‘Dark Matter’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Daniela Dead?


In the first episode of Dark Matter, a physics professor named Jason was abducted from his reality and thrown into a different reality. While making sense of the situation, it became apparent that the one who had abducted Jason was actually a different version of him. To keep things clear, I’ll be referring to the version of Jason that had a wife (Daniela) and a son (Charlie) as Jason1, and the version of Jason that became a Pavia-award-winning scientist as Jason2. It seemed like Jason2 had switched places with Jason1 to give the latter the multi-millionaire lifestyle that he wanted. But it was really clear that Jason2 didn’t really care about Jason1 all that much, and he just wanted to live the quaint family life that Jason1 had built for himself. Let’s find out what Jason1 learned about the reality he was in and the kind of person Jason2 was in episode 2 of Dark Matter.

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Jason1 Reunites With A Version Of Daniela

Episode 2 begins with Jason1 reaching The Village Tap. In Jason1’s reality, the bar’s sign was red, and in this alternate reality, it’s green. Matt1 was familiar with Jason1, but Matt2 isn’t familiar with Jason2. That’s why Jason1 is thrown out of the bar because he keeps insisting that he and Matt2 are old friends. While Jason2 figures out how Jason1’s life functions, Jason1 gets himself admitted to a hospital to check his brain for any kind of irregularities. In addition to that, Jason1 asks the hospital to do a state-wide search for Daniela and Charlie. Of course, Jason1’s head is fine, but his wife and his son are nowhere to be found. 

When Jason1 searches for Daniela with her maiden surname, he finds Daniela2. He notices that Daniela2 is organizing a gala event, and he decides to attend it. When Jason1 steps into Daniela2’s gallery, he realizes that he (as in, Jason2) is the subject of the art installation. Jason1 is obviously relieved to see a familiar face who isn’t pushing him away. He meets Ryan2 there as well, but he is clearly not as successful as Ryan1. That said, Ryan2 has worked with Jason2 during his tenure at Velocity (which is the facility where Jason1 was taken to in the first episode) to develop his reality-traveling device, I guess, and he hasn’t been credited appropriately for it. Jason1 obviously doesn’t know what Ryan2 is talking about, and that irks the latter a lot because he thinks his colleague and friend is feigning ignorance to avoid him.

Daniela Thinks Jason1 Has Lost His Mind

Jason2 starts showing signs of the fact that he isn’t really good at being as emotional and caring as Jason1. Jason1 told Charlie to speak his mind in front of his crush, Brooke. But Jason2 tells Charlie to be aloof. Daniela1 doesn’t make a big deal out of it, but she does make a note of the fact that her husband is a little different of late. Daniela1’s suspicion grows when Jason2 uses her toothbrush instead of the one he is supposed to use and when he spooks her out when she is about to go on a run, but she doesn’t say anything explicitly. Jason1 openly talks to Daniela2 and Ryan2 about the life he has lived and the versions of Daniela and Ryan that he is familiar with. That evidently irks Daniela2 and Ryan2, and the latter leaves. Daniela2 allows Jason1 to stay because Jason2 was Daniela2’s lover, once upon a time, and then Jason2 gave her a speech about multiple possibilities and then vanished. Apparently, that’s what prompted Daniela2 to make Jason2 the center of her project. Since Jason1 has given her the opportunity to reunite with her old lover, she is thinking from her heart and not from her mind. 

Jason2 rejects Ryan1’s job offer and even reprimands him from crossing the line by talking to his wife so that she could convince him to move to San Francisco with his whole family. Jason1 gets Amanda to exit his house, momentarily, so that he can give Daniela2 a house tour and convince her that his memories about his reality are true. However, when the topic of having a child comes up, Daniela2 tells him that Jason2 left her when she was pregnant with his child. That was why Daniela2 decided to abort the child and pursue her career in painting. Jason1 says that he couldn’t have done something like that to her because, in his reality, he preferred building a life with his Daniela over spending hours in a cold and sterile lab. Daniela2 thinks that the version of Jason that she knows has gone completely insane. Jason1 doesn’t budge, though, and he leads with empathy so that Daniela2 knows that he isn’t lying to her.

Is Daniela Dead?

While Jason2 tinkers with his reality-traveling machine, Jason1 finally figures out what is going on. He says that there are two realities super-positioned on top of each other. At some point in his life, Jason1 was trying to make a device that would allow an object to travel between two realities. The working theory is that Jason1’s universe is the Prime Universe. He decided to have a child with Daniela1 and live a modest but happy lifestyle. But a part of him wanted to become rich, famous, and single. That led to the creation of the Alternate Universe, which is where Jason2 became a Pavia award-winning scientist, and Daniela2 became a famous painter. Somewhere down the line, though, Jason2 started to hate his life. 

So, Jason2 decided to use all his resources to turn the theory about traveling between two realities (which is something that both the Jasons were working on) into a fully functional device. I am guessing Ryan2 had a huge part to play in all of this, as he supplied Jason2 with the compound that one needs to travel within two realities without being torn to shreds. At the end of Dark Matter episode 2, Daniela2 (who is clearly missing Jason2) and Jason1 (who is clearly missing Daniela1) get intimate with each other as they reminisce about the life they have lived with their respective soulmates. That’s interrupted by a Velocity soldier who straight-up shoots Daniela2 in the head. To be clear, she is dead. Jason1 is arrested and taken away by the soldier. It’s not a huge shocker that Velocity, which has been helmed by Jason2, is so militaristic and fascist. Jason2 is a villain. So, obviously, his company is filled with monsters like him. It remains to be seen if Jason1 has it in him to fight them all and return home to his wife and son.

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