‘Death And Other Details’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Llewellyn Dead?


The most pertinent question from the previous episode of Death and Other Details was whether or not Sunil was an accomplice in the murder of Keith Trubitsky. Imogene had started to trust Sunil, and she realized that it might not have been a great decision. In episode 6, Leila finally gets the chance to shine. As she took charge of hacking into Viktor Sams’ system to find evidence, Leila established that she was more than just Anna Collier’s wife. While Leila was busy solving a murder mystery, Anna had a tough time coping with her reality. She was heartbroken when Leila proposed they separate, and instead of being named the CEO of Collier Mills, the majority of the company now belonged to the Chun family. Her father did not trust her enough to decide on behalf of the company, and he stepped in and agreed to the demands made by the Chuns. The entire ordeal was humiliating for Anna, and she ended up drinking with her brother.

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How is Sunil involved in the Viktor Sams mystery?

It became evident in episode 5 that Viktor Sams operated out of the Varuna. The ship was designed to fit the secret operations room, and Sunil was assumed to be well aware of it. Sunil received a call from Viktor Sams soon after Imogene left his room. He was asked to spy, but his feelings for the assistant detective got in the way. Sunil refused to work for him any longer, but he also realized that Viktor would use his affection for Imogene against him. As soon as he disconnected the call, Imogene and Rufus entered the room. Rufus had discussed the new evidence he had found against Sunil, leaving Imogene extremely disappointed.

Rufus concluded that since the ship did not make any money, Sunil sought Viktor Sams’ help to run his business. Sunil accepted the money he was offered, and in return, he owed Sams a favor. Imogene demanded Sunil contact Viktor Sams, but apparently, the man was impossible to reach. Viktor Sams only came in contact when he decided to, and in Sunil’s case, there was an intermediary, Andreas Windeler, his asset manager from Zurich. He handed a flip phone to Sunil after the deal was finalized, and for a long time, Viktor Sams did not contact him, but that was until the death of Keith Trubitsky, aka Danny. Sunil was tasked with spying on Rufus and Imogene, but according to his statement, he had decided against it. Sunil played innocent, stating that he did not know about the secret room. Maybe he really was caught up in a terrible situation, but Imogene could not trust him again. She tied him to a chair to make sure he no longer caused any trouble.

What happened to Governor Alexandra?

Alexandra was troubled to find out that, unknowingly, she had gotten herself involved in a murder case. She believed the Colliers had a role to play in the entire fiasco. Alexandra was urged by her SuperPAC to maintain a friendly relationship with Keith Trubitsky and send him a bottle of champagne. What seemed to be a strategic suggestion turned out to be a ploy to frame her. The killer was believed to be hiding in the bar cart that was sent to Danny’s room, and naturally, during the initial stage of the investigation, Alexandra was a person of interest. She was convinced that the Colliers had conspired against her because she was no longer of any use to them. Her doubt was further confirmed when she received incriminating pictures of her and Tripp doing drugs after confronting Katherine Collier.

In the previous episode, we saw a glimpse of a file that contained confidential information about the Colliers that Alexandra kept in her safe. In episode 6, Alexandra looked visibly sick, but she was determined to bring the Colliers down. She walked up to Hilde Eriksen with a file in her hand and demanded to speak in private. Alexandra apparently had information on Lawrence Collier, and she believed it could make Eriksen’s career if she took up the case. Alexandra demanded complete immunity before handing over the file. The Interpol detective was surprised to see blank pages. Unfortunately, before Alexandra could utter another word, she coughed up blood and collapsed on the floor. Alexandra died of poisoning; the vitamin drips offered at the deck consisted of a composition that slowly destroyed Alexandra’s health. She was ready to put her political career on hold to see Lawrence Collier behind bars, but sadly, someone had anticipated her move.

Who was responsible for Alexandra’s death?

After Alexandra’s death, Winnie was once again a person of interest. Imogene remembered seeing her helping Alexandra with the vitamin drips. Unlike the last time, Winnie seemed to have doubts about the larger cause that she had dedicated her life to. She recently found out from Jules that Keith Trubitsky was not an obnoxious rich man; he was Rufus’ assistant. Winnie could not make sense of the murder all of a sudden. She signed up to get rid of corrupted rich people, but instead, she murdered a regular man. Winnie received instructions on her flip phone, and she had no space to ask any questions about it. Just like Sunil, she, too, did not know who Viktor Sams was, but she had reasons enough to be grateful to him. Her friend Keeley from school was pregnant when she got a job at a rubber factory. The condition of the factory was terrible, and the owner was greedy. Keeley had no choice but to work long hours, and her contractions started three months early. Her baby died a week after being born. It was believed that the benzene in the air at the factory led to the infant’s death, and after losing her child, Keeley took her life. Winnie worked with Viktor Sams to take down the owner of the factory and avenge the death of her friend. She had blind faith in Viktor Sams, even though she had no idea why she was asked to kill the governor and Danny.

Why was Kira murdered?

After speaking to Ines, Imogene learned that in 2005, Collier Mills received a shipment of two tons of Captionem Blue, a pigment banned in 1989 after it was found to be carcinogenic. Imogene stormed into Anna’s room to discuss the matter. She questioned Anna about the factory in Jiangsu, China, that used the substance, and her childhood best friend did not have an immediate answer. Imogene believed that, just like the rubber factory, Viktor Sams targeted the Colliers once he learned about the wrong practices. She realized that her mother was killed to warn the Colliers to pay blackmail, and since then, Viktor Sams has been on the company’s payroll. Anna attempted to prove Imogene’s theory wrong by stating how she had rebuilt their factory in China, and that eventually led to massive losses. Imogene blamed Anna for being an accomplice since she covered for her family instead of taking a stand against them. Talking to Anna helped Imogene understand that she was never equal to her. She was expected to keep silent and be grateful to the Colliers for financially compensating her. Imogene finally realized that Anna was no different than the other Colliers.

Why did Llewellyn take his life?

Just when Leila was about to access Winnie’s folder, the power on the ship went off. Leila believed it was a clear indication that they were close to finding the truth. Rufus thought the same way; he was convinced that the perpetrators were not happy with them discovering the corruption in the Collier family. All of a sudden, chaos ensued on the deck of the ship—Llewellyn was about to commit suicide by jumping into the ocean. He was tired of seeing the injustice around him, and as much as he tried to punish himself for it, nothing could really numb his pain. Alexandra’s death had affected Llewellyn because maybe he, too, had a role to play in her demise.

At the end of Death and Other Details episode 6, Llewellyn accuses Rufus of being a cheater. We learn that Llewellyn was once romantically involved with Imogene’s mother, Kira, and he was disappointed in Rufus for not finding out the truth, even though it was apparently right in front of him. Imogene was convinced that Llewellyn knew Viktor Sams, and she tried to find clues in his room. When Imogene pressed Rufus to revisit his interview with Llewellyn, Rufus confessed that he indeed was a cheat. He was not the world’s greatest detective, as everyone assumed him to be. It was luck that helped him solve the case that brought him fame in 1992, and he was banking on it again to solve Kira’s murder mystery. In the next episode, we can expect to learn more about Rufus Cotesworth and the interviews he conducted eighteen years ago while investigating the death of Kira. Considering how close Rufus was to solving the murder mystery, we cannot pin him down as a fraud. Maybe he was not the best at this job, but his honest attempt at finding the truth makes him a decent detective.

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