‘Death And Other Details’ Episode 4 Recap And Ending Explained: Who Is Winnie?


Previously, in Death and Other Details, Jules turned out to be a suspicious character. The multiple fake passports and cards suggested that he was a wanted man, and he operated under the alias Jules. In episode 4, we find out why and how Jules boarded the luxury cruise. Needless to say, Sunil felt extremely betrayed after finding out that his head of security was a fraud. Jules held Imogene captive while Rufus Cotesworth worked closely with Agent Hilde Eriksen to find more information on their suspect. The multiple subplots are taking focus away from the murder case. The characters are not interesting enough to keep us hooked on the series, and the lack of depth seems impossible to fix.

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What secret was Jules hiding?

When Sunil discovered Jules’s truth, he realized he had been tricked. Jules had helped Sunil when a group of thugs tried to rob him. Sunil was grateful and offered Jules a drink. He spoke passionately about his cruise, and when Jules hinted at his interest in joining as the security head, he was open to the idea. Sunil did not doubt Jules’ intention and chose to trust the kind stranger he met by chance. After the truth had surfaced, it became obvious that the entire robbery was staged to win over Sunil’s truth. Jules knew about the ship, and perhaps he had studied Sunil for days and come up with the plan. But why did Jules board the Varuna?

Jules held Imogene captive, fearing that she would ruin his plan. He was aware that he had become the target of Interpol. Perhaps the moment he learned about the murder, he knew that his shady past would become public knowledge. Since Imogene and Jules had spent the night of the murder together, she knew that he was not the killer. Imogene offered to help Jules, and from the little that he knew about her, he chose to trust her. Jules led Imogene to the lower deck and to a secret room, where Imogene found a family hiding. Jules was helping a Ukrainian family escape, and the murder had ruined his plan. Jules had promised to help the family, but with Interpol searching for him, he was afraid of the family getting caught. Imogene introduced herself to the family, and she was pleasantly surprised to learn that Jules had mentioned her several times to them before. During their conversation, Imogene noticed the marks of the vent on Yeva’s jeans. She wondered if Yeva had climbed up through the vent on the night of the murder and heard or seen something that could lead them to the killer. Initially, Jules was against the idea of Imogene and Rufus questioning the family, but they were the only people who could help Jules, given the present situation, and he eventually agreed to the deal.

Who was the suspect?

Imogene secretly met Rufus and informed him about the stowaways, and they were curious to interrogate the family. Sunil and Teddy followed Rufus to the lower deck and confronted Jules. When Rufus suddenly decided to head to his room, Sunil and Teddy doubted him, and that eventually led them to the most wanted man on the ship. A brief scuffle ensued between Sunil and Jules, but Imogene came to Jules’s rescue and informed Sunil that he was with her on the night of the murder. Once the truth was out, Sunil agreed to allow Rufus and Imogene to speak to the family first. Throughout the investigation, Rufus continues to teach Imogene the tricks of his trade, and one of the most important lessons was to never lead an eyewitness. Yeva initially confessed to having only heard the scream of a man through the vent, but upon asking the right questions, they found clues that led them to the murderer. Yeva remembered that after the scream, she heard something drop to the floor, possibly something made of metal. She recalled scrambling back into the vent after she saw a woman come into view. The person in question was wearing a pair of black shoes with golden spikes. Imogene and Rufus realized they needed to speak to Teddy Goh next. Her shoes matched the description, and she did not have a strong alibi, making her a possible suspect.

Did the stowaways manage to escape?

Imogene requested that Sunil help her one last time. She sympathized with the family and desperately wanted them to escape safely. Sunil knew that he would be in trouble if Interpol found out that he was sheltering stowaways in his ship, so he decided to finally help. Even though he could not forgive Jules for betraying him, he decided to put the entire incident behind and help him and the refugee family safely leave.

The escape plan had to be hurried after the Interpol followed Sunil into the lower deck. Jules and Sunil accompanied the family as they headed to the wet dock. Imogene stopped them to inform that Interpol was sending men to the wet dock and that they needed to come up with an alternate plan. Since the wet dock was the only way through which the family could escape, Jules decided to create a distraction for the safe passage of the family. Jules was a wanted man on the ship, and he was well aware that Interpol would have their men follow him. Jules managed to grab the attention of agent Hilde Eriksen and her men, and by the time they were chasing him, Sunil, Imogene, and the Ukrainian family managed to escape through the wet dock. Jules had nowhere to escape, and he eventually had to surrender. Rufus headed to the wet dock to make sure that the family had safely escaped. While he was relieved to see that they were gone, Rufus was surprised when he saw Leila hiding there.

What was the connection between Llewellyn Mathers and Teddy Goh?

Towards the end of episode 4, Rufus and Imogene interrogated Teddy Goh. She confessed to not being in her room on the night of the murder. While Teddy managed her staff during the day, at night, she became a different person altogether. As a dominatrix, she fulfilled the many demands of her clients, and at the same time, she enjoyed being the one in control. On the night of the murder, she was with a client, and she believed Yeva had gotten the rooms mixed up. She did make a man scream that night, but the man was not Danny. She was with Llewellyn Mathers that night, and Rufus believed her because of the marks on the lawyer’s wrist. Mathers was tied up when the Interpol found him, and it further confirmed that Teddy was not lying. But Rufus could sense that there was something Teddy was hiding. Going by how discretely the community functioned, Rufus had doubts that Teddy’s sister knew about it. But if her sister was unaware of her secret, why would she lie about being with Teddy on the night of the murder? All of it led to the conclusion that maybe Teddy’s sister, Winnie, was responsible for the murder. She was not in her room that night, and she had asked Teddy to lie for her to have an alibi.

Who was the killer?

To get Winnie to confess to the crime, Rufus and Imogene announced that they had apprehended the murderer, Teddy Goh. While for some, it came as a shock, the rest had an “I told you so” moment. The announcement left Winnie rattled, and she decided to confess to the crime. The trick worked, but not everything Winnie stated added up. She explained that she was the one hiding in the bar cart, that she had seen Imogene enter Keith Trubitsky’s room that night, and that she was the reason behind the missing footage. The killer was the only person who would have known about Imogene entering the room, and it indicates that Winnie surely was involved in the crime. The motive was simple—she was tired of watching rich people mistreat others and get away with it. She believed everyone onboard had it coming, but Keith happened to be the worst of the lot. The reason was too simple to believe, but what was Winnie hiding?

During Death and Other Details episode 4’s ending, Leila helps Rufus solve the puzzle. According to Leila, Winnie was simply one of the many followers of the man responsible for the murder. Perhaps she only carried out the plan, but there was someone with far greater power making the decisions, and the man was none other than Viktor Sams. The ending of episode four suggests that we will finally find out the truth behind Viktor Sams, but at the same time, we must ask ourselves if Leila can be trusted. The deaths of Imogene’s mother and Danny are connected, and it is only with time that we will find out the real identity of the man and his motive. While the murder investigation is in full swing, in episode 4, Governor Alexandra receives intimate pictures of her and Tripp Collier. The subject of the email suggests that Katherine Collier was the blackmailer. Alexandra’s career would be ruined if pictures of her doing drugs ever leaked, and she had no choice but to obey the wishes and whims of the Colliers. With too much happening at the same time (most of it unnecessary), Death and Other Details is failing to keep the interest of the audience going.

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