‘Dangerous’ Summary & Ending, Explained – What Was Hidden On The Island?


Dangerous, a 2021 film directed by David Hackl, portrays Scott Eastwood as a dangerous sociopath attempting to reform himself. Dylan Forrester travels to a remote island near Washington to attend his brother’s funeral. However, on Guardian Island, a band of elite mercenaries takes Dylan and his family hostage. But why? Let’s find out.

‘Dangerous’ Plot Summary

Dylan “D” Forrester (Scott Eastwood) is an ex-SEAL who was discharged from the navy for attacking his commanding officer. He was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder and ended up working for a high-level fixer, Cole (Kevin Durand). Cole turned D into a weapon of mass destruction, and eight years ago, FBI agent Shaughnessy arrested D for the brutal murders.

The film begins with D, who has just a few more months left on his parole. He is getting regular treatment from Dr. Alderwood (Mel Gibson). Through Alderwood’s aversion therapy and modern behavioral techniques, D can control his impulses and is ready to live everyday life in human society. D constantly receives letters from his younger brother, Professor Sean Forrester. Sean informs D that he has recently shifted to a remote Guardian Island near Washington. However, soon enough, D receives a letter from Sean’s wife, Susan, informing D about Sean’s funeral.

Sean cannot attend the funeral because he is on parole, but later that day, he finds Cole’s hitman in his apartment. D beats up and locks the hitman in his bathroom and impulsively leaves for Guardian island.

Special agent Shaughnessy hunts D and learns about Sean’s funeral. However, before the FBI and law enforcement can reach the island, a band of mercenaries led by D’s former employee, Cole, arrive on the island. Cole informs D’s mother that he is looking for something, but his search remains a mystery until the film’s end.

What was hidden on the island?

A year and a half ago, Sean left his job at the university and shifted to Guardian island with his family. Sean planned on opening an inn. In his letters, he informed D that he had finally found what he had been looking for.

It was revealed that the Guardian Island was an abandoned naval base that harbored a small submarine. The submarine belonged to the Japanese Imperial forces and was used to smuggle Yamashita gold during World War 2. Sean, a big-brain history scholar, connected the dots and found out the location of one of these submarines. He borrowed money from Cole’s associates and bought the island for twice the market value. However, Cole could have suspected Sean and thus planted his man, Hugh, to keep an eye on Sean.

Sean probably didn’t die from falling off the lighthouse. But Hugh killed him. When Cole and his men raided Sean’s house and took the family hostage, Hugh discreetly informed Cole that Sean had found out about him and thus he had to finish him.

After Sean’s death, Cole came looking for the submarine and the Yamashita gold. He brought a seismic testing machine to locate the hidden tunnel where the submarine was harbored.

‘Dangerous’ Ending Explained

To protect his family, D abandoned all the preaching and modern techniques of Alderwood. He unleashed his rage upon his nemesis, Cole. D attacked and knocked down Cole’s men and finally discovered that D’s man, Hugh, killed Sean. After the revelations, D searched Sean’s office and found a hidden door inside the wine cellar room. The hidden doorway led him to the tunnel where the submarine and Yamashita gold were hidden.

After massive gunfire, D took down Cole’s last two men, but Cole captured D’s mother and compelled D to transport the gold to the surface. Agent Shaughnessy arrived at the island and intervened, and using the diversion, D attacked Cole. He stabbed Cole and pushed him into the water. Finally, D’s mother accepted D emotionally.

After a transformative expedition, D explained the entire hustle to Alderwood. He informed the doctor that his family was safe, but Cole’s associates would come after D to clear Sean’s debt. Hence, D took out the gold from the tunnel and left the island for his family’s safety.

In the end, D informed Alderwood that he had decided to be himself for a while, i.e., a lethal killer. D threw the pills into the water and embarked on a journey to an uncertain land.

Dangerous is a 2021 Action Thriller film directed by David Hackl from a screenplay written by Christopher Borrelli.

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