‘Detective Forst’ Season 2 Theories: Did Olga Save Elijah? Will Wiktor Get Arrested?


The first season of Netflix’s Detective Forst ended on a massive cliffhanger, paving the way for a number of theories and speculations. Judging from the popularity of the series, it seems like a second season is already on its way, and hopefully, Netflix will make an official announcement soon enough. The season began with a string of mysterious dead bodies that started to pop up at different locations, which made it look like the work of a serial killer who later debuted as the Beast of Giewont. At the end of Episode 4, the killer’s identity was finally revealed to be none other than Wiktor Forst’s own childhood friend, Iwo Elijah, who showed psychotic tendencies, to say the least. Nevertheless, Elijah was smart and always one step ahead of Wiktor, which was why he not only fooled the police but also framed Wiktor for the crimes he had committed in Podhale. Olga Szrebska, an independent journalist, was the only person who believed in Wiktor’s innocence, but her actions, in the end, implied the fact that she was either working with or for Elijah all along.

Remigiusz Mroz, the author of the Detective Forst series, had written six books around the titular detective. The first two books, Exposure, and Overhang, have been used as source material for the Netflix series, and the second season of Detective Forst will most likely follow the storyline of the third book, Traverse. Even though I haven’t read Remigiusz Mroz’s books, the ending of Season 1 left room for some speculation through which we can predict the events of Season 2.

Will Wiktor get arrested?

Both Elijah and Wiktor grew up as orphans under the guidance of Halina Krol, who had her own share of past traumas as she lost her mother at a very young age. Elijah and Wiktor, on the other hand, were victims of child abuse and never received any psychological treatment for it. It was later revealed that Wiktor was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder and had difficulty recollecting his memories, which was the reason why he wasn’t able to recognize the Aureus coins that the serial killer left in his victim’s mouth. All along, Elijah had been trying to send Wiktor a message so that the police detective would come looking for him and Elijah could finally take his revenge. Though the series didn’t clearly explain the motive, it was implied throughout Season 1 that Elijah despised Wiktor for abandoning him when he was a child and leaving the orphanage with his new family, “The Forsts.” The family had initially planned to adopt Elijah, but when they found out that the young boy tried to steal a coin from Halina’s office, they quickly changed their minds and adopted Wiktor instead. It was for this reason that Elijah wanted to frame Wiktor for Agata Osica’s murder so that the culprit would rot in prison for the rest of his life. Elijah, on the other hand, would be able to enjoy the freedom he never got in his childhood.

To make sure that Wiktor wouldn’t be able to prove his innocence, Olga murdered Wiktor’s colleague, Nina, in the same manner so that the police would be left with no other option but to believe that Wiktor was the real Beast of Giewont. At the end of Detective Forst season 1, we saw the police arriving at Nina’s house to arrest the culprit, and this time around, even Edmund won’t believe the mentally unstable Wiktor.

Why Did Olga Save Elijah?

During the end of the fight between Elijah and Wiktor, Elijah fell to the ground and broke a few bones, because of which he wasn’t able to escape. However, before the police arrived, Olga arrived at the scene and drove Elijah away, making Wiktor the prime suspect in the crimes committed in the building. Something tells me that Olga had been working with Elijah since the beginning of the series, and she only befriended Wiktor so that she could understand the detective’s next move and alert Elijah beforehand. Adding to that, Olga had been covering up Elijah’s tracks, which was the reason why she went to every crime scene so that she could tie up loose ends if there were any. And if it’s not a stretch, then we can even speculate that Elijah only pulled the trigger on his victims, and it was Olga who crucified the dead bodies and prepared the crime scene to send out a message that every sinner would pay for their crimes and would be murdered in the most brutal manner.

We don’t know what exactly happened to Elijah after Wiktor left the orphanage, which brings us to the second possibility that maybe he, too, was adopted later, but his foster parents were no less evil. His adoption would answer the question of how Elijah became Gjord Hansen and married a prosecutor, Dominika Wadrys Hansen. Perhaps in the same household, Elijah met another foster child named Olga, who, too, became a victim of child abuse and, therefore, was able to understand Elijah’s plight. The two siblings embarked on a murderous spree to wipe out all those people who harm the innocent, which included Nazis as well. However, I really don’t want to consider the fact that Elijah or Olga had any real, noble motive behind the crimes, as they ended up killing innocent people like Agata and Staszek; which makes me believe that everything they did was to seek revenge from Wiktor Forst.

Will Elijah return to his family?

It is no surprise that all serial killers are great manipulators. Elijah used his skills and convinced his wife, Dominika Wadrys, that he was nothing but a traumatized victim and the real culprit was Wiktor Forst. After the revelations, Dominika turned the table around and gathered all possible evidence that could frame Wiktor for the serial killings taking place in town. The police and the media started an extensive hunt for the suspect, while in the meantime, Dominika destroyed Elijah’s composite image, which could have gotten him accused of the murders. Dominika wanted to save her family at all costs, which implies that she might accept Elijah with open arms once he recovers from his injuries and returns home. While Wiktor would spend the rest of his days in prison, Elijah would live a free life with his family. But would he be able to stop thinking about killing people and live peacefully knowing that his worst nemesis was still alive? We hope not.

Will Wiktor break out of prison?

The plot of Remigiusz Mroz’s third book suggests the return of the Beast of Giewont after the dead body of a hiker is found in Koscielisko with a coin in his mouth. As the murder case blows up and catches media attention, prosecutor Dominika Wadrys steps in to investigate further. Meanwhile, the only person who can solve the mystery is rotting in a cold prison somewhere. So the question here is: will Dominika seek Wiktor’s help to catch the serial killer? Earlier, we had entertained the possibility that Elijah might return home, but what if he didn’t? Dominika, being a sane prosecutor, would probably try to connect the dots, and therefore, in order to catch Elijah and Olga, she would have to bring Wiktor out of prison. It could also be possible that the mysterious serial killer is a new person, and Elijah and Olga might not return for Detective Forst Season 2. Their only motive was to take revenge from Wiktor, and therefore Wiktor might have to begin the investigation from scratch to catch the new Beast of Giewont, who is mimicking his old friends’ methods.

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