‘Death And Other Details’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Celia Viktor Sams?


The truth has finally come to the surface or at least partially so, in Death and Other Details episode 7. As promised in the previous episode, Imogene puts on the detective hat and minutely retraces every step taken by Rufus Cotesworth during the investigation of Kira Scott’s murder. The process helped her find keys to unlock the memories that she had blocked when she was a little girl. The episode solely focuses on Imogene and Rufus’ memory of the past, and the final revelation is as shocking as it can get.

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What clue did Imogene find?

It was a difficult experience for Imogene to inspect every little detail of her mother’s case, but that was the only way to bring justice. She learned that Rufus showed interest in the case because of Lawrence Collier’s reputation and the compensation he would receive upon solving it. Rufus provided a detailed account of every interview he conducted, but none of it was compelling enough. He was lenient with Lawrence because he did not wish to offend the person who had hired him. Rufus believed Lawrence would not have called for an investigation if he had anything to hide (that might not be entirely true). Imogene was hopeful about finding some clue through Llewellyn, but apart from his romantic interest in Kira, there was not much to learn about him. The only crucial piece of information that Imogene found out after analyzing each interview was that her mother accompanied Lawrence Collier when he traveled to Shanghai. Captionem Blue was used at the Jiangsu factory, suggesting that Kira might have known about the malpractice in Collier Mills. From a young age, Kira always tended to use her voice for the unprivileged, and maybe her nature to stand up for the right cause resulted in her unfortunate death.

What happened at the Opal Diner?

Through Kira’s date diary, Rufus found out that she met someone at the Oval diner on February 12 at 5 p.m. Rufus and Danny headed to the diner to investigate a month later. They noticed one of the cooks behave suspiciously, and upon questioning him, they received some important information. Kira was a regular at the Opal diner, and on February 12th, she had an argument with someone at the back of the establishment. Edgar had not seen the person Kira was with, but he remembered that her daughter had come along with her that day. She was having a pie when her mother stepped outside. Imogene did not remember being with her mother on February 12th, or it was simply a memory that she chose to block. Rufus had tried to find more clues through Imogene, but even then, she did not remember anything from the diner. Rufus was taken off the case once the Colliers realized that the investigation was affecting little Imogene (or they were too afraid of Rufus finding the truth).

It was only after more than a decade that Rufus learned about Viktor Sams. He tried to reopen the investigation, especially after finding out that Lawrence Collier paid blackmail to Viktor Sams, but his lawyer threatened to destroy Rufus if he dared to cause any trouble to the Colliers. Imogene was surprised to find out that Rufus never gave up on the case. He had gotten a few pieces of the puzzle right, but it was only Imogene who could map out the entire picture.

How was Alexandra involved in Kira’s case?

Imogene tried long and hard to remember what she had witnessed at the Opal Diner on February 12. Every time she attempted to retrace her steps, she was distracted. Her mind refused to show her the truth, but she was persistent about finding it. Imogene remembered that the last time she saw her mother, their conversation did not end with just the toy she had in her hand. She recalled asking her mother if the argument with the woman at the diner continued to affect her. Kira did not expect her daughter to notice it.

All of a sudden, Imogene clearly remembered what she had seen at the diner. She saw her mother conversing with a woman, whom we now know as Governor Alexandra. Kira had built a case against the Colliers, but Alexandra refused to go ahead with it. She stated that it was not a strong case, even though Kira had a witness ready to go on record. With five employees dead and more silenced by the company, Kira aimed at bringing the Colliers down, but Alexandra chose to turn a blind eye to it. She could not afford to lose the support of the Colliers, who eventually helped her build her political career. This was possibly the file Alexandra stored in her locker and planned on handing over to Agent Hilde. Maybe it was Alexandra who informed Lawrence Collier about Kira’s plan, and that helped her get all the favors in the world. If she was responsible for Kira’s death, then her murder was an act of revenge.

Who was Kira’s witness?

The final revelation in Death and Other Details episode 7 brings an unexpected twist to the table. Imogene realized that she chose to never disclose what she had seen or heard at the Opal Diner because she had promised her mother so. Kira knew that the information was sensitive, and she desperately wanted to protect her daughter. It was possibly the visits to Shanghai that helped Kira understand the malpractices at Collier Mills. She was the whistleblower, and a woman with immense courage to take on the Colliers, knowing the repercussions she would inevitably face. Kira could never tolerate injustice, and with the Colliers, it was no different. The ending of episode 7 suggests that the Colliers had murdered Kira Scott, and it was possibly Alexandra who had exposed Kira. While discussing the case, Kira mentioned that she had a witness willing to go on record, and Imogene remembered seeing the witness. She was startled when she recalled seeing Celia seated across the table from her mother. Celia lost her husband as a result of Captionem Blue poisoning, and with Kira’s help, she hoped to get justice.

Is Celia Viktor Sams?

All the events on the Varuna were likely planned by Celia. She might have taken complete control over the lives of the Colliers and waited to destroy them in the worst possible ways. The next big question is: Can Celia be Viktor Sams? It surely is a possibility. Maybe, through an alias, she extorted money from the Colliers to build an empire that would ultimately take over Collier Mills or at least become the majority shareholder. Staying anonymous was crucial for her to run the operation, and maybe after Danny joined the dots, she decided it was time for him to go. 

According to Winnie, Viktor Sams helped her bring justice to her friend, who lost her child because of the inhumane factory conditions. She operated Viktor Sams as a Robin Hood of sorts—someone who blackmailed the rich to help the underprivileged. Death and Other Details episode 7 ends with Imogene addressing Celia, and she does seem impressed by her investigation. In the next episode, we can expect to find out Celia’s story and, most importantly, her role in the downfall of the Colliers.

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