoire, and when that doesn’t work, he threatens her. She runs away and meets Camille right outside. Both of them know that they must act fast. They go to meet Valmont, and Camille tells him about her new friendship with Ondine to bargain with him for his help. She wants to know who Ariadne is, and Valmont tells her that he has heard the name from a secret society reserved only for men. Both of them make a plan to dress Camille up as a man and take her there. Once they reach the place, it is pretty evident that it is a very elite place where men come to indulge in their sexual fantasies. Valmont introduces Camille as his stepbrother, and she asks for Ariadne. A woman comes and takes her away, but it looks like the manager is not convinced of the duo’s motives. He tells one of the other girls to take Valmont away.

‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Does Camille Find Out About Ariadne? 

In the room, the woman and Camille get to talking. She admits that she knows it is not Prevan, but a woman dressed as a man. Camille asks her about Ariadne, and she tells her that all the women are Ariadnes. The Marquis owns the place, and he uses the women to find out secrets about other men to use against them. Meanwhile, Valmont escapes and finds Camille. Both of them make their escape from the place, but not before Camille gives the woman something to buy her freedom with. Back in the Marquis’ home, he has manipulated Majordome into giving him the letter by promising to let him stay back in the house after he leaves for the islands. Majordome tells Camille that she must go away because she will continue to be in danger if she lives there, but Camille replies that he has no idea about the kind of woman she is. It means that she is strong and intelligent and not scared of anyone. What this leads to, we will know in the next episode. 

What To Expect From ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Episode 5?

We know that Camille has brought her ticket to stay in the house. But the Marquis does not seem like a man who will continue to get blackmailed without retaliating. Also, if the series is following any of the original storylines, then Emilie might not get married to the Marquis after all. We are also excited to know what happens with Gabriel. Will he realize that the dead woman was not Camille, and how does that happen? We might also get some more of the backstory between Camille and Jacqueline, along with an insight into Ondine. So that’s how our next Sunday is looking: some more indulgence in the dangerous liaisons of the 18th century.

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