‘Deliver Us from Evil’ Ending, Explained – Who killed Young-Joo?


How far can a man go to seek revenge? The question is quite alarming for an ordinary being. Korean thriller, Deliver Us from Evil architects a revenge plot with two assassins at the centre of the story. Both were once afraid of death, but when the protagonist meets a reason to live, he is scared of the devil hunting him down. Will In-nam be able to survive and save his daughter? Let’s find out.

Plot Summary

Kim In-nam (Hwang Jung-min) was a Korean Intelligence Agent who is government target number one. His chief, Kim Chun-sung, asked In-nam to leave the country to survive. At the time, In-nam was in love with a Korean girl named Young-Joo, but he was commanded to fly without her. Weighing the threat following him, In-nam complied.

Eight years later, In-nam is a vicious hitman who kills for Money. His contractor assigns him the last assignment in Japan to kill a Japanese mobster Koraeda. After finishing the job, In-nam decides to live a peaceful life in Panama. Little did he know that a tragedy awaits him.

In Thailand, Young-Joo and her daughter lead a peaceful life. Tragically, her daughter, Yoo-min, is kidnapped from school without a trace. A helpless Young-Joo tries to connect with the only man she knows would prove feasible. But In-nam refuses to help. Later he gets the news of Young-joo’s murder. In-nam steps in Bangkok, Thailand, and faces revelations that drastically transform his character.

Who killed Young-Joo?

In Bangkok, In-nam was informed about Ray, the butcher, a bloodthirsty killer seeking revenge for his brother, Koraeda. Ray was Koraeda’s estranged brother who had not assumed a threat by In-nam’s consignee, Shimida. But Ray sprang out of the blue, like a devil from the pit-hole.

Ray was on a hunting spree, killing down everyone linked to his brother’s murder. That’s how he got to Young-Joo, Shimida, and Kim Chun-sung. Now, he was coming for In-nam.

What was In-nam’s relationship with Young-joo’s daughter?

When In-nam came to Incheon, Chun-sung told him that after he left Korea, Young-Joo approached him and told him about her pregnancy. Young-Joo was pregnant with In-nam’s child, but he was unaware of the fact. Thus, Yoo-min was In-nam’s daughter, the only living blood he had. In-nam decided to find his daughter and bring her back to safety.

Who kidnapped Yoo-min?

Her newly appointed nanny kidnapped Yoo-min. The nanny was a part of a syndicate that kidnaps Korean, Japanese, and Chinese kids and sells their organs in Bangkok in exchange for Money.

Through Chun-sung, In-nam received the whereabouts of the nanny who was hiding in Bangkok. He was hopeful that the nanny would eventually lead him to his daughter. But the pit was more profound than he expected. The syndicate was owned by the Thai criminal organization Chaopo, which harbored an army of criminals. In-nam could enter at his will, but leaving alive was not an option. Above all, the devil, Ray, the butcher, was hunting him too.

‘Deliver Us from Evil’ Ending Explained

In-nam saved his daughter, but he couldn’t save himself. He was cornered by Ray and Chaopo’s men at the Arun Hotel in Ratchada. In a fierce action sequence, he killed Chaopo’s men without worry, but Ray was his definite nemesis. In-nam sacrificed himself by detonating a grenade in his hand with Ray near him to finish him off.

However, In-nam knew from the start that it was not going to end happily for him. For this very reason, he called Yui (the transgender he met in Bangkok) a night before his death. He instructed Yui to take care of Yoo-min after In-nam left. A phone conversation that was revealed by the end suggested that In-nam left all his life’s Money and documents in a locker found by Yui. With the help of Money, and a passport, Yui and Yoo-min left Thailand and settled in Panama (the place where In-nam wanted to go to spend the rest of his life).

At the Panama house, In-nam’s passport photo, and Young-joo’s photo with Yoo-min, was held in a single photo frame. It symbolised that in Yoo-min’s memory, her family will always be with her.

Deliver Us from Evil (Daman Akeseo Goohasoseo) is a 2020 South Korean Revenge Drama written and directed by Hong Won-Chan.

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