‘Death And Other Details’ Episode 8 Recap And Ending Explained: Who Poisoned Llewellyn?


There is no end to surprises in Death and Other Details, and as expected, episode 8 makes some bold revelations. Previously, we discovered that Eleanor’s grandmother, Celia, worked closely with Imogene’s mother, Kira, to bring down the Colliers. She lost her husband to Captionem Blue poisoning, and she agreed to be a witness in the case Kira built against Collier Mills. Kira was silenced, but the witness never gave up on her revenge plan. Celia had only one motive in life—to bring down the Collier family, and with her buying out the majority stake in the company, it is safe to say that she has succeeded in doing so.

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Who was Anna’s biological father?

The most unexpected revelation in episode 8 is that Anna is not a Collier. Anna has been protective of Lawrence all along, and she refused to believe her best friend, Imogene, when she accused her father of being involved in malpractice. Along with dealing with the sudden demise of their legal counsel, Anna’s personal life was also falling apart. Leila refused to engage with her, especially after learning about her affair with Eleanor. Anna was in love with Leila, and she was not ready for a divorce, but the distance between them became increasingly difficult to overcome.

At the dining hall, Eleanor spoke to her grandmother in favor of Anna taking over as CEO of Collier Mills. Katherine added how important it was to have a Collier head the operations, but Celia did not agree with the proposition. When Anna provided Celia with a list of reasons why she was the perfect candidate to take over as CEO, she mentioned she deserved it because she was a Collier, and to that, Celia replied that she could not have been more wrong. According to her source, Anna was not Lawrence’s daughter. Celia revealed that it was Toby who confessed the truth after she threatened him. Even though Katherine tried to deny the allegation at first, she was left with no choice but to admit the truth. 

Anna demanded to know the real identity of her father, and Katherine stated that it was Llewellyn. The man Anna despised her whole life turned out to be her biological father. Katherine explained that they were both lonely when they had an affair, and Llewellyn did not know that Anna was his daughter. While Anna and Tripp accused Katherine of being a terrible mother for hiding such a secret, Katherine believed it was she who held the family together, and she did what she thought was best for her kids.

What did Lawrence Collier admit to?

Imogene announced publicly that her mother was a whistleblower, and it was because she dared to speak against Collier Mills that she was killed. Anna refused to believe the theory Imogene presented. She was convinced that it was not the entire truth, even though there was enough and more evidence suggesting that Lawrence Collier prioritized his profit over the safety of his workers at the factory. Imogene decided to confront Lawrence, but to her surprise, the man mistook her for her mother. He had only good things to say about Kira, and he repeatedly added how much he missed her. Imogene realized why Anna did not think her father was Viktor Sams. He was suffering from the onset of dementia, and he was not capable of making elaborate murder plans.

While Lawrence might not have been involved in the deaths of Danny and Alexandra, Imogene was confident that he was responsible for her mother’s death. Anna demanded Imogene prove her theory, and to do so, she simply walked up to Lawrence. Imogene, pretending to be Kira, accused Lawrence of poisoning his workers, and from his reply, it was evident that he knew about the damage caused by Captionem Blue. Lawrence admitted to murdering Kira. He did not do it himself; he simply made a phone call (to Viktor Sams), and the job was done. Her father’s confession left Anna dumbfounded, and she left the room. Imogene finally found the truth she had been searching for, yet she did not experience a sense of fulfillment, especially because Lawrence did not have the mental capacity to repent his actions anymore. Rufus believed that it was not the truth alone that Imogene was searching for; she was hopeful about finding her mother once again, and that was why, when the mystery was solved, she was left feeling empty.

Who poisoned Llewellyn?

Teddy held herself responsible for not finding out the reason behind the pain Llewellyn suffered from. She did not realize he would be taking such a drastic step, and the entire incident left her shocked. Teddy remembered Llewellyn mentioning that someone had sent wine to his room, and he drank the entire bottle before they engaged in their kinky affair. When she was in the kitchen, she saw the waiter storing all the corks in a box. Teddy suspected that the person who had sent the bottle of wine might have some connection with his death, and to find out more, she went through the box of corks. She found the one she was searching for, and she realized that someone had injected poison through the cork using a medical syringe.

Teddy reported her suspicion to Agent Hilde, and she got hold of the waiter responsible for bringing the wine to Llewellyn’s room. The waiter, Hans, believed that the bottle was tampered with before he delivered it. He had always been honest at his job, and he did what he was told. Someone had asked him to send the wine over to Llewellyn, and he did exactly so. Hans went on to reveal that it was Katherine Collier who had sent the wine. The poison used to murder Llewellyn was the same ricin poison that was used to kill Alexandra. It indicated that maybe Katherine was the real Viktor Sams.

Is Katherine Collier the real Victor Sams?

According to Hans, it was Katherine who sent the poisoned bottle of wine to Llewellyn, hinting that she was possibly behind the murders on the ship. Kira was about to damage the Collier family business, and therefore, Katherine may have murdered her. Katherine felt threatened by Alexandra, and that was probably the reason why she was poisoned. Maybe Llewellyn was tired of all the lies and had made up his mind to expose her, and that ultimately led to his death. Leila was convinced that Katherine was Viktor Sams, and all the evidence also pointed against her.

But the ending of Death and Other Details episode 8 proved Leila wrong—Katherine Collier was found bleeding in the swimming pool. Had she been the real Viktor Sams, she would not have become another murder victim. Before the detectives could figure out what was going on, Viktor Sams’ men arrived in a helicopter and took over the ship. Viktor Sams can sink the ship if he so desires, but his intent is still unknown. Is the mess entirely to punish the affluent? Or, is there an ulterior motive behind it? And most importantly, who is he? Is he someone we have already been introduced to, or is he hiding in plain sight? The Viktor Sams mystery is gradually becoming an impossible puzzle to solve, and we can only hope that the revelation will be as impactful as the buildup.

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