‘Death’s Game’ Season 2 Theories & Predictions: Will Park Tae-woo Return?


Death’s Game season 1 left us on a cliffhanger, which is something that I expected, and it changed the dynamics of everything. Though, as of now, there has been no confirmation about a season 2, in this article, I will try to assess that if there is one, then what could be the probable storyline and if Yi-jae would be able to live his life to the fullest and not take his second chance for granted, as not a lot of people get that in life.

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What did Death want Yi-jae to realize?

At the end of the first season, we saw that Yi-jae was reincarnated as his own mother. He saw what all she went through after his death, and that moved him to his core. He realized what Death wanted to make him understand. He realized that she knew that, at first, he would be delusional enough to believe that he could live his life in someone else’s body, and it would take a lot of time for him to understand that it was not so. Every time Yi-jae died, a realization seeped inside him, and he found that his perceptions were shifting bit by bit. He got enlightened about some aspects of life that he was unaware of before. He got a different perspective every time he entered the body of another person. Yi-jae realized that life was an opportunity in itself, and humans always failed to recognize it. One very important thing that he understood was how wrong he was in thinking that his death would not affect the lives of any other person. Death wanted to make him understand that taking one’s life was never the solution, and it hurt a lot of people. Death wanted to tell him that maybe in that one particular moment, a person magnifies his problem and tells himself that they are incapable of dealing with it, but there is so much more to life that they don’t realize, and it is all just a matter of perspective.

When Yi-jae was inside his mother’s body, he went to the hilltop where she always went with his father, and when he saw the sunset, he realized something. He felt if he had seen that mesmerizing sight before, he would probably have never taken his life. Ji-ju was drinking a lot in his last days, and he was full of negativity. It was not as if his problems were surmountable, but he only saw everything through a very negative lens. He was unable to see the silver lining, and because he had closed all the doors, no one could really come and help. He harbored all sorts of misconceptions, and he didn’t understand that though he could escape his own misery, he was leaving his own people to deal with trauma their entire lives. His suicide made sure that two more people unwillingly gave their lives because they were snatched from the most precious thing they possessed. When Yi-jae was in his mother’s body, he realized the kind of pang she felt in her heart when she heard the news of him being no more. That lady never gave up on life because she wanted to see her son happy, and she considered it her responsibility to be selfless. His mother had big dreams, but she was never able to accomplish them. Still, she kept on going because she knew that a person cannot be so self-centered all the time, and, very importantly, sad days might last longer, but they do get over at some point in time. I agree that Yi-jae was going through the worst phase of life, but that didn’t mean that he was not going to overcome the challenges. He failed to see that he had a beautiful and caring girlfriend who considered him her world, and there was a mother who just wanted to see her baby smile.

Will Park Tae-woo come back in Season 2?

Now that Yi-jae is back, that means that his partner, Ji-su, and even his mother will be alive. He would get a chance to show them his gratitude and tell them how much they meant to him. He would want to make things right in season 2 of Death’s Game and remove all the misunderstandings that were there between him and Ji-Su. He had realized in the past how Ji-su hyped him up in front of her colleagues and her friends and how loyal she was to him. He believed that just because he was not doing well professionally, she would leave him for another man. But that was not the case. Ji-su was ready to support him through thick and thin and stand alongside her when life hit him hard. Yi-jae would want to make amends, but there was another aspect that he would have to deal with.

Considering Death had restored his life as it was, it meant that Park Tae-woo would not be in a vegetative state, and he would be running his company. It means that Yi-jae and Tae-woo could come face-to-face, and though logically, I think the latter wouldn’t remember anything, Yi-jae would be reminded of everything that happened to him in the past. Yi-jae would get reminded of that night when Tae-woo rammed his car into her and how mercilessly he killed the love of his life. There is a possibility that Tae-woo would become Yi-jae’s biggest adversary, and somehow, they would be at loggerheads once again. Maybe he would once again come after his life or trigger him in such a manner that it would become the mission of his life to destroy him and his empire. Also, apart from Tae-woo, there is a possibility that Yi-Jae would cross paths with people whose lives he lived at one point in time, and maybe he would be able to give them a piece of advice, considering he had now been to the other end and come back alive.

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