‘Death And Other Details’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Sunil A Suspect?


Now that we are at the fifth episode of Death and Other Details, it is safe to say that the progress is almost negligible. Lack of excitement in a mystery thriller is a buzzkill, and it becomes glaringly obvious that the series is stretched beyond necessity. It is disappointing to watch almost an hour-long episode with ten minutes of material to take the story forward. Episode 5 is mostly centered around the question: Who is Victor Sams? An entity so powerful that even the most influential people on the cruise are afraid of him. He is said to have his eyes and ears everywhere, and Rufus Cotesworth cracked the code in the latest episode.

Spoiler Alert

What led to Leila’s accident?

To our surprise, Danny had come clean to Leila two nights before he was murdered. Leila had been suspicious of him, and Danny assumed it would be more useful if he told her his truth. Danny was interested in finding out the case Leila was working on that eventually led to her accident. Leila used to be passionate about uncovering the truth, despite always presenting herself as a clickbait journalist. It was while investigating Viktor Sams that Leila met Anna, and they fell in love. Danny believed she must have found dirt on the Colliers that led to her accident, but it turned out that was not the case. The Colliers were victims of Viktor Sams, and Leila warned Danny that he, too, would be in trouble if he tried to dig deep.

On the night of her accident, Leila met a victim of Viktor Sams, who agreed to go on record. The Nation Security Agent who once ran white-hat operations was now called crazy by his friends and family, all thanks to Viktor Sams. The agent, Peter Meadows, started to look into the mysterious entity when he noticed the same name appear over and over again in multiple transactions. He was alarmed when he figured out that the man was making millions every month, and he tried to get to the bottom of it. But before he could make progress, his boss decided to shut down the case. He eventually lost his job after it was discovered that his hard drive was loaded with explicit videos. His family walked away from him after the incident, and he had no source of income. Once a respectable man, Peter was now considered a freak, and it was all because of a mysterious man named Viktor Sams.

Peter tried to track down Victor Sams, but his server was always located in different parts of the world, which led him to wonder if it was just one man or an entire army who worked for him. That night, when Leila was returning home, her car GPS started to glitch. Leila could see that there was no road ahead, yet she was constantly directed to stay on the road. She tried to hit the break, but she no longer had control. It was a harrowing experience for Leila when, all of a sudden, rock music started to play on the car stereo. Leila tried to take back control, but her car hit the curb, and it fell into a ditch. Viktor Sams was not happy with the investigation Leila had undertaken, and she had to pay a price for daring to unravel the truth.

Who was keeping a watch on the governor?

In the previous episode, Governor Alexandra assumed that the Colliers were keeping a close watch on her. She was sent intimate pictures of her and Tripp doing drugs immediately after she had a heated conversation with Katherine Collier. Alexandra was furious, and she wanted to confront the Colliers about it. Tripp seemed completely unaware of the entire situation, suggesting that he was not scheming against her. Alexandra was desperate for answers, and she was confident that the lawyer was in some way involved in the blackmailing. She accused him of having people follow her and take pictures that could land her in serious trouble. Llewellyn had no clue what Alexandra was talking about. From their conversation, it becomes evident that Alexandra knows secrets about the Colliers that she could use to destroy them. After her brief interaction with Llewellyn, Alexandra headed back to her room and pulled a file out of her safe. Based on the limited information available, it appears that the State of Washington has filed a lawsuit against Colliers Mill; however, the specific reason for the lawsuit has not been disclosed.

Alexandra is not the only person with a spy camera in her room. In the new episode, Leila scans her room with a spy cam detector, and she discovers a hidden camera. She informed Rufus and Teddy about it. While Rufus guessed it must have been Winnie who had fixed the cam, Teddy confirmed that was not possible because her sister had arrived on the cruise the same day as the passenger. It confirmed that Winnie was not the only one working for Viktor Sams; there must have been someone else responsible for fixing the cameras, but who could it possibly be?

What secret did Rufus discover?

Most of the crew members were on the list of possible suspects. While Teddy focused on finding the one responsible for fixing the hidden camera, the map on the wall of the security room caught Rufus’ attention. His eyes followed the threads and the pins on the map, and he decided to scan the chart that explained the design of the Varuna in detail. Rufus was almost surprised by his discovery because it all seemed too obvious. He remembered Leila’s source mentioning how Viktor Sams’ server was never at the same location. With an axe in his hand, Rufus walked through the walkways and realized that the passage kept getting narrower as they moved forward. Upon following his intuition, Rufus discovered a hidden secret. Death and Other Details Episode 5 ends with the discovery of Viktor Sams’s operation chamber. Concealed behind the wooden walls of the Varuna were the devices used by Viktor Sams to conduct his operations. The ending suggests that the reason why his server always showed different locations was because he was operating from a moving vessel.

Can Sunil be Viktor Sams?

The Varuna is no ordinary luxury cruise—the walls of the timeless beauty conceal the operation of a mysterious man who is responsible for murders and blackmails. Going by the direction Death and Other Details is heading, Sunil is a possible suspect. It is impossible that Sunil was completely unaware of the many secrets hidden on his cruise. Varuna is his dream project, and he has spent countless hours perfecting it. No one knows who Viktor Sams is, making it incredibly easy for Sunil to operate as a regular guy, completely oblivious to what was happening around him. Since Viktor Sams was responsible for the murder of Imogene’s mother, we can estimate that the man is nowhere near Sunil’s age. Maybe Sunil is also a Viktor Sam worshipper, and he assumed that once Winnie took the blame for the murder, the case would be resolved.

In Death and Other Details episode 5, Sunil and Imogene get the chance to spend time together in Malta. He introduced her to his friend, Ines, who specialized in international trade documentation. Imogene was hesitant about handing over the only evidence she had that could possibly help her find her mother’s killer, but Sunil assured her that Ines was trustworthy. If Sunil is working for Viktor Sams, he is capable of lying to Imogene to get access to the evidence she had against the Colliers. Imogene was a little surprised by the amount of sympathy and admiration Sunil had for artist Caravaggio. While she, too, admired his work, Imogene reminded him that Caravaggio was also a murderer. Sunil idolized the artist, believed he was stubborn, was unafraid of the ugly reality of life, and thought it was unfair that he was banished from the church. Perhaps this interaction hints at the possibility that Sunil, too, considered himself misunderstood and believed there was some goodness in the work that he did, or at least considered it a necessity.

Age is the only reason why we cannot consider Sunil to be Viktor Sams, but it is likely that he is a supporter of the man Imogene has been hunting for. It is likely that he helped Viktor Sams set up his operations on the Varuna. The people on board were of extreme interest to Viktor Sams, and with the Varuna at his disposal, it was even easier for him to keep a close watch on them.

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