‘Day Shift’ Ending, Explained: Is Jablonski Able To Save His Family? Is Big J Still Alive?


Directed by J.J. Perry, “Day Shift,” is a 2022 Netflix original, that stars Jamie Fox as Bud Jablonski, Dave Franco as Seth, Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Heather, Meagan Good as Jocelyn Jablonski, Karla Souza as Audrey San Fernando, and Snoop Dog as Big John Elliot. The narrative is pretty simple, and the main aim of “Day Shift” is to take you on an entertaining ride filled with some action. The duet of Jamie Fox and Snoop Dog adds a much-needed flair to the whole narrative and makes sure that there is no dull moment in the film. So let’s see if Bud Jablonski is able to save his family from the wrath of the vampires or not.

Spoilers Ahead

Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Bud Jablonski uses his job, of a pool cleaner, as a cover, and in reality, he is a vampire hunter. He lives in the San Fernando Valley and works for an organization called Valley Pool Services. He broke into a house and had an encounter with an old female vampire. In this world the vampires are more elastic than ever and even harder to kill. The old lady puts up a fight, but Jablonski knows how to deal with her. He finally kills her and takes out her fangs. Apparently, there is a whole black market for these precious vampire fangs. Bud has strict rules, and maybe that is why he was able to outlive his peers. He has special bathing solutions to get rid of all those infectious vampire fluids. Bud picks up his daughter, Paige, and goes to drop her off at her ex-wife’s house. Jocelyn Jablonski was not happy with the way Bud was dealing with things. They didn’t have any money to pay for their daughter’s tuition fees, and Bud’s irresponsible attitude wasn’t helping the cause. Jocelyn had started looking for potential buyers as she wanted to sell her house and move to Florida. Bud is not happy about her decision. He didn’t want his daughter to go away. He asks for a week’s time from Jocelyn. He tells her that he would arrange for the tuition money somehow. Jocelyn told him that Paige also needed braces, so together with the tuition fees, the total amount was coming down to 10 grand. Bud couldn’t believe his ears. How could raising a child be so expensive? He didn’t have any plan of action, but he knew that he had to procure that amount of money because otherwise, he would have to part ways with his daughter.

Bud knew one person who could give him some money in return for the fangs he had in his possession, after killing those vampires. Troy was an old acquaintance but a shrewd businessman. He knew that Bud wouldn’t go to the Union to sell his fangs, so he bargained with him and gave him the least possible amount. Bud sells his fangs, his Jordans, and even his beloved weapon, named Snake Eyes. After all, Troy was right in saying that everything was for sale if a person was desperate enough. Bud came out of the pawn shop barefoot, but still wasn’t anywhere close to that amount of 10 grand. He knew that it was time to contact Big John Elliot, or as people fondly referred to him, Big J. He texted Big J and told him that he needed help.

As always, the dependable Big J came to the rescue. There was a Union that regulated the laws for vampire hunting. Everything was legitimized, and there were certain rules and regulations that every hunter had to follow while going on the hunt. Bud was a part of the Union before he got thrown out because of gross violation of the codes. Bud desperately needed the Union Card. One could also sell the vampire fangs at the Union and unlike Troy it always bought it for a fair market price. Bud knew that with one good hunting session, he would be able to earn the cash he needed for his daughter’s tuition fees. Big J and Bud met Ralph Seeger, who used to be a colleague of Bud but had now made his way up to quite a high position in the Union. Ralph asks him why he should allow Bud to be a part of the Union once again, when he had blatantly shown disrespect for their codes and broken them according to his whims and fancies. He had consented to the meeting only because Big J was involved, and he was quite a respected figure in the fraternity. Big J vouches for Bud in the meeting and tells Seeger that he is a changed man. After much deliberation, Ralph Seeger allowed Bud to be a part of the Union once again, though he had certain conditions this time. He gave Jablonski the day shift on purpose. The night shift was an active period when most of the vampires came out of hiding. Also, he asked Seth, an accountant in the Union, to accompany Bud at all times. Seth didn’t want to be transferred to a field job, as he was scared of facing the vampires, but he wasn’t given much of a choice.

Valley Realty was owned by Audrey San Fernando. She was planning to develop a whole township in the area. Audrey was actually a vampire, but she had covered her tracks well till now. Audrey had developed a kind of solution that helped the vampires survive the sunshine. She was in talks with other ghettos and was making deals and earning profits for delivering the same to them. She went to the house of the old woman who had been slaughtered by Bud Jablonski earlier. The old woman was actually Audrey’s 90 year old daughter. She wasn’t able to turn her daughter into a vampire in time, and that is why she had become old. Now Audrey was after this vampire hunter who had killed her daughter as she desperately wanted to take revenge at all costs.

‘Day Shift’ Ending Explained: Is Jablonski Able To Save His Family? Is Big J Still Alive?

Audrey and her assistant used the real estate as a cover to infiltrate existing vampires in the town as well as turn other humans into vampires. Audrey found out about Troy and went to his pawn shop to ask him about the whereabouts of Jablonski. Troy didn’t tell her anything, so she brutally murdered him. She had planted an informant named Heather next to Jablonski’s house. Bud had taken his daughter out for a birthday party when he got a call from Audrey. The vampire had found his family and taken his wife into custody. Vampires attacked Bud, but he somehow managed to evade them and finally reach his home. Audrey and her men took Paige and Jocelyn with them. Seth had been converted by them into a vampire, but he still had some prevailing sense. All of a sudden, he attacked Bud, who impulsively shot him down. The blow severed his head from his body, but somehow he was still alive. He literally picked up his head and tried to glue it onto his body. Bud, together with Seth, reached Heather’s house. She told them that she was turned against her will. Heather gave Seth some blood to drink, which helped him heal his severed head.

Heather, Bud, and Seth teamed up to find Paige and Jocelyn and kill Audrey and her people. They reached the facility where Audrey had held Paige and Jocelyn as hostages. They were surrounded by a lot of men who had a surplus amount of firepower. It seemed like they were going to lose the battle, but just then, the legend arrived on the scene. Big J came with a rotatory canon and killed everybody out there. They reached the tunnel in the basement, where they were attacked by more vampires. Big J was bitten by one of them. He knew that in order to keep his friend alive, he would have to stay and stop the vampires from following him. He pushed Bud inside and closed the entrance. Big J stood alone to face all the vampires who were coming his way. He had a bomb attached to his vest. Big J detonated it and killed the vampires. Bud saw a lightning and heard a sound. He thought that his beloved friend had sacrificed his life. Bud, Heather, and Seth were able to kill everybody. Bud used his same old wire technique to sever Audrey’s head off. Bud was able to save his family and finally came out of the facility alive. 

Ralph Seeger came to the scene, in the hope of hearing from Seth that Bud had broken the codes, so that he could sack him once again. But Seth took Bud’s side. They took advantage of the loopholes in the legal system, and Seeger wasn’t able to charge them for anything. Bud left happily with his family, as now he had the resources to pay for Paige’s tuition fee and also for her braces. In the last scene, we see that Big J comes out of the manhole. He was pretty much alive and in good shape. Somehow, the legend had survived the blast. “Day Shift” ends there, giving us the hope that we would probably see a sequel to it, where Big J and Bud Jablonski would go on yet another adventure together.

“Day Shift” is a 2022 action thriller film directed by J.J. Perry.

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