Daniel Lang In ‘Who Is Erin Carter?,’ Explained: Is Daniel Dead Or Alive?


Erin Carter started a new life in Barcelona, and she believed that the ghost of her past life would never come to haunt her. But obviously, she was wrong because there were still people out there who knew who she was, and it was just a matter of time before they wreaked havoc on her perfect life yet again. In Who Is Erin Carter?, Erin met the business tycoon, Daniel Lang, after his son, Dylan Lang, failed the examination. The boy had drawn obscene sketches all over the question paper, and Erin knew that scolding him wouldn’t do any good, as he was carrying a lot of baggage and it was affecting his mental health. 

Erin came to the conclusion that she needed to talk to his father and let him know about what happened. Erin didn’t want to inform the authorities about the issue because she knew that they would immediately suspend the boy and it would make his situation even worse. Erin empathized with him, and she knew that the kid must be going through a very hard time. More than seeing his actions as an act of disobedience, Erin saw it as a cry for help. She knew that Dylan would spoil his entire life if somebody didn’t help him now. Dylan was angry for more than one reason, and his rebellious nature was just a by-product of it. 

Daniel Lang had already assumed the worst when he came to meet Erin Carter, and he questioned her as to how she could give him a zero in the examination. He had already believed that the teacher might have been prejudiced against him, which is why she gave him a zero in the test. But then Erin showed him the question paper, and after seeing the obscene imagery, he realized that she had done nothing wrong by not giving him any marks. Daniel was pleasantly surprised when Erin told him that she had not informed the authorities about it because she didn’t want Dylan to get expelled from the school. She told Daniel that he needed to be very cautious with Dylan, sit with him like a friend, and try to resolve his conflicts. 

Daniel felt overwhelmed, and he was grateful to Erin for being so generous with his kid. Daniel wanted to return the favor in whatever manner he could, and he had heard Erin talking to Olivia about something when he had entered the classroom. Erin’s application for a permanent position in the school had been rejected, and she believed that it was her neighbor Penelope who had voted against her. Daniel told her that he was one of the trustees of the school and he could definitely put in a good word for Erin.

The next time Erin met Daniel, the latter offered her to become the home tutor of his son. Erin didn’t take that offer, and she advised Daniel not to take Dylan out of the school, as at that juncture, it was very necessary for him to feel that he was just like other children and that there was hope for him provided he worked for it.

Erin Carter would have never believed that a suave and chivalrous man like Daniel Lang could be involved in all sorts of criminal activities. Emilio had asked Erin for a favor because he needed someone to watch his back as he was going to bring down one of the biggest organized crime rings. Erin told him, firstly, that she was not going to get involved in any such thing and, secondly, she advised him to stay away from these people. But Emilio didn’t listen to Erin, and he went alone to snoop around and get some evidence. When Erin realized that, she immediately left but before she reached him, it was too late. She saw Daniel Lang and his men stabbing and killing Emilio in front of her own eyes. Daniel also saw her standing there, but at that time, he didn’t do anything to her. 

Later, in Who Is Erin Carter?, Daniel went to meet Erin during a parent-teacher meeting and told her that he wouldn’t harm her or her family if she promised to forget what she had seen the day before and move ahead with her life as if nothing ever happened. Daniel, at this point in time, had no clue who this person was or what she had done in the past. He still believed Erin to be just a teacher, though he was a bit taken aback by witnessing her combat skills.

Things changed when Lena came into the picture at the end of Who Is Erin Carter? and she made Daniel aware of who he was dealing with. We got to know that it was Daniel who was bankrolling Thomas Ramsey’s activities, and he had been involved in all those robberies from the very beginning. Daniel knew the risks involved in the kind of work he had done, and that is why he had decided that after the Harwich job, he would quit everything and lead a normal life. But Erin had spoiled his plans and ran away with all the bullion they had stolen from Harwich. But still, Daniel didn’t want to kill Erin, as he knew that if somehow he managed to convince her to work for him, it would be much more profitable for him. Daniel took Jordi and Harper into his custody and asked Lena to bring Erin to him if she wanted to see her daughter alive. 

Daniel and Erin came face to face once again, and he told her that if she agreed to work for him, he would spare the lives of his family members and let them go. But Erin knew that no matter how much money she could get working for Daniel, she didn’t want to enter the swamp once again. She had created a new life for herself, and she just wanted to go back to that. Erin knew that it was all a vicious circle, and once you enter it, there is no going back. Daniel might have thought of leaving the crime world for good, but even he knew that he was just fooling himself. He had people above him, too, and he was well aware that in the future, whatever they asked from him, he would have to deliver it to them. 

Daniel had become used to this dual life, and though his conscience did get a bit heavy at times, he had found ways to suppress it and not listen to it. Daniel Lang never saw himself as a hardened criminal, and probably, it was very hard for him to accept that he was no different from people like Thomas Ramsey or all those smugglers he worked with. Daniel liked living the lie that he was a respectable member of society, and that is probably why he tried to resolve things with Erin in a peaceful manner at first. Erin killed Daniel in the end, and she went away with Jordi and Harper. We believe that Dylan will eventually come to know who his father was and what he did, and it won’t be an easy pill to swallow for him.

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Sushrut Gopesh
Sushrut Gopesh
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