‘Death’s Game’ Part 2 Theories & Predictions: What Can We Expect Next In K-Drama?


The first and last episodes of Death’s Game were the best of the lot, and one could easily get immersed in the world created by Byung Hoon-Ha, considering that it is not always easy to adapt a webcomic like “I’ll Die Soon,” which already has such a huge fan base. Yee-jae didn’t think about anybody else when he was about to jump from the terrace. He saw that his mother called on his phone, but even then the thought did not cross his mind of how devastated she would be when she realized that he was no longer alive. Yee-jae was a victim of self-pity, but he didn’t realize that his vulnerabilities were the reason why Ji-soo was with him in the first place. She knew that he was not perfect, but she loved him for his earnestness.

It is quite understandable that Yee-jae was going through the roughest phase of his life, but still, taking his own life was not the right thing to do because there were two other people who also died with him on that particular day. Yee-jae started realizing all these things when Death sent him to live the lives of different people. He realized that he shouldn’t have taken the people in his life for granted. Probably that was what death wanted him to understand. At first, he didn’t understand the concept of being penalized by Death for taking his own life. Yee-jae’s defense was that he took his life because he had already suffered enough, and he had no hope that things would get better. Death was astonished by mankind’s selfish and narrow perspective, and how they consistently misconstrued everything. The 12 lives that he got were to basically to make him understand that what he did was absolutely wrong and moreover to aid him in getting a new perspective where he didn’t take his life and the people who were a part of it for granted. Death wanted him to know that his struggle might have been solely his but the actions he took to escape from it impacted each and everyone.

Will Ji-soo come back in Part 2?

Just when life seemed to come back on track, a tragedy once again happened that spoiled everything in Yee-jae’s life. He was a good partner, and he was a good son, but somewhere down the line, he had lost faith in his own abilities. He started perceiving things in a one-dimensional manner, and he believed that there was no point fighting the odds as he was never going to be the best version of himself. Yes, I do agree that life was hard, and there was no doubt about that fact, but the silver lining that Yee-jae couldn’t see was that he had two people in his life who considered him to be their entire world. They were his backbone, and he somehow underestimated the role they played in his life.

We can say that he only thought about himself because if he had just once thought about what Ji-soo and his mother would have felt, he wouldn’t have taken his life. Now in his seventh reincarnation, Yee-jae met Ji-soo, and he decided that no matter how shocked she got after listening to what happened with him, he would tell her the truth because he couldn’t stay in front of her and not tell her that he was her boyfriend. Ji-soo was obviously shocked, and she was not able to decipher how it was possible. She knew that whatever Geon-u told her was true, but her rational side was just not ready to accept that something like that could happen in reality. Just then, they both got hit by Park Tae-woo’s car, and Ji-soo died on the spot. It is less likely that Ji-soo would come back to life in Death’s Game Part 1 Part 2, as she didn’t approach Death on her own, like Yee-jae did. Considering her knowledge of what happened with Yee-jae, and how he lived the lives of different people, Death may make an exception for her. Maybe Yee-jae strikes a deal where he is able to bring his partner back to life, but still, at this juncture, it is a very far-fetched notion, and the possibility that Yee-jae would have spent his life in regret is quite high.

Will Yee-Jae be able to avenge Jin-soo’s death?

Making a deal with Death was not as simple as Yee-jae perceived it to be, and after he returned to life as a different person, he realized that there were many hidden terms and conditions that made it very difficult for him to survive and stay alive. After what happened in the last episode of Death’s Game Part 1, Yee-jae was adamant on taking revenge on Park Tae-woo, as he killed the love of his life and snatched the one opportunity that he had to spend a few moments with her. Yee-jae will come back to take revenge in his subsequent lives, and maybe he will end up exposing Park Tae-woo, but the point that I want to make here is that maybe that was not the end game and Death had something else in mind. Maybe Death wanted to make Yee-jae understand what it meant to be alive and how it was a privilege in itself. Perhaps Death will be moved by the kind of effort Yee-jae makes in the future and will allow him to return to his original life. We strongly believe that Death’s intention was just to show Yee-jae an alternate reality so that he understood that no matter how big his struggles were, taking one’s own life was never a solution to anything. Perhaps Death intended to convey to our protagonist that problems were knots in a rope, and even if one cannot find a solution in the present, they can be assured that the knots will loosen with time. We hope that in Death’s Game Part 2, Yee-jae gets back to his old life and never ever takes any aspect of it for granted.

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Sushrut Gopesh
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