‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained – What Happened Between Camille & Jacqueline?


To be brutally honest, “Dangerous Liaisons” Episode 6 has not exactly surprised us. Entertained, yes, but we can’t help but gloat over the fact that everything we predicted is coming true. In some ways, it is at the end of this episode that the real game will start. Something to keep in mind for this series is that none of the characters are objectively good or bad. It is the story of Camille’s revenge in a world that has always done her wrong. But, as much as we want to see her vindicated, it is impossible to deny that vengeance is rarely noble. It is the lowest form of justice, and the admiration and love that we have built for Camille makes us worry for her. Valmont’s hypocrisy was a little bit more obvious in “Dangerous Liaisons,” Episode 6, and the masks really fell off at the masquerade ball. Let us go through these dangerous liaisons together.

Spoilers Ahead

The Masquerade Ball

It is safe to say that Ondine de Valmont is quite irritated at not having her advances towards the Marquis reciprocated. At a dress shop, she tries to undermine Camille by insinuating that she is not of a high enough station to be invited to the masquerade ball. But Camille is prepared with an answer, and she replies that she would be going at the Marquis’ invitation, as she is his fiancé. This news infuriates Ondine, and now Camille has made a new enemy. In preparation for the ball, Camille finds out who will be wearing which mask, particularly the Montrachets. Jacqueline would be wearing the mask of a lamb, and Henri, that of a wolf. Camille gets the mask of a fox. But things are not completely rosy at the house. The Marquis is cold towards Camille, having been forced into the engagement with her. He believes that she wants to marry him for money and status. Camille would have done better if she hadn’t denied it, but she plays around the topic. She realizes that she needs the support of Jean de Mertuil and, hence, goes to meet him in his chambers. What follows is the subtle art of seduction from a woman who knows how to play to a man’s ego. Jean falls for it and promises to go to the masquerade ball with Camille. The moment he sees himself with her is quite clear. It is when he says, “You will not go to the ball without me.” It is that particular moment of possessiveness that shows that he not just accepts but wants Camille next to him. Having achieved her goal, she leaves to get ready for the ball. According to her, Valmont and her business is done, which means that any revenge that she wants, she must take herself.

As for Valmont, he is mulling over his actions. After severing ties with Camille over what happened to the Sevignys, he knows that he cannot pursue matters with Jacqueline. When he is visited by her, she informs him about her impending move to Versailles. Valmont doesn’t react much, but flirting comes naturally to him, and he can’t help himself even when he knows that he shouldn’t. Jacqueline leaves and writes a letter to him, saying that she wants to be with him at the ball. Valmont burns that letter, as he has no intentions of continuing the mission set up by Camille. However, when the ball starts, Victoire gets into an argument with Camille and requests that she drop her revenge. But Camille disagrees. She leaves in anger and goes to speak with Valmont, asking him to stop her. But Valmont goes to the ball to protect Jacqueline. He finds her, and they share a dance before he takes her away to a secluded corner. However, the place turns out to be a spot for debauchery. Surprisingly, Jacqueline has no problem with that, and all she wants is to be with Valmont. But he does not want to wrong her and turns her away. After putting her on a carriage to go home, he knows that all is well.

‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – What Really Happened Between Camille And Jacqueline De Montrachet?

Camille is hurt and angry, especially after another fight with Victoire. Her mental health is on edge, and all she wants is to confront the people who wronged her. She walks into the garden and finds a man with the mask of a wolf. Thinking it to be Henri de Montrachet, she walks up to him and holds a pair of scissors to his throat. In a fit of pure rage, she tells him that he had sexually assaulted her and thrown her to the wolves for good, but today, she was at a higher station than him. However, the man turns out to be Valmont. An honest misunderstanding, caused by the similarity of the appearance of the masks of a hound and a wolf. She tells Valmont what actually happened between her and the Montrachets. After being taken in by them, Henri sexually assaulted her, which resulted in her becoming pregnant. Jacqueline had confined her to the house. Camille had delivered a baby girl, who did not survive beyond the first few hours. She had been buried without her mother getting a chance to say goodbye. Soon after, Camille was thrown out of the house with nowhere to go.

Upon hearing the entire truth of the matter, Valmont vows to get revenge for her and build a good life for the both of them. As she is going back, she runs into a crying woman. She is grieving the loss of a friend, and Camille comforts her. Surprisingly, it turns out to be the queen. A safe guess would be that she is missing Mrs. Sevigny. Satisfied, Camille returns home. As she rushes to Victoire to apologize for her behavior, she finds that she has left and taken the letters with her. Camille is devastated at the loss of her friend, but she has also lost all of her bargaining chips that ensured her protection. However, as she steps out of the room, she finds the Marquis looking for her. He gives her an engagement ring and tells her that he loves her. Therefore, Camille’s game may continue, if not with the letters, then with love.

What Can We Expect From ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Episode 7?

Valmont will definitely reprise his game with Jacqueline, and we know how that is going to go. There is also a suspicion regarding the Marquis’ declaration of love. We suspect that it is driven by his own agenda rather than sincere feelings. Additionally, the mystery of Ariadne remains to be solved. We might also see Gabriel make an appearance. The series is going remarkably well, and we look forward to the coming storylines. It’s going to be an exciting final two episodes of ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ with great promise for the coming seasons, and we are eagerly looking forward to that.

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