‘Death And Other Details’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Was Jules And Leila Hiding?


The investigation into the murder of Keith Trubitsky continues in episode 3 of Death and Other Details. At the end of the previous episode, Interpol’s Agent Hilde Eriksen boards the Varuna. Rufus and Hilde’s investigative styles are vastly dissimilar, and it soon becomes evident that Rufus and Imogene must find the actual perpetrator before the entire blame for the murder is pinned onto Imogene. The third episode also focuses on the legal documents the Colliers were carrying to finalize their deal with the Chuns. A lot of secrets hide between the sheets of paper (or so it was assumed), and maybe they end up costing Keith, aka Danny, his life.

Spoiler Alert

Why did Alexandra send the bar cart to Keith’s room?

Alexandra was worried about her reputation being tarnished after she found herself entangled in a murder case. She expressed her disappointment to the priest, Toby, the one who helped her in her political journey to gather support. Alexandra wanted to build a career in politics to bring justice to her community, but sadly, in the course of becoming governor, she realized it was not as easy. To live her dream, she had to make sacrifices and befriend influential people who would fund her and help her stay in power. Alexandra informed Toby that her staff received a call from her SuperPAC, and they advised her to stay on friendly terms with Keith Trubitsky and suggested she send him a bottle of champagne. Alexandra did not assume then that a small request from her donor would lead her to a mess. Given that the killer used Alexandra’s sent bar cart as a hiding place, it is possible that her donor was complicit in Keith Trubitsky’s murder. Alexandra wanted to know the name of the donor who got her in trouble, and she had doubts about Lawrence Collier because he was the only donor onboard. Toby’s suggestive reply indicates that perhaps Alexandra’s guess was right, and Lawrence Collier messed with her because she was not turning out to be as much of a help as he expected from a governor.

What secret did Imogene find in the documents?

Imogene and Rufus figured out that their only hope in finding the entire truth was through getting access to the Colliers’ legal documents. When Imogene heard Anna ask Teddy to bring the documents to her, she followed Teddy to the study room, where Rufus had found a secret locker behind a painting the previous night. Imogene knew where the document was kept hidden, and all she had to do was guess the password. As she was about to figure it out, Teddy and Sunil caught her in the act.

Teddy threatened to inform Anna and the Interpol about Imogene, and she begged Sunil not to do so. She explained that she and Rufus believed that the murder victim got his hands on the documents, which led to his death. To find out who the murderer was, they needed to figure out what was in the documents. Sunil advised her to inform Interpol about it and open the safe lawfully, but Imogene reasoned that the process would be unnecessarily time-consuming. Imogene was desperate to find out her mother’s killer, and the documents, according to Rufus and Danny, were supposed to contain details that could lead them to Viktor Sams. After finding out how important the documents were to Imogene, Sunil decided to help her decipher them.

The documents turned out to be audits of the company over the last fifty years. In episode three of Death and Other Details, we find out that the Chuns were right—the Colliers were practically broke. Their financial situation took a disastrous turn two years ago after massive capital expenditures. But unfortunately, Sunil and Imogene did not come across anything suspicious in the documents. Just when they were about to lose hope, they chanced upon a bill against two tons of Captionem Blue. Rufus explained that it was a banned ultrabright pigment that was initially used in highway signs, but it also caught the attention of clothing manufacturers because it did not bleed and was cheap. The pigment was banned in 1989 because it caused cancer, dementia, and other ailments. The date on the bill was a blur, and it was difficult to make out if the Colliers continued to use the dangerous product. While Imogene hurried to draw a conclusion, Rufus reminded her that they did not have solid evidence in hand to make any claim.

Where was Leila headed?

Throughout the third episode, Anna is in search of two people—her wife, Leila, and her lawyer, Llewellyn. In the previous episode, we saw a glimpse that suggested that Llewellyn was tied up with ropes and kept in captivity. Anna wanted to finalize the deal, and she managed to convince Eleanor’s grandmother, Celia, to give them another chance. Anna was asked to have her entire family by her side, and only then would the Chuns consider the proposal. Anna hoped to discuss the situation with her mother, and that was when she caught her sharing a moment of intimacy with Toby. Katherine was not as worried about the situation as Toby was. His career would come to an end if the truth ever came out. Katherine was confident that Anna would keep their affair a secret, and Toby ultimately gave in to his emotions. Clearly, Katherine and Lawrence had fallen out of love, but Katherine continues to play a dominant role in the business, and she has an ulterior motive. Given that Katherine has already signed the papers to declare bankruptcy, it is unlikely that Anna’s dream will ever come true.

In the end, Imogene was surprised to see Leila sneakily grab a knife as she walked out of the bar. She was reminded of the time Anna mentioned that Leila had started to keep a knife under her pillow, and she wondered if Leila was in any way involved in the murder. Imogene decides to find out where Leila is headed, and in the meantime, we see Anna having a word with her father about the meeting with the Chuns. Their conversation suggested that two years ago, Lawrence had gotten himself into a mess, and it was Anna who helped him get out of the situation. As much as Lawrence wanted to blame Anna for the downfall of the company, she reminded him whose fault it really was.

The ending of Death and Other Details Episode 3 also revealed to us that Jules was not what he was claiming to be. A book with a secret compartment revealed that Jules was simply an alias used by a man with a shady past. Later, Imogene discovered a secret passage that could be accessed with a pin. Out of nowhere, Jules grabbed hold of Imogene and warned her that she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. The ending is shocking as well as confusing. Was Leila in any way linked to Jules and his operation? Or, had she just, like Imogene, found a lead and was following Jules out of suspicion? What did she plan on doing with the knife and the rope? The accident had changed Leila, and it is only in her past that we might find a connection. Jules could have possibly been part of the murder plan, considering the level below the decks did not have a surveillance camera and he could have operated quite openly. But because he was with Imogene when the murder took place, we cannot pin him as the perpetrator. It is also likely that a subplot will be unveiled, considering it is just the third episode and it is doubtful that we already have the killer. Maybe Jules too had some personal vendetta, and he wanted to seek revenge on the Colliers. Well, we surely have a lot more to find out to solve the murder mystery with Rufus and Imogene.

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